Top 10 Super Mario Facts

Our favorite hero-plumber, Mario is a full grown man now. It has been 30 years since we were first introduced to his Italian charms. To mark his debut, on September 11 his solo title Super Mario Maker hit the stores exclusively for Wii U.

From the 2D unrecognizable version to now the 3D flashy Mario, his fans were along for the 30 years ride. Mario still manages to enchant gamers all over the world with his undying quest to save princess Peach and fight off Bowser the villain. How many of you struggled to get at some point the super cute mushroom to make Mario stronger? Here is a list of top 10 Super Mario facts you might not know.

1. Time Travel

Top 10 Super Mario Facts baby Mario

Super Mario baby

Super Mario has a lot on his plate. Except from the regular plumbing duties, like all other plumbing jobs, our Mario gets to fight villains, eat mushrooms and save princess Peach over and over. If this doesn't seem enough, Mario takes gaming to the next level. He is one of the only characters to break space time continuum when he directly interacts with his younger version. So Mario can Time Travel. Pretty neat.

2. Stanley the Brave

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Stanley the Brave

What you might not know about Mario is that he never appeared in the NES finale of Donkey Kong 3. Contrary to nerd logic, Mario never showed up on DK3. Maybe he had other commitments? Instead Stanley, a bugman, made his big move. Mario did make his appearance on Donkey Kong for Game Boy during 1994.

3. Jumpman

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Jumpman

Before he became the world wide phenomenon, Mario used to be known as Jumpman. This was on the arcade version of the original Donkey Kong video game. What was odd is that “Jumpman” was fighting to save Lady Pauline from the evil ape. There you have it, that's how the magic happened.

4. Power-Ups

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Raccoon Mario

Cute Raccoon Mario

One of the best parts of the game. Boosting Mario’s ego to reach Peach faster is all that it took. The original Super Mario Bros. incorporated the classic power-up items like the super mushroom. However, on Super Mario Bros. 3 we were introduced to iconic power-ups for Mario to take in Super Leaf, Tanooki Suit and Goomba’s Shoe. How cute.

5. The Other Woman

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Pauline

Mario's other woman

Before there was Peach, Mario was fighting evil to save another woman. Her name was Pauline. But this was back in 1981. Mario moved on, he is now with Peach.

6. The Italian Gene

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Charles Martinet

Ever wonder who does Mario’s classic line “Here we go”? This will come as a shocker. Voice actor Charles Martinet does the voice of Mario. He is actually an American with zero Italian genes. Another fun fact is that he also does the voices of Luigi and Wario.

7. Soundtrack

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Koji Kondo

Do you still have Mario's iconic soundtrack stuck on your mind for all these years? Well, me too. The famous soundtrack was originally created by composer Koji Kondo. He also uses his magic skill on Zelda, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Mario Party and Super Mario Maker.

8. Full Action Packed Game

Top 10 Super Mario Facts Super Mario Land

In Super Mario Land our Italian plumber proves he got what it takes to be a super hero. He gets to pilot both a plane and a submarine. Beat that James Bond. Not only he is multi skilled but he fights off strange creatures as well.

9. The Birthday Boy

Top 10 Super Mario Facts 30 years

Happy birthday Mario! It’s been 30 years since Super Mario Bros. was launched. It happened back on September 13, 1985.

10. Many Video Games

Top 10 Super Mario Facts 200 games

Since 1985 Mario appeared in over 200 video games. It boggles the mind! I'm sure he will be around for many years to come.


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5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

As a society that is deeply concerned with fictional characters, book conspiracies and other silly questions, we find our minds wondering (more than often) about the whys, the whos, the whats and the whens. And if you were thinking you were the only one asking yourself something absurd, the endless subreddits are the living proof that you were wrong. These 5 attempts to answer unanswerable questions might quench your thirst for knowledge or they might barely scratch that itch that'll never really go away.

5. What is the value of Princess Peach's castle?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

A real estate group, Movoto, took on the daunting task of estimating how much the castle in Super Mario 64 is worth. He tried to find out the actual size of the castle by taking the double door entrance as a reference point. Since the door is approximately 72 inches long, they ended up with a total number of 453,060 square feet. Next up Movoto had to pinpoint the location of the Super Mario castle in real life so they can get an estimate on the square foot price. Deciding on Oslo as the place that suited all their criteria, they summed everything up and ended with a total value of $950,972,940.

4. When Was Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

Remember the 1986 comedy about the student who takes a day off to spend it having fun in Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend? The uncomplicated plot follows Bueller around as he goes to a Cubs game, visits the Sears Tower and the Art Museum. Larry Granillo was puzzled how Ferris could have pulled this off, since the game he watched probably took place on June 5th, 1985, most likely after 4 pm. Which would leave him and his friends with a little under 2 hours for sightseeing and crashing a parade.

3. What Does Bob Ross Like To Paint?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

“The Joy of painting” aired between 1983 ad 1994 and it was an intructional TV show in which Bob Ross taught his audience how to paint, finishing a painting in each episode. America has been happy with Bob Ross' lessons until a recent study embarked on the task to analyze his paintings and what they are about. The shocking discoveries speak volumes about Ross' ability to paint people. Out of 381 paintings only one contains the silhouette of a man. The rest are landscapes with clouds, mountains and trees that appear 91% of the times in his artworks.

2. How much could you get for the Diamond Armor in Minecraft?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

The equivalent of real life Lego, Minecraft has its players dig for materials and especially diamonds. This prompted MatPat who hosts The Game Theorists on Youtube answer the question of a set of diamond armor's worth. After some lengthy calculations involving the size of Minecraft pixels, the number of carats in the armor and in the end he found out the armor is worth $88,188,750,000.98.

1. What's up with “Game of Thrones” seasons?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

Someone should tell Fergie that boys don't come and go like seasons any more. Because winter has been coming in Game of Thrones for the last five years. And while we're still waiting for the long night to come over Westeros, why not try to figure out how the seasons work. One of the hypothesis states that the queer length of the seasons can be accounted by the planet's solar system which should include three major stars orbiting around each other. This could cause the irregular seasons that can either last two years or a decade. According to another theory, the planet inhabited by dragons, warlocks and children of the forest might as well be an exomoon that orbits a gas giant.

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The Donkey Kong-Inspired Shelving Unit

In the coin-operated, joystick-tugging, button-bashing gaming craze of the 1980s, one particular Nintendo release quickly became a bare necessity in any self-respecting amusement arcade. One of the earliest products of the platform genre, the influential and instantly popular Donkey Kong flaunted a simple concept: Jumpman, later known as Mario, must rescue a damsel in distress from the clutches of a giant ape, all while avoiding the paths of tumbling barrels and flaming fireballs.

Its setting was memorable: rows of rickety steel platforms made accessible through ladders, with villainous primate Donkey Kong always pounding away at the top of the screen. See:

This setting is the inspiration for an uber-nerdy yet super-cool shelving unit created and built by LA-based designer Igor Chak. Suitably entitled ‘Donkey Kong Wall,’ this ingeniously retro design is made of carbon fibre, anodized aluminum pixels, stainless steel rods and toughened glass tops. It is capable of supporting up to 60lbs, meaning the streams can be crossed and the more advanced games of today – or yesteryear, if you like – can be played on its sturdy surface.

A piece of interior decor like this, it’s guaranteed to induce sweet, merciful nostalgia in any hardcore frequenter of ‘80s arcades. Try your hand at Donkey Kong over at Best Online Games [Read more…]

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