Incredible Tiny Sculptures Made On Pencil Tips

Get your magnifying glass, you're gonna need it to see this collection of miniature sculptures! The person who made theses sculptures has a lot of patience and intestinal fortitude. Carving tiny artwork on pencil tips is not for the weak.

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Mini-Worlds In Jars

So, you've seen lots and lots of incredible miniature art over the years, but I highly doubt you've ever seen miniature art going to this extreme! The contents of the little containers depicted above and below are so petite you need a magnifying glass to actually see what objects they are supposed to be. And prepare to be amazed once you take a magnified peek because every little jar has a tiny world of brilliance sitting inside. One world shows a couple kissing under a tree, another shows a turtle on an island, and a third shows a golf course with one itsy-bitsy golfer playing a round; maybe he's a Lilliputian.

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The secret life of Star Wars toys


This funny set of images is made by creative Argentinian photographer who call himself “Marker”. For models he always uses toys and make them more alive. Behind every image there is a visual story with a lot of details and humorous message and he also uses great lighting and great technique for his photography.

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