Top 5 Colorado Ski Resorts to Visit at Least Once

You don’t typically associate Colorado, of all things, with winter adventures. But that doesn’t mean that you have to journey all the way into the deep tundra of Alaska to get to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding. These Colorado ski resorts are the living (well, not living, but you understand) proof of that. So, if you’re still undecided about your future winter holiday destination, you don’t need to look any further.

Using information gathered from across various reviews found on this wondrous platform called the Internet, we managed to compile a list with the best OVERALL Colorado ski resorts. Whether you’re a local or coming from other states, you shouldn’t miss out on these places.

Colorado Ski Resorts


#1 Telluride

Telluride is a wildly popular destination, not just because of the opportunities it provides to skiing enthusiasts, but because of the incredible scenic beauty that awaits tourists. The terrain is highly favorable for skiing, with the area presenting snowfall of approximately 300 inches on a yearly basis. A gondola connects the Mountain Village to Telluride, giving tourists the opportunity to journey in and out of the town.

#2 Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Ski Resort isn’t just a single location, but rather four different Colorado ski resorts blended together into a terrain generous enough to rival the some of the biggest territories in this area. The resort consists of the four hills Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk. It’s a truly offering area, compiling a great variety of difficulties that can cater to the needs of both winter sports beginners and longtime experts. Buttermilk is the one with most novice routes while Aspen Highlands has a reputation for expert and advanced runs.

#3 Keystone

Spanning across three mountains, Keystone Colorado Ski Resort is an escapade for anyone seeking to be left alone with their activity and the wilderness. The three mountains are Decorum Mountain, North Peak, and the Outback and their peak as well as the difficulty of the runs grows as you progress from Decorum to the Outback. The resort has twenty lifts and a highly versatile terrain that can cater to the needs of every sports enthusiast. Unlike other Colorado ski resorts, Keystone offers free parking, making it an ideal destination for a one-day getaway or a city break.

#4 Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort is for those tourists who really want to feel like they’re taking a break from the exhausting mundane of their daily lives. The runs are groomed and all the employees are there to lend a hand and to make you feel like royalty. Every afternoon, employees wearing chef hats hand out freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies to those wandering on the ski terrain. The same employees are also always ready to help tired tourists carry their boards or other objects.

Out of the various Colorado ski resorts out there, Beaver Creek has the lowest elevation range, making it a great destination (or starting point) for those fearing the aftermaths of an impressive peak.

#5 Breckenridge

The Breckenridge Ski Resort is really a complete package. Its runs are grooms and its elevation is impressive, managing to intimidate even the most experienced of skiing enthusiasts. This location really stands out thanks to its elevation, the highest out of not only all Colorado ski resorts, but out of all North American ski resorts. It’s a perfect opportunity for anyone seeking to push their limits and to get even better without exposing themselves to any sort of real risks. The bowls, accessible through lift, are pristine and offering.


There are even more Colorado ski resorts where these ones came from, but we had to narrow the list down. Every location has its pros and cons, so we suggest doing a round of research to find out what each one of them has to offer.

Top 7 Utah National Parks

America is rich in national parks that provide wonderful views, direct contact with wildlife, plenty of outdoor activities, or all at once. When trying to determine which one of them you would like to tour first, there are plenty of factors to consider, especially given that you might end up scratching your head and wondering how you could ever pick one. We’re here to give a suggestion. Especially if this is a topic that attracts you, you may have heard of the Mighty Five, the name given to the great five inter-connected Utah national parks. There are several other parks worth mentioning, so let’s get started.

#1 Capitol Reef National Park

Utah National Parks


If we were to start off with the most popular and famous of the parks, we definitely wouldn’t have kicked the list of with the Reef. This particular part is the least visited among the Mighty Five Utah national parks and the solitude it provides goes hand in hand with the raw, amazing landscape. The star of the Reef is the Waterpocket Fold, a stone wall flaunting some impressive Domes that showcase a utopia for escapism.

#2 Bryce Canyon National Park

The biggest attraction hits you right in the face the moment you walk the ground of the Bryce Canyon National Park. Displaying the largest gathering of hoodoos in the world, the park is a superlative in terms in landscape, providing a jaw-dropping view of the multi-colored structures that reside in its heart.

#3 Arches National Park

Utah National Parks


The name given to this trademark location among the Utah national parks isn’t accidental, directly referencing its trademark attraction. Arches offers to tourists the largest biggest density of stone arches in the world, currently standing at a grand total of 2,000 and even more. You can visit the famous Delicate Arch, the one printed on the Utah nameplate. You can snap a photo of the Landscape Arch, which managed to shatter records by being the tallest structure of its kind in the world. Or you can just seek them all out!

#4 Canyonlands National Park

Standing at the opposite end of the Capitol Reef, Canyonlands is one of the Utah national parks to be visited by all those with plenty of energy in their bones and plenty of time on their hands. It’s large enough to be divided in four sections: the rivers, the Maze, the I-SKY, and the Needles. For a truly unique experience, we recommend the suspended I-SKY above all rest.

#5 Zion National Park

Utah National Parks


Cruise alongside the Virgin River in a private shuttle that will lead you right into the heart of the rocky sanctuary provided by some of the world’s tallest stone walls. On top of it all, you will be awed by the incredible combination between the rock rawness and the liveliness brought by the flora embellishing the structures.

#6 Dead Horse Point National Park

If you happen to drop by Arches for a visit, then you might consider also going for a trip to the nearby-located Dead Horse Point Park, which is considerably more quiet, but just as scenic and photograph-worthy. It got its name from 19th century cowboys who used to herd mustangs on top of one of the cliffs, building fences around them. They’d pick the best horses out of the punch and free the others. Rumor has it that memory failed them on one particular day and all the locked up horses ended up dying.

#7 Kodachrome Basin National Park

Utah National Parks


Named by a National Geographic expedition team, the Kodachrome Basin Park is what Yellowstone would have looked like after an extended period of drought. There aren’t any basins per se, unless you count the dried out hot springs and thermal spots that solidified and gave birth to a particularly intriguing set of rocky structures.

Top 10 Beautiful Places You Should See In Your Life

When sitting down to compose a bucket list, most people include traveling to incredible places on it too. And we’re not necessarily talking about booking a vacation to Paris or New York, even though they are, indeed, incredible places. We’re talking about undiscovered beauties or destinations that will surely make you feel like you can die without regrets. That may have sounded a bit gloomy, but it wasn’t, we promise. We’re just trying to give you some of the most beautiful places on earth that you must absolutely visit.

#1 Bora Bora

Beautiful Places


We’ll start off with a section that refers to tropical places, beaches, and generally warm destinations. As far as sandy shores and crystalline water go, Bora Bora is definitely one of the most stunning beach vacation spots in the world. Its true selling point is the fact that the island fosters a deformed volcano which evolved into flora and reefs that give the water its glass-clear appearance.

#2 Victoria Falls

Beautiful Places


If you’re planning to head to the Niagara Falls anytime soon, we recommend postponing this trip and swapping it for Victoria Falls, a location stranded on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It’s the largest waterfall in the world, as proven by the statistic measurements of the overall area, and among the most beautiful places on our planet.

#3 The Rainbow Mountains

Beautiful Places


You can absolutely take the name literally. Zhangye Danxia, China can be proud of the incredible landscape it provides. Its mountains are the victims of years of weathering and erosion that created some sort of blending reactions between minerals and sandstones. As a result, the mountains are now painted in swirls of multiple bright colors.

#4 Neuschwanstein

Beautiful Places


Located in southern Germany, this beautiful castle opens up our section that refers to the multitude of gorgeous frozen destinations. Built in the 19th century, this fairy-tale-like castle was the inspiration for Disney’s iconic trademark castle. You can always visit Neuschwanstein over the Disney World one, mostly because people actually used to live in it. Definitely worthy of being deemed as one of the top beautiful places.

#5 Antarctica

Beautiful Places


Yes, just all of Antarctica. Pretty much the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, this snowy waste is definitely not for those who cannot handle their icy beautiful places. The huge icebergs and glacial sights make for a unique experience, which is only topped by the many penguins you may encounter.

#6 The Temples of Bangan

Beautiful Places


For our next phase, we take a look at the beautiful places that manage to make our jaws drop through the sheer beauty of their architectural mastery. Located in Burma, Myanmar on the grounds of the ancient capital of the civilization, the temples are reminiscent of the Buddhist populations that used to inhabit them.

#7 Petra

Beautiful Places


Petra is an ancient city in Jordan that is guaranteed to make everyone stop questioning how the Great Pyramids were built to, instead, start asking who came up with the idea to carve a city in the side of a rock. Dating back to centuries before the first Christian year, Petra was, actually, unknown to the rest of the world until the 19th century. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the beautiful places on this list.

#8 Machu Picchu

Beautiful Places


We can’t talk about architectural masterpieces and beautiful places without referring to Machu Picchu, at least, once. This incredible site makes us remember the greatness of the Inca people, who inhabited the ancient city for no more than a hundred years before the Spanish Conquest shunned them away.

#9 Venice

Beautiful Places


The only city per se on this list, there’s no place on Earth quite like a Venice. The very concept of a city surrounded by waters which can only be navigated through boats sailing on its canals is fascinating enough. As a bonus, Venice is also a historical masterpiece and it benefits from a unique vibe that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

#10 The Taj Mahal

Beautiful Places


Considered to be a masterpiece of Muslim art in India, the Taj Mahal is a bearer of many stories and a lot of historical significance in addition to an incredible and easily recognizable design. It’s absolutely worth it to pay it a visit and allow yourself to be awed by the architectural prowess of this fascinating land.

Top 10 Cheapest Vacation Spots That You Will Enjoy

Summer break is around the corner, and there is no better time to drop your mundane whereabouts and venture into a few days of adventure. Traveling is a leisure activity beloved by many, but at the same time considered not to be for those with light pockets. It’s only partly true. If you choose to go for a holiday to, say, Dubai, you’re very likely not going to find it a very affordable trip. But there are many destinations available for all budgets and we’ve decided to share some of the cheapest vacation spots with you.

Cheapest Vacation Spots


#1 Cambodia

You can get a bed to sleep on for as little as $2, and the food is even less of a hole burned in your pocket. Cambodia isn’t, by any means, the first destination that comes to mind when you think of taking a holiday, but in recent years, it managed to grow to popularity thanks to the incredible contrast between luxury and affordable prices.

#2 Vietnam

Despite all of the atrocities that Vietnam had to face throughout the years of harsh warfare, it remains one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. A whole day spent in Vietnam will give you expenses no more than roughly $5 for transport, food, and other necessities.

#3 India

Rather than referring to India as a whole, it’s better to make the mention that it’s not entirely affordable. Checking in at one of Mumbai’s luxurious hotels might take quite a lot out of your pockets, but regardless of how many hotel stars you choose to pursue, you can always count on the low living expenses.

#4 Bolivia

Bolivia is also known as the Tibet of the Americas and is one of the two landlocked places aside from Paraguay. It’s riddled with history, especially history that make you think back on the colonial times. In fact, it may just be the country with the best food value in South America.

#5 Hungary

Cheapest Vacation Spots


To get the full urban experience, venture into Budapest. For anyone wishing to journey through Europe, Budapest is a great bargain both in terms of the sights it can offer and the value of items and activities. With airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and living expenses being so affordable, you can save up money for their famous thermal baths.

#6 Honduras

Honduras is like that one middle sibling in a family that often gets overlooked because of their elder siblings. In its case, the older siblings are Costa Rica and Belize. But you know what they say, sometimes it’s better to have something to enjoy all by yourself, and this unexploited beauty is as enchanting as it is affordable.

#7 Bulgaria

A Bulgarian vacation would thoroughly sate the needs of a variety of tourists. On one hand, we have the sunny beach resorts that were met with a boom in popularity thanks to the influx of British visitors. On the other, you can always go for a city break and enjoy all that Sofia has to offer in exchange for low prices.

#8 Sri Lanka

Although its tourism bloomed sometime in the 60’s, Sri Lanka remains, for the most part, an unexplored marvel of the world. You can live in royal accommodations for as little as $25 per day. There are few places that can provide the comfort of a blue-blooded VIP in five-star living conditions for such a bargain, but Sri Lanka is one of them.

#9 Argentina

You can certainly have a blast by visiting its jungles or going trekking in the mountains, but the most exciting bit about the world’s ninth largest country is its spicy nightlife. Venture in the heart of its own city of lights, Buenos Aires, and settle in one of its exclusive pubs and clubs that require surprisingly few money to get by.

#10 Greece

Unfortunately, much of Greece’s low prices these days are a direct result of its profound economic crisis. But you can definitely contribute to its tourism by booking a vacation to one of its popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. Aside from beach relaxation, tourists can also go sightseeing to famous historical places in Athena, places that strongly remind us of the ancient Greek tales and legends.

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots In The World

Are you planning to go on a holiday anytime soon? Well, in this case, you might need to save up on a lot of money if you choose to head for one of the following destinations. For those with heavy pockets, here we have the most expensive vacation spots in the world.

#1 Musha Cay, Bahamas

Most Expensive Vacation Spots


It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that the queen these luxurious escapades is an island. But what really sets Musha Cay apart, aside from its reputation, is the fact that a trip there requires you to rent the entire island for a price that can get around $40,000 for a single night. There are some advantages to this, though, since you can tag some friends some along (a maximum of 11) and enjoy together some peaceful moments full of relaxation and adventure (for an extra price).

#2 Olso, Norway

Surprise, surprise. But, yes, one of the biggest money-eaters out of all the expensive travel destinations on this list isn’t an exotic island or a location in the Arab Emirates. Oslo is quite infamously known as a place with overwhelming living expenses, so this isn’t exactly news to those familiar with the whereabouts of European countries. Even though the people of Norway live a fairly good life, some sectors such as tourism possess prices 20% higher than in the rest of the world.

#3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We’re no strangers to talk of Dubai being a hotspot for wealthy people who have plenty of money to burn. While some locations on this list gained their value in time, Dubai was built and transformed specifically to draw in financially potent people with money to spend.

#4 Tuscany, Italy

Italy as a whole isn’t necessarily an expensive destination, but the Tuscany region wholly makes up for it. Much of the value of the area that makes a vacation so expensive is the fact that Tuscany is pretty much its own “bio and natural” area. Full of rustic landscapes, Tuscany’s vintage appeal weigh a lot on travelers’ pockets.

#5 Seychelles

A country made of a set of islands, similar to the style of the Fiji islands, Seychelles is an overload of expenses and exotic luxury. Although basically every island part of this structure belongs to this list, Fregate Island takes the cake. We suppose all the expenses are worth it, especially given that you can adopt a giant tortoise.

#6 Bora Bora

Most Expensive Vacation Spots


The French Polynesian island is renowned for how light it makes the pockets of those who choose to visit it. However, in its case, this is a result of a combination of circumstances. Not only is a vacation there costly, but a flight there is also pretty expensive.

#7 British Virgin Islands

You have plenty to choose from when visiting the British Virgin Islands. Your safest (and most expensive) bet is with the private villa from the island of Guana that’s rented by the CEO of Virgin Corporation to all those seeking a holiday.

#8 New York City

The American landmark city draws in millions of visitors each year. Given how it’s the heart of culture, glamor, and fun all at once, there’s no wonder that a vacation to the Big Apple burns a big hole in your pockets.

#9 Fiji

Fiji is a conglomeration of a grand total of 332 islands, all with their “gates” open for tourists. The most attractive thing about Fiji is the plain pristine appeal of the islands, which are well preserved and benefit from nature protection.

#10 Paris

One of Europe’s greatest capitals needs an appropriate pricing for vacations to justify its reputation. The trickiest thing about Paris is that you need at least one week to capture at least half of the marvels the city has to offer, so an extended stay is necessary (and pricey).