6 Funniest Cartoons To Help You Unwind After A Long Day

Cartoons come in all kinds of shapes and forms. Some are for kids’ educational purposes, some take us on adventures, and some just make us laugh until we burst something. The funniest cartoons of them all are actually a proper public menace in this regard, but they’re also a blessing. Laughter is one of the best ways to relax after any kind of stressful situation or a long day of work. So, we recommend a handy method of relieving yourself of that stress and pasting a huge grin on your face. Sit back and watch the funniest cartoons we recommend to help your cause.

The Simpsons: Among The Funniest Cartoons

Photo Courtesy of Fox

#1 The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a classic in more than one way, so it’s definitely a must-watch for anyone who wants to spice up their cartoon-watching experience with some satire. This legendary show managed to acquire a loyal following over the years, something that would explain its impressive run. If you happen to really like the series, it’s all for the best: you’ll have so many episodes to watch you’ll fill up your queue for months to come.

#2 Phineas and Ferb

This is one of Disney’s newer shows which recently ended. Phineas and Ferb is a great family watch, especially during summertime. Why? Because the story centers around two brothers who get so bored during their summer break that they start coming up with a ton of loony inventions. These inventions vary from rollercoasters to time machines, to spaceships, or to opening a car wash. You’re really guaranteed to never get bored while watching Phineas and Ferb. Did we mention the secret agent platypus?

#3 South Park

South Park is already well-established as one of the funniest cartoons of all time, so it almost needs to introduction. However, it’s on the complete opposite spectrum of the aforementioned show as it’s full of adult and inappropriate humor. But, hey, people wouldn’t love South Park so much if it weren’t for the fact that it displays a group of kids swearing like sailors and pushing the limits of decency. Just like The Simpsons, the show has a very long run, so you can safely watch it for months to come.

#4 Gravity Falls

The past few years have seen an increase in quality animations and gave us some of the funniest cartoons of all time. Gravity Falls is one of them and if you keep hearing about it everywhere you go, believe us when we say that it’s for a very good reason. The cartoon is all about the adventures of Dipper Pines and Mabel, his twin sister, during their summer vacation in the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

#5 Tom and Jerry

Old, but gold. This is the definition of Hanna Barbera’s legendary series about the ridiculous conflict raging between the iconic cat and mouse of the show. Tom and Jerry was, at its time, one of the funniest cartoons on air and it continues to be impressive up to this day. It’s pure slapstick humor, but the fact that it has to work with actions alone and no words means that a lot more effort was put into its creation.

#6 Honorable Mentions

This list isn’t intended as a competition, mostly because all of these shows are so strongly linked together. But if you’re looking to expand your collection of funniest cartoons, you can also reach out for:

  • Spongebob;
  • Looney Tunes;
  • Adventure Time;
  • Regular Show;
  • Futurama;
  • American Dad;
  • The Flinstones.


Naturally, it’s all about taste, but all of these cartoons are unique enough to be able to cater to a variety of needs. Whether they’re for children, entire families, adults only, or whether they’re about adventures, social satire, or sea creatures, they’re the funniest cartoons of our time. They’ll get a smile out of ya.

7 Funny TV Shows On Late Night TV

We don’t know for sure at what point did late night shows become a thing big enough to give us such a great amount of variety. This is even more puzzling, actually – why are there so many of them? Why are almost all of them successful? Is it because they air late in the night and there is a little voice in our head subconsciously telling us that this means something a bit more unorthodox might be in the bag concerning the topic list? They’re some real funny TV shows, that’s it.

Funny TV Shows

Courtesy of NBC

Most of them manage to blend satire into their thematic, whatever it is. Some deal with politics, some do interviews, some do sketches – one thing is for sure, these are the best of them all and they have earned rightful spots among the highest-quality funny TV shows airing while your kids are sleeping.

#1 “Late Night” with Seth Meyers

Just like Doctor Who, Late Night can pride itself with regenerative hosts that helped the show thrive and bloom ever since its first episode aired in 1982. The initial tenure belonged to David Letterman, who was followed by three other hosts: Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers, the show’s current host.

Despite its generic-seeming title and apparent simple formula, it’s clear judging by the show’s long run that they definitely did something right in order to keep it fresh and exciting. Aside from the minor tweaks, Late Night also constantly adapted to the personality of the host.

#2 “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is a news satire program started in 1999. During its run, it had three hosts, the last of which, Trevor Noah, took his seat at the desk of the show in 2015. According to the hosts, the topics of the news coverage tended to change. Craig Kilborn’s initial tenure was filled with media references, whereas Jon Stewart tended to make it a lot more politic-oriented.

#3 “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert became the host of this satirical program in 2015, a program which represents the reincarnation of CBS’ famous Late Show franchise. The flag was picked from David Letterman, something that’s definitely very difficult to live up to. Fans that have followed Colbert from the times when was hosting The Colbert Show, however, are aware of his charming potential.

#4 “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon

As of late, some may argue that Jimmy Fallon has become a controversial figure, in the sense that you either love or hate him. Whichever it is, there’s no denying that Fallon’s program is leading among funny TV shows just as it’s leading in terms of YouTube views. The Tonight Show is packed with mini games and fun instances that just scream “Internet viral.”

#5 “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Jimmy Kimmel’s popularity comes from similar reason to the other Jimmy mentioned on the list. Plenty of big names cross the threshold of his studio and his constant recurring gags and segments really keep people with raised expectations. We really have to thank him for the invention of the “Reading Mean Tweets” segments.

#6 “The Late Late Show” with James Corden

Know “Carpool Karaoke?” This is the man to thank for it. Corden has been around for a while, of course, and there’s no denying that he’s endearingly charming and a joy to look at. But it’s the cozy interviews and sing-alongs with celebrities that really blew up the Internet. Plus, why are they all surprised that he can sing pretty well? He starred in Into The Woods!

#7 “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver

John Oliver graduated the The Daily Show school of late-night funny TV shows, like many other hosts seated in front of modern talk shows. It’s ranking the lowest simply due to the nature of the program, which is riddled with often highly serious topics and with only a mix of satire.

The Greatest Time-Travel TV Series You Must Watch

Don’t we all wish we could have a way to turn back time? Time-travel is a goal that humanity has been dreaming of since forever. Even when it was way more scientifically impossible for it to become a reality than it is now, everyone would have slept a little bit better if they knew they could turn the clock and fix their mistakes. As we have it, there are plenty of time-travel TV series out there which feature a lot of it or which are founded on this concept. Unfortunately, those who get caught up in this vortex end up in more trouble than it’s worth it. Here are The Greatest Time-Travel TV Series You Must Watch.

#1 Doctor Who

Time-Travel TV Series: Doctor Who

Image Courtesy of BBC

It would be no fair list without the most popular and longest-running sci-fi series of all time. Doctor Who features a lot of leaps back and forth in time and space, all curtsy to the handy feature of the TARDIS that transports the Doctor and his companions anywhere they want. You can start with the 2005 reboot or you can try to catch up first to the decades of runtime of the old series.

#2 Outlander

Time-Travel TV Series: Outlander

Image Courtesy of STARZ

There are two kinds of time-travel TV series – there are those where the protagonists battle intergalactic hazards and monsters and there are those like Outlander. Based on a book series of the same name, this show starts with the simple concept of a 1945 nurse who gets zapped in 18th century Scotland. Although her struggle to pick between her husband in her time and her newfound Scottish love warn the viewer of a romance-filled story, Outlander will surprise you with its brutal lack of censorship.

#3 Primeval

Time-Travel TV Series: Primeval

Image Courtesy of ITV

In the case of this series, the ones doing the time-traveling are the foes that our heroes need to defend the Earth against. Primeval is a British sci-fi show that features a group of scientists-turned-defenders who travel about in search for anomalies in time and space that allow vile creatures to cross worlds. A five-season long series, Primeval is an excellent cross between Jurassic Park and Doctor Who and it features a lot of action to keep you engaged.

#4 Quantum Leap

Time-Travel TV Series: Quantum Leap

Image Courtesy of NBC

One of the most renowned and appreciated time-travel TV series of all time, Quantum Leap is a show that flawlessly taps into how a journey to the past can change history. Physicist Sam Beckett is the protagonist of this adventure where he leaps from one person’s body to another throughout his lifetime in order to fix the various mistakes in their lives.

These occurrences leave a huge impact on history, as we get to witness Jacqueline Kennedy eluding death during JFK’s assassination among others. Quantum Leap has five seasons and they are all streamable on Hulu and Netflix.

#5 Legends of Tomorrow

Time-Travel TV Series: Legends of Tomorrow

Image Courtesy of CW

A time-travel TV series that’s also full of superheroes and action?! Sign us up! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow showcase a team of misfit superheroes assembled for the purpose of leaping from one time period to another in order to stop the vile Vandal Savage from destroying the world. There are plenty of familiar faces that can be picked up on by DC loyalists and it works really well as a standalone show riddled with journeys through time.

#6 Continuum

Time-Travel TV Series: Continuum

Image Courtesy of Showcase

We’ve had romances, superheroes, and intergalactic battles – now it’s time for some detective work too. Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi series that follows Kara Cameron, a police officer from the future who trades her current timeline for our present times.

She befriends the boy who would grow into the man who helped her make the leap and gets tangled in a corporatist conspiracy that gives her the choice of whether she wants to save herself or the world as well. And if you’re wondering about the “detective” part of the show, there will also be some intriguing murder investigations ensuring.

Best New Comedies On TV To Watch

As far as escapism goes, some people like to forget reality through music, movies, reading, or any kind of activity that can pull them away from the mundane worries for a few brief moments. Needless to say, one of the most preferred methods for doing so is through laughter. You know what they say about how laughing extends your lifespan and generally makes you a happier person, right? A good TV show can provide you with a generous dose of fun and giggles and can make you, even if for an hour, see life in a different light. Here are some of the best new comedies that are airing right now and you need to get on to.

#1 Silicon Valley (HBO)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of HBO

This HBO original production was welcomed with an array of accolades, positive reviews, and nominations at prestigious award shows. It’s been nominated for several categories at the EMMY’s and the Golden Globe and continues to impress audiences and critics through its high-quality humor.

#2 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt makes use of one of the most popular comedy tropes as it puts us face to face with a protagonist who’s lived for 15 years in a secluded doomsday cult. Now that she’s been freed of it, she decides to start over in the megalopolis that is New York, a world as unfamiliar to her as it is packed with laugh-inducing situations.

#3 Flowers (Seeso)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Seeso

Flower is a must-watch for any lover of the dark comedy genre. This British sitcom pulls the spotlight onto a completely dysfunctional family, in charge of which is a depressed father. The various escapades of the family are filled with a lot of highly specific character types and with topics that are boldly and daringly approached.

#4 Love (Netflix)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Netflix

Just like the simplicity of the title suggests, Netflix’s Love is a simple story that exploits the world of romance through the eyes of both men and women with the aid of the two main characters. In a world that’s oversaturated by complicated and complex romances, this series manages to remind us that real-life dating isn’t as stellar and epic.

#5 Fuller House (Netflix)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Netflix

Here’s one word of advice: try not to press play on the episode while prepared to strike the series down by comparing it with its highly popular Full House predecessor. Following the premise of the original series, while even keeping the same house as a location, Fuller House makes for an entertaining standalone show.

#6 The Detour (TBS)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of TBS

Speaking of popular TV tropes, family road trips packed with hilarious hazards and unlikely scenario are making a return this year via The Detour. The series doesn’t make any bold choices by attempting to revolutionize, instead focusing on delivering comedy for a type of storyline that’s been around since forever.

#7 Ballers (HBO)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of HBO

Do you happen to be a fan of sports-themed comedies? Regardless of what your answer is, we follow up with – what about a sports-themed comedy starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? This HBO original series gives us the ups and downs of a football team by making use of the channel’s renowned humor and by amazing us all with the Rock’s presence.

#8 Scream Queens (Fox)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Fox

One of the best satirical horrors and dark comedies right now, Scream Queens has Emma Roberts play a role similar to her charming performance delivered in American Horror Story: Coven. Unlike the latter, this 20th Century Fox production doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest, managing to make even a serial killer infiltrated in a sorority silly and hilarious.

#9 Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Netflix

A hippie art teacher and a retired cosmetician are faced with the biggest twist of their lives when they find out that their husbands have chosen to divorce because they’ve fallen in love with each other. Now, despite the fact that they’ve never been particularly pleasant toward each other, the two women must learn to overcome their disputes and differences on their path to recovery.

#10 Broad City (Comedy Central)

Best New Comedies

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Imagine Sex and the City with a smaller cast and with a bit more craziness to steal from the romance. Broad City follows two women who must carry on their daily lives in New York City, despite the Big Apple seemingly refusing to let them lead normally peaceful lives. One is a definite hedonist while the other tries to build a career for herself while trying to elude her friend’s schemes.

Game of Thrones Season 6 – What To Expect

With only a few days now standing between us and the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, there more reasons we have to be excited about it. The TV show has officially surpassed George R.R. Martin’s books and is headed in a direction that’s unknown to both readers and viewers. Needless to say, this, along with the fact that actors and producers alike teased that Game of Thrones season 6 might be their best and most massive one yet, has millions of fans on the edge of their seats.

The Red Band trailer for the new season bagged in the most views of any of the show’s trailers so far. Viewers are, obviously, incredibly curious to see what will happen, especially because “predictability” is a foreign word to the Game of Thrones universe. So, even though technically we’re all in the dark about what lies ahead of the series, there are still some things that we are very likely going to see.

Also, a spoiler alert is due. Make sure you’re all caught up with the show first and have read all the books up to the last. We will not be spoiling the show, but there are some hidden gems in the novels you might not want to know in case they ever come to the screen.

Book Arcs

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

There may not be a sixth book to be translated onto the small screens, but there are still passages and storylines from the fourth and fifth books that have yet to be explored. Lady Stoneheart, Victarion Greyjoy, and Quentin Doran are all names familiar to book readers who have been awaiting their materialization into Game of Thrones quite eagerly.

While the possibility of seeing the vengeful resurrected Catelyn Stark is, admittedly, pretty small, the likelihood of seeing on-screen appearances of Balon Greyjoy’s brothers is not very possible. Euron and Victarion Greyjoy’s quest for the horn Dragonbinder would make for a truly thrilling addition to the story and a massive complication for Daenerys.

Huge Dragons

Game of Thrones Season 6


The show’s producers have built a colossal fire-breathing crane for Drogon. The reason for this is because Daenerys’ dragons are going to grow, even more, doubling the size they were in season five. While this definitely causes plenty of problems for the visual effects team, it’s going to give millions of fans goosebumps.

Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal have been growing since they first hatched at the end of season one, gradually causing more trouble and wrecking havoc in their wake. Can you imagine what they’d be capable of with their current size? It seems like, after a long time, the three dragons are about to turn into the proper war machines that make all of Westeros tremble.

The Biggest Battle In The Show’s History

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of Disruptor Beam

Producer Bryan Cogman teased in an interview that this season would depict the most monumental battle that the show has ever seen. And judging by leaked spoilers, set photos, trailer scenes, and pieces of scripts, this is certainly going to be true. One thing we were assured of is that no White Walkers were involved. The battle takes place predominantly in the North, so we can be almost sure that the conflict will be over Winterfell and the title of Warden of the North. If that means justice against the abhorrent Boltons, this might just turn out to be the most incredible episode of the whole series.

The climatic battle is going to be allegedly featured in the ninth episode, a number that we all know represents mind-blowing episodes packed with shocks and twists. Miguel Sapochnik, the man who directed the highly acclaimed Hardhome, which is considered by many to be the best episode in the whole show, apparently directed this episode too. Excited yet? We sure are!

Tyrion’s Storyline

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

Now that Daenerys is held up by the Dothraki, who found her at the end of season five, the task of ruling over Meereen has been entrusted to Tyrion and Varys. We’ll be, undoubtedly, seeing more of this and we’d be lying if we said we’re not excited.

Tyrion proved himself fantastic in positions of power, but even someone like him is going to have trouble trying to keep under control a city torn by a civil war. And we’re not even counting the bigger problems that Ser Barristan, the one entrusted in the books to rule Meereen, had to face in A Dance with Dragons.

Other Exciting Character Plotlines

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

After being absent for the entirety of season five, Bran is also going to make a return that seems incredibly promising. Starting with the fact that it seems like his training is done, fans were also awed to see him standing in promos and also visited by no other than the Night’s King.

On the red carpet premiere, Iwan Rheon also teased that Ramsay Bolton would have to face his father’s fury after the escape of Sansa and Theon. Speaking of which, we’ll definitely see their storyline as fugitives play out too.

By the looks of it, Cersei will be out on a murder spree against the High Sparrow and his freakish cult too. When two villains clash, all we can do is enjoy our popcorn and be glad for whoever comes out on top.

Jon’s Resurrection?

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

You had to know this was coming. Jon Snow wasn’t the first major character to be offed the show, as proven by his father and brother. However, his death seemed like the least definitive of all. He managed to kill a White Walker, he caught the eye of the Night’s King, the stage was set for a climatic confrontation – his story can’t possibly end here, can it?

Well, at this point, pretty much everybody is sure that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Kit Harrington in Game of Thrones. Jon Snow may be dead, but what’s there to say of Jon Targaryen, as the popular R+L=J theory suggests? Or maybe Jon Stark? Even if this won’t been the case, Jon’s death was too abrupt and seemed pointless for it to be permanent. Plus, the directors wouldn’t linger on the image of the breathless Jon, being surrounded by pools of his own blood, for no reason, right?