7 Video Games That Literally Ruined Lives

You’ve probably grown used to people accusing video games of supposedly being bad influences on our children. Well, this article isn’t really about that. It’s less of a matter of influence and more about a direct after effect. Surprisingly, it’s not the excessive violence or foul language that might pose as the biggest threat. Sometimes, a game is so good that it’s easy to be absorbed in it to the point where it becomes an addiction. And like every type of addiction, this kind of situation has taken its toll on the victims… fatally. Here are 7 Video Games That Literally Ruined Lives.

1. Berserk

Games That Literally Ruined Lives - Berserk

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you might be tempted to ask yourself how exactly it managed to destroy anyone’s life. Berserk was a game of the late 70’s and onward, which apparently was capable of making 19-year old Peter Bukowski so addicted to it that he ended up concluding a series of high scores with an unfortunate heart attack. An article published in the

An article published in the Video Games magazine which talked about the incident wrote about the reason for the sudden heart failure. Apparently, the game made him so agitated that this ended up damaging his cardiovascular system, something that imminently led to his premature death.

2. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft - Games That Literally Ruined Lives

One of the genres that are most likely to get players hooked to the point of unhealthy addiction is MMORPGs, shortened name for “massively multiplayer online role play game.” World of Warcraft is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the domain, but it also, unfortunately, became known for indirectly putting a woman, by the name Rebecca Colleen Christie, in jail. She became so immersed in the world of the realm that she gradually starting neglecting all real life responsibilities, including feeding her three-year-old daughter, who starved to death. Christie ended up ringing 911 only after a 15-hour WoW session, and it’s safe to say that the authorities weren’t very understanding of the situation, sentencing her to 25 years of jail time.

She became so immersed in that world that she gradually starting neglecting all real life responsibilities, including feeding her three-year-old daughter, who starved to death. Christie ended up ringing 911 only after a 15-hour WoW session. It’s safe to say that the authorities weren’t very understanding of the situation They sentenced her to 25 years of jail time.

3. EverQuest

Games That Literally Ruined Lives - EverQuest

Another MMORPG, EverQuest is sometimes nicknamed “NeverRest” by the fanbase, specifically for its addictive nature. In 2002, Shawn Woolley decided that nothing was worth leaving the enthralling world of EverQuest anymore, so he quit his job and became a full-time player. Relatives started getting worried after Woolley turned down a Thanksgiving dinner invitation. When they went to check on him, he was found dead in front of his computer, which still had the game running on the screen. It’s certain that it was a self-inflicted gunshot that took his life. As for the reason, many believe it may have been the result of some in-game relationship drama.

When they went to check on him, he was found dead in front of his computer, which still had the game running on the screen. It’s certain that it was a self-inflicted gunshot that took his life. As for the reason, many believe it may have been the result of some in-game relationship drama.

4. Ingress

Ingress - Games That Literally Ruined Lives

MMORPGs and arcade games aren’t the only ones that can potentially endanger lives. A mobile app called Ingress, which requires the user to go outside and roam around the streets, ended up leading a player to his death. Sixteen-year-old Gabriel Cavalcante Carneiro Leao was paying so much attention to his phone screen, that he became completely oblivious to his surroundings. This sadly resulted in him walking right in the middle of a highly circulated street and ended up getting ran over by a bus.

Ingress does try to make the experience as safe as possible. A good example is the feature that deactivates the app if the user starts running above a certain speed. However, it definitely can’t keep an eye out for people that stop paying attention to the world around them.

5. FarmVille

Games That Literally Ruined Lives - FarmVille

Don’t laugh, even excessive virtual farming can be dangerous if too much time is dedicated to it. Alexandra Tobias was a hardcore FarmVille player, who couldn’t find the right way to divide her love between the game and her three-month-old son. In an episode of rage triggered by the baby interrupting her game with his cries, she furiously ended the child’s life. Tobias confessed this deed, but only after the fifty-year prison sentence has been given to her.

6. Lineage II

Lineage II - Games That Literally Ruined Lives

Not all addictive games lead to death or jail time. Some of them lead to lawsuits! Craig Smallwood sued NCSoft, the company behind Lineage II, over the fact that their game was so good it literally ruined his life. The beef between Smallwood and NCSoft can be traced back to something else, though. He was, according to the lawsuit, banned from the servers after NCSoft started suspecting that he may have been trading in-game items in exchange for real life money. That is as unethical as it is clearly forbidden. Possibly out of revenge, Smallwood proceeded to fault

Possibly out of revenge, Smallwood proceeded to fault Lineage II for his incapacity to carry on mundane tasks, such as shower, socialize or generally go outside. Although the case was put an end to in 2011, it’s unclear whether Smallwood ever managed to get something out of this dispute. Or if he ever managed to take that shower.

7. Nintendo Wii

Games That Literally Ruined Lives - Wii

It’s not just games that can be potentially dangerous, but the consoles they’re played on too. Radio station KNDN decided to host a contest in 2007. The prize? A Nintendo Wii console, of course, which was so difficult to get your hands on back at the time. Participants had to drink as much water as they could without going to the bathroom, and the last person to hold it in would be the lucky winner. Jennifer Strange wasn’t so lucky, as she found out the hard way that something like water intoxication exists. After the contest, she collapsed on her way home, and never got up again. The radio station was hit by a hazard: it fired ten employees, lost a lawsuit filed against them and had to pay $16 million, then ultimately shut its gates in 2009.

Jennifer Strange wasn’t so lucky, as she found out the hard way that something like water intoxication exists. After the contest, she collapsed on her way home and never got up again. The radio station was hit hard. It fired ten employees, lost a lawsuit filed against them, and had to pay $16 million. After that, it ultimately shut its gates in 2009.

The lesson to be learned from this isn’t new. Indulging in excess of all kinds is very harmful. Even though video game addiction deaths aren’t that common, many people genuinely have their personal lives damaged because of their passion. It’s important to try and not immerse ourselves completely in fictional worlds. Also, we should try to keep an eye out for our real life responsibilities. This is what we can take from these 7 Video Games That Literally Ruined Lives.

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Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

Before the era of Witcher 3, Battle Galactica and GTA Three, playing games wasn’t very accessible. You couldn’t just turn on your phone and choose from dozens of games because back then the phone had dials. And it was plugged into the wall. So how did the kids get their dose of fun and games? Back ten, you had to fill your pockets with coins and jump on your bike to reach your destination. Enter the arcade games! The coolest place for a kid in the 90s to spend his time. If you weren’t around back then, or if you’d welcome a walk down memory lane, keep reading about the ten best arcade games from the nineties.

10. Mortal Kombat Two

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

If the first Mortal Kombat killed it, the second one proved everyone that less is definitely not more. The renewed edition included more characters, which led to more fatalities, which implied more finishing ways. Parents weren’t too happy with the amounts of blood, but it kept kids entertained for hours.

9. Crazy Taxi

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

The great great great grandfather of GTA 3, Crazy Taxi allowed you to drive in a huge realistic city and get people to their destinations fast. And by that I mean in thirty seconds. You’d be surprised how many people needed to get to the closest fast food in under a minute.

8. Top Skater

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

The ideal game for any wanna be skateboarder, Top Skater allowed you to ride a fake board. This saved you all the falling to the ground you’d take in the real world with the only downside being the Coca Cola commercials.

7. Area 51

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties


It’s surprising how kids could still go to sleep after a few hours of playing Area 51. Back then graphics were far away from being realistic. So the game’s makers simply used videos of the real things, including goofy aliens.

6. Marvel vs. Capcom

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

This video was like dying and going to the video games heaven where you could watch the clash of super heroes. Marvel vs Capcom allowed you to make fighting teams from characters that belonged to completely different universes and pit them against each other.

5. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

For 1998, this game had some pretty amazing graphics. It allowed users to fight the most important battle in the trilogy. But it didn’t come cheap. You had to pay one dollar for a single life. And you’d better make the most of it.

4. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

The quirkiness of this one was that it allowed players to do more than only one thingg. You could park your car illegally, take karate lessons or fight some bad guys. Playing as multiple characters in the nineties was still a new thing, so you can imagine Street Fighter II was big on the block.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

In the newer version of the game you could experiment with new fighting way, like throwing enemies at each other or travel in time. You didn’t have to be a Ninja Turtle to enjoy this one, because it was simply one of the best.

2. X-Men

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

This arcade game allowed you to choose one of your favorite six mutants and go and fight bad guys and enemies all day long. All kids seem to have a thirst for justice and are ready to jump in to stand for their civil rights. Not to mention they can all take down supervillains.

1. The Simpsons: The Arcade Game

Ten Best Arcade Games From The Nineties

Despite the fact that it ate up your coins so fast you couldn’t keep up and ran out of excuses for your parents, The Simpsons was, by far, the best arcade game in the history of everything. Cartoon family meets crazy thugs equals hours of fun.

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9 Baffling Things that can Only Make Sense in Video Games

The world of video-games is seemingly infinite. There are so many genres of games that you can choose from, and so many virtual universes in which you can immerse yourself, that you might forget about real life all-together. Nevertheless, as advanced, detailed and exciting as these games are, they have some fatal flaws that most people seem not to mind. Let’s take a look at 9 baffling things that can only make sense in video games (and even here, they don’t make that much sense).

1. The Weight Limit


Most MMORPG (or RPG) games involve moving around with your hero, completing missions and finding rewards. The funny thing about it is that you have an inventory limit which you must not max if you want to move freely. The funny thing is that throwing away a piece of white which weighs close to nothing, will help you regain all the mobility. What is even more intriguing is that you can’t pick up a piece of wheat, but you are able to carry around thousands of gold coins without any problems.

2. SIMS Logic


SIMS is a great game, especially if you prefer to live other people’s lives instead of yours. Anyway, besides having the possibility of controlling your SIMS, marrying, making children and working, these intelligent, virtual beings seem to have a difficulty with objects in their environment. If they find a letter on the table, they will probably have to eat standing up. Why Sims?

3. Final Fantasy Doctors


In Final Fantasy there seems to be a solution, potion or device to solve everything, yet somehow, the profession of a doctor is still viable. Basically, in a world where you can literally make arms grow back, or revive a person after he has been impaled with an ice shard, doctors are still needed. I guess this is good news.

4. Cloud’s Amazing Weapon


I’ve never been a fan of huge swords. Besides the fact that it is impossible to wield them which such speed, how exactly are they supposed to help you get rid of flies?

5. Prince of Persia Logic


Prince of Persia II was an awesome game. Manufacturers tried to revive it but failed terribly, and disappointed many fans in the process. Anyway, both games had a strange problem. It was possible for your prince to run alongside a 90 degrees flat wall after hanging off a cliff, but if he fell from anywhere higher than 7′ it meant impending death.

6. Hacking into Computers


Obviously, you couldn’t expect games to require us to actually code and do geeky stuff in order to bypass their computers, but isn’t it a little funny that nearly all of them require you to do crossword puzzles, match-ups, or mazes?

7. Even more FF Infallible Logic


I’m not trying to bash the Final Fantasy games, because they are among my favorites, but have you never thought it is a bit strange that while taking turns in fights, you don’t move? The only thing you can do is wait for the adversary to attack you and hope that you survive. Only after this happens can you attack back.

8. Stealing in Skyrim

9 1

If you play Skyrim long enough you will eventually become the new Arch Wizard, boss of Winterhold or some sort of king, but your subjects will still fight you over a sweet roll.

9. World in Peril


Irrespective of the dangers that you will be facing in your virtual universe, more than 50% of games will send inexperienced kids to save it. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

 I hope you licked our top 9 things that can only make sense in video games inspired from Crac

Female Celebrities Playing Video Games: Fun or Addiction?

There is a common misconception people have perpetuated regarding celebrities in the entertainment industry: they are so busy with being rich and famous, so overloaded with making new movies, singing new songs, show up on magazine covers, being chased by paparazzi or unsuccessfully trying to hide their personal lives from the media, that they actually don’t have “human” hobbies or passions and no time at all to indulge themselves into mundane activities.

You hear a lot about some famous movie stars “taking a moment” to spend their free time together with their families, creating some fashion clothes lines or advertising for some high – end products and you are tempted to ask yourself “when do they have time to eat”? Well, many are dieting, but this doesn’t mean some celeb figures out there don’t share human habits with the rest of us mortals. And you would be stunned to learn that there are a lot of celebrities playing video games. Surprised? Let’s see some of the female celebrities playing video games for fun!

Kim Kardashian and Call of Duty: Black Ops II

kim kardashian

Now this may come as a surprise indeed, because you wouldn’t take Kim as the passionate geek gamer type of girl, especially since she is famous for a lot of many other activities, hobbies and behaviors that have nothing to do with playing games. Or do they? Is Kim addicted to gaming, or did she found just another way to keep the media’s eyes stuck to her persona? The thing is, she Tweeted about the upcoming release of Black Ops II and she sounded genuinely interested in the game back in the day, so if you suspected her of subtle endorsement, it seems it is not the case. However, to add surprise to her CV, her enthusiast statements about gaming might be exactly the boost of image she could just pull off for fun. If she is honest about playing video games, kudos to Kim, as we just started to like her more now.

Mila Kunis could engage Kim into a life or death conflict when she hears the Call of Duty

mila kunis

Beautiful Mila Kunis stated that she is addicted to video games, especially Call of Duty. Now imagine Kunis and Kardashian amazing the world in a killing spree in the universe of one of the best shooters that ever blessed the geek world. You’d think Call of Duty would attract only men, but here we have two female superstars who are “women” from head to toe and who publicly declared their passion for firing big guns. Mila Kunis describes herself as an avid and competitive gamer and we hope she’s also pretty good at it, because we just love pretty girls becoming badass killers. Perhaps in the future, due to her video gaming passion and skills, Mila will become the next female heroine in blockbuster action movies and play fierce female characters. That would be an interesting thing to see on the silver screen.

Celebrities playing video games for sports and… music

jessica alba

Sweet Jessica Alba plays Wii for sports and for burning some calories in the fun way, although she is perfect enough to not need more burning. However, despite the general assumption that games are bad for people, Jessica’s example is good to remember: play, keep yourself in shape and good health, have fun with friends and keep your kids moving, these are actually good advice. On the other side of the fence, we have Jodie Foster who is a Guitar Hero fan and we take the opportunity to salute Jodie for her good taste in spending free time, because Guitar Hero is indeed a challenging and fun game to play at any age.

So here you have some celebrities playing video games and not being ashamed to admit it. Ladies, rock on!


The Donkey Kong-Inspired Shelving Unit

In the coin-operated, joystick-tugging, button-bashing gaming craze of the 1980s, one particular Nintendo release quickly became a bare necessity in any self-respecting amusement arcade. One of the earliest products of the platform genre, the influential and instantly popular Donkey Kong flaunted a simple concept: Jumpman, later known as Mario, must rescue a damsel in distress from the clutches of a giant ape, all while avoiding the paths of tumbling barrels and flaming fireballs.

Its setting was memorable: rows of rickety steel platforms made accessible through ladders, with villainous primate Donkey Kong always pounding away at the top of the screen. See:

This setting is the inspiration for an uber-nerdy yet super-cool shelving unit created and built by LA-based designer Igor Chak. Suitably entitled ‘Donkey Kong Wall,’ this ingeniously retro design is made of carbon fibre, anodized aluminum pixels, stainless steel rods and toughened glass tops. It is capable of supporting up to 60lbs, meaning the streams can be crossed and the more advanced games of today – or yesteryear, if you like – can be played on its sturdy surface.

A piece of interior decor like this, it’s guaranteed to induce sweet, merciful nostalgia in any hardcore frequenter of ‘80s arcades. Try your hand at Donkey Kong over at Best Online Games [Read more…]