How Did That Even Happen: The Wildest X-Rays Ever Taken

Have you ever had an x-ray taken? If you have then I bet the results were nothing like these. Here are the wildest x-rays you have ever seen.

The Knife in the Head X-Ray

Wild Xrays

This guy tried to stop a robbery back in 2008 and got a knife in his head for his trouble. Apparently he made a complete recovery.

The Drunken Fork Swallower X-Ray

The Wildest X-Rays

This Romanian genius got drunk, made a silly bet, swallowed a fork, suffered intense pain, got rushed to hospital and got a wild x-ray taken. The end. Hang on though, did it ever get removed or will it be there for the rest of his life? At the time of writing doctors were waiting to see if nature would do the dirty work.

The Nail Gun X-Ray

Wild Xrays

Was a nail gun to blame for the death of this poor chap? Hmm, I’m no expert but it seems fairly likely I think.

The Grenade X-Ray

Outrageous Xrays

Is this a real, weird x-ray? I like to think so. Quite what happened for a grenade to appear in there I can’t even begin to guess at.

The Spear Gun X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

This Florida teenager got accidentally shot in the head with a spear gun. The chances are it was a fairly painful experience but reports suggest that he survived the incident.

The Buzz Lightyear X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story was a great character but sticking him up your backside is a rather extreme way of showing how much you like him. At least it wasn’t Mr Potato Head he chose, as that could have been even messier.

Another Grenade X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

This strange x-ray from the Vietnam War seems to show a solider with a grenade embedded in his forehead. The story goes that the soldier in front of him set off a land mine and the blast blew one of the grenades he was carrying into this unlucky guy’s head.

The Shears X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

Ouch! This chap was doing a spot of gentle gardening when he somehow impaled his garden shears in his eye. How do you even do something like that? The story is that he dropped them and they stuck in the ground with the sharp, pointy bits sticking up. As he bent over to pick them up he fell over and, well, you know the rest.

The Tap and Pipe X-Ray

Wild X-rays

Incredibly, this fellow had a tap and huge section of piping attached to his face. He slipped and fell onto the tap while in the bath, with the tap getting horribly impaled in his eye. I think I’ll have a shower next time, just in case.

Another Nail X-Ray

Wildest X-rays Compared to the earlier weird x-ray of the head with a bunch of nails in it this guy got off lightly. Having said that, he was still pretty lucky to be alive after doctors took out this 4 inch monster.

The Phone X-Ray

Wild X-rays Prison inmates will go to great lengths to try and hide objects which they aren’t meant to possess while locked up. This prisoner wanted a phone so much that he found a very good hiding place for it in his rear end. If it wasn’t for that pesky x-ray machine they would never have found it.

The Best Australian Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The culture, interests and concerns of a nation are generally to be found in their songs, among other places. This is definitely the case with the best Australian songs.

However, for some reason, many of the best songs from Down Under appear to get virtually ignored outside of the country, so here are some of them you might like to listen to.

Khe Sanh – Cold Chisel

Best Australian Songs

This is rated as one of the best Australian songs of all time but I wonder how many non-Aussies have even listened to it. To be fair, I can’t imagine this rock classic gaining such widespread appeal anywhere else on the planet. That’s not to say that it isn’t good. It’s just that the boozy, bleary-eyed tale of a jaded Vietnam vet, Asian prostitutes, drugs and flying helicopters isn’t exactly mainstream fare. Maybe someone could ask Mariah Carey to do a cover version of it.

Bye Bye Pride – Go Betweens

Best Australian Songs

Why do some bands make it big while others fail miserably? Just listen to a few songs by this band, such as Streets of Your Town, Head Full of Steam or The House Jack Kerouac Built. Pretty good, eh? Now look up their Wikipedia entry and check out their best ever chart positions. Wow, they once got to number 16 once and were regular visitor to slots in the 70s and 80s! This is my favourite song by the band but I got confused when I went to check out what other people thought of it online. The Aussies who have made comments about it have generally all bafflingly said that you need to have grown up in Brisbane in the 1980s to understand it. I thought I had understood it without ever even having visited Brisbane but it seems not. Anyway, any song which contains the line “a teenage Rasputin takes the sting from a gin” really deserves a bit more attention.

Kelly’s Blues – The Triffids

Best Australian Songs

What’s that? You’ve never heard of these guys either? To be fair, they don’t seem to have been all that popular in Oz either. What they have in common with most of the best Australian bands is that they have the kind of music and lyrics which could only have come out of the island continent. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is a feeling of open spaces and isolation to their songs which I love.

Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool

Best Australian Songs

I had never heard of either this song or the artist before I did some research on the best Australian songs in order to find some more gems to include here. It turns out to have been listed by the Australian Performing Rights Association as the second best song in the history of the country’s music. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Apparently Elton John’s rather more famous Crocodile Rock was inspired by this song. It’s a feel good sort of a tune which you won’t be able to resist tapping your feet to. Honestly.

Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats

Best Australian Songs

In that same list of the best Aussie songs of all time this one was the numero uno, head honcho and big cheese. I’d never heard of it ever. It was pretty popular in the 60s and I also read that Bruce Springsteen played it during an Australian tour so maybe you’ve already heard it. If you haven’t then give it a try and you might like it.

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

Breakfast is a very important meal all round the world. However, what we eat first thing in the morning varies widely from one country to another.

A Fry Up in Scotland

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

I might as well start with the incredibly unhealthy breakfast I grew up with. Making a Scottish fry up involves putting on your kilt, waking up your pet haggis and frying everything you can find. This usually means bacon, egg, potato scone, black pudding and maybe even a bit of bread. Similar breakfasts are eaten in other parts of the UK but the typically Scottish touch is the square sausage. I grew up thinking that cows were square due to this delicacy. They’re not, are they?

Eating Spiders in Cambodia

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

Adding a fried spider to the Scottish breakfast wouldn’t be a bad move, would it? These are typical snacks in Cambodia and give you a fine start to the day due to the proteins packed into these horrible creepy crawlies.

Reindeer and Egg on Pancakes in Alaska

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

Pancakes are good and so are eggs. Sadly, the Alaskans go and ruin what was looking like a promising breakfast by plopping a bit of reindeer meat on it.

The Thai Breakfast

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

This is a meal you will find from street vendors in Thailand in the morning. It looks like an awesome breakfast but I can’t find out what it’s called. The next time you are in Phuket just point at it and I’m sure they will understand. It is made of rice with sweet, spicy pork and minty, spicy fish, which makes it sound as though someone accidentally put two different meals onto the one plate.

Vegemite on Bread in Australia

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

If there is one piece of advice I can give you it is to never, ever, ever get into a debate with an Australian about the merits of Vegemite. They will bore your ears off with hours of insane talking about this frankly unlikeable spread. The thing is; they can’t go anywhere without it. Look in the smelly backpack of any Australian traveller and you will find a pot of this stuff along with their funny cork hat and pet wallaby.

Century Eggs in China

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

Now this is what I call an incredible breakfast. The person who came up this recipe was a genius. First, our hero took some simple eggs and covered them in a mixture of salt, clay, ash, lime and other unlikely substances. Once this phase of the madness was completed he completely forgot about his stinking eggs. When he went back to them months later they had turned into someone which looked, well, like eggs which had been covered in weird stuff and left to turn into smelly, horrible things.

Churros and Chocolate in Spain

Amazing Breakfasts from Around the World

Probably the finest breakfast I have ever eaten was in Spain. Churros and chocolate are traditionally seen as snacks to be eaten late at night after a few hours of dancing to La Macarena, running with bulls and doing whatever else the crazy Spanish people do. However, they can also be found at breakfast time and are absolutely delicious. They are served with a mug of chocolate so big and so thick you could drown a small kitten in it.

Huitlacoche in Mexico

Amazing Breakfasts Around the World

If there is one thing which gets me going on a cold morning it is a plate full of diseased sweetcorn. The Mexicans love this stuff too.

Top 7 Strangest Galaxies in the Universe

The Universe is a strange and interesting thing that has fascinated scientists throughout history. It is supposedly related to the astrological signs, it was referenced in astronomy and medicine, and, well, it’s vast and mysterious, so it seems only natural that the curios human mind would want to explore and learn more about it. You have probably learned about the planets and the Milky Way back in school, and you’ve definitely seen photos of different stars and galaxies in books, but what we are about to present are the snaggle-toothed children of the cosmos. So hang tight, as we give you the 10 strangest galaxies in the Universe.

1. Arp 87


Arp 87 looks like two galaxies mixed into one, because it actually is two galaxies that entered into a steel cage match: two enter, and only one leaves. In case you didn’t know, collisions between different galaxies happen all the time, but usually they result in near misses (similar to hat happened in this situation). They will probably swing into one another multiple times until they completely merge. For now, they remain connected only by a tin stream of stars, and dust particles which can only mean one thing: Space Incas. This is definitely one of the strangest galaxies in the Universe.

2. Sombrero Galaxy


You guessed it: The Sombrero Galaxy looks much like the hat with the same name. It basically has a large bulge in the middle, and an even larger ring of sweeping “brim”. The center consists of multiple clusters of stars, not only one. Scientists couldn’t tell exactly what is going on, and there are even speculations that the center harbors a black hole.

3. Centaurus A


At first glance, Centaurus A doesn’t look like anything special, but upon closer inspection you will see that there is something incredibly fascinating going on inside it. This galaxy is very large, even for galaxy standards, which means that it will have one of the two forms: spiral or eliptical. What is incredibly interesting about Centaurus is the fact that it has a spiral hidden underneath it. In other words, it’s the only galaxy with spiral arms in the Universe.

4. The Porpoise Galaxy


Number four on our strangest galaxies list is this beautiful constellation. The porpoise Galaxy has a very distinct appearance: it looks exactly like some sort of space dolphin (some scientists believe that it looks like a penguin protecting its egg). Either way, it is impossible to mistake it with another galaxy. Apparently, the dolphin is part of the NG2936 system, and the egg is part of Arp 142. In many ways it is similar to the Milky way, but its shape is a tad different due to the gravitational forces beneath it. It is part of the Hydra constellation.

5. The Southern Pinwheel


The Hydra Constellation is home to the infamous Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, also nick-named M83. You have probably seen it before but had no idea exactly how it’s called. Astrologists discovered it approximately 250 years ago, but until recently, it was considered nothing more than a whirlpool of pink, purple and blue gas. Each color is a direct result of the new stars that are forming in this system, and release different forms of UV energy.

6. The Black Eye Galaxy


I don’t know what you guys think, but this may very well be Darth Vader’s home galaxy, because it looks so evil. Also known under the name of M64, the Black Eye Galaxy is the place where countless of stars are being formed, hence the velvety color. Interestingly enough, all of the particles in that area are rotating in the same direction.

7. NGC 474


Hands down the most eerie looking Galaxy on the list, the NGC 474 looks more like something you would expect to find on the bottom of the ocean (one of those bio-luminescent fish), rather than a part of the Universe. Although researchers are unsure what has caused such a discharge of energy, there are two basic theories. One says that the outer shells are remainders of other galaxies that were absorbed, while others think the tidal interactions with the strangest galaxy behind it is causing the surrounding dust. We don’t really care, especially since it looks so interesting.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 1-

There are mysteries of this world that keep even the brightest of minds occupied. We already know about the infamous Loch Ness Monster, the Bards of the ancient world and strange UFO sightings, but did you know about the lesser known mysteries of the world? Scientists have not been able to understand them, so they continue to fascinate people around the world. Let’s take a quick look at seven of the most interesting mysteries of this world, which have yet to be explained through scientific evidence.

1. The Shroud of Turin 

The Shroud of Turin is very well known, especially in the Christian world, as being the artifact on which the face of Jesus was first depicted, after his crucifixion. There is no way to tell how this shroud was woven, or when it happened. All we know is that the sacred artifact is kept in the regal Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Torino. As time went by, people came up with different theories in regards to the shroud. Some say that it is a relic, used to wrap Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, while scientists and several intellectuals are the opinion that it is nothing more than an artifact. The shroud also holds two prints: the front depicts the back of an undressed man, who was wiped and probably crucified (the Bible talks about the apostles, John and Peter, who check on the grave after two days and find it empty). The only remaining thing was the shroud, with which Jesus was wrapped.


But the mysteries don’t stop here. At around 1988, when technology advanced, three small pieces from the fabric were sent to be dated with the help of radioactive carbon, to different laboratories (in Oxford, Arizona and Switzerland). All tests confirmed that the shroud dated from the 1260-1390 period, and they also said that the red spots on the fabric might be the Savior’s blood. However, scientists say that the blood should have become black or brown due to its age. We may never know if the shroud was indeed the one that the savior was wrapped it, and we may never find out.

2. The Count of Saint Germain 

The Count of Saint Germain was very well known for his inventions, adventures, violin, and life of mystery. He also had a passion for alchemy. Because he was talented in so many fields, he was nicknamed “Der Wundermann” which means a kind of Superman. Nobody knew where he came from, or where he was headed, but this mysterious individual was spotted again year after year. The first sighting was in 1710, under the name of Montferrat, but he was also seen in Venice and other European cities. This quickly led to a new nick-name: “Saint-Germain the Undying” because all his life, he looked the same way. Nobody ever saw him eat, but he enjoyed women and mingling with the elevated crowds. Mysteriously enough, he never seemed to get old.


He was most famous during 1750-1760 when he befriended Ludovic the XV and became a spy for him. Because he made many enemies, he dissapeared, and reappeared in Russia, under the name of general Soltikov, where he aided an important rebellion. He died in 1784.

3. The Voynich Manuscript 

The Voynich Manuscript is a medieval document that was written in a totally unknown language. For more than 100 years, researchers and scientists are trying to crack the secret code, and decipher it, but to no avail. Scientists believe that it could be a book about pharmaceuticals, which talks about ancient medicine or the beginnings of modern medicine, because the manuscript contains images of Plants, Biology, Cosmology, Recipes and Astronomy.


4. Black Dalila 

It is not often that the police fails to apprehend a serial killer, but it seems that this was the case of Elizabeth short, a young women (22 years old) that was found dead in 1947, in a parking lot of Los Angeles. According to local press, soon after her death, Elizabeth was named the Black Dalila (inspired from the movie Blue Dahlia). Rumors say that the police invented this nick-name and that investigations done during that time proved inconclusive, and the murderer was not brought to justice.


These are four of the most interesting mysteries that we have learned about. There are many more that we would love to discuss. Stay tuned for more interesting mysteries of the world!