7 Places to Visit in New York for an Unforgettable Experience

A must see in New York places list contains tens of world-famous landmarks, districts, buildings and outdoor spaces, meaning that a trip to the Big Apple should take the shape of a two-weeks vacation and not a quick city break. All New York tourists should know that they can get their hands on a City Pass New York card granting them access to some of the most important such landmarks in the metropolis. If you want a quick reminder why New York should be on everybody’s wishlist of places to see once in a lifetime, we made a top seven places to visit in New York for an unforgettable experience.

1. Lady Liberty

Probably the best-known symbol of Freedom for the entire world, the Statue of Liberty has been the beacon of hope since 1886, guarding the New York Harbor and welcoming everybody who was (and still is) looking to make their dreams come true. Lady Liberty is included in the City Pass. For a truly unforgettable experience and an extra fee, you can upgrade to a Crown Ticket and go into the “Liberty Enlightening the World” statue itself.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also included in the City Pass, the Met welcomes the visitor with more than two million works of art spanning over five thousand years of human history. A visit at the Met might take up to five hours, but you will never be the same afterward, as some of these collections here will offer you an unparalleled vision upon the world very likely to change your life.

3. The 9/11 Memorial

Definitely not a landmark to put on your “fun” list of places to visit in New York, the 9/11 Memorial is, however, mandatory for all those wanting to honor the memory of the World Trade Center victims. Take your time to wander around 110,000-square feet of exhibition space in the museum and don’t forget to keep a moment of silence in front of the “Survivor's Stairs” artifact to better feel, understand and tell the story of the heartbreaking events that took place that dreadful day. Also, make sure to sit for a few minutes next to the “Survivor Tree” – a powerful symbol of rebirth and resilience of mankind.

4. Top of the Rock® Observation Deck & Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center can keep you busy half a day, but the Top of the Rock deck is an experience of a lifetime. Spanning on three floors and perched more than 800 feet above the ground, Top of the Rock offers you a 360-degree view of the entire city. If you are a photography buff, this is definitely the place for you. And if you are really interested in some of the most unique landmarks in New York, seize the opportunity to also look at the Radiance Wall made by Swarovski.

5. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

One of the most interesting and mind-blowing places to see in New York, this museum is organized inside the aircraft carrier Intrepid, being located on the right side of the Hudson River. In other words, prepare yourself for an experience including space shuttles, spy planes, and submarines. In fact, this is the only place in the world where you can see with your very own eyes the world's fastest military jet and spy plane and the Enterprise. This is not the famous Star Trek spaceship replica, but a real space shuttle – NASA’s prototype which went down in history as being the shuttle to pave the way for the space program. Whether you are interested in history or science fiction, this is the place you can’t skip on your City Pass.

6. Theater District

You can’t visit New York and skip the experience of a lifetime. A Broadway show is a must see and a must do no matter how long or short is your New York trip. The district will win your heart by its marvelous architecture, the dazzling lights, the joy of life pumping in the streets, the incredible food and, of course, the many shows available. After the show, let yourself be amazed by the night lights and life of the Times Square and don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Restaurant Row, a landmark for Broadway.

7. The Brooklin Bridge

Connecting Manhattan with Brooklin (two absolutely mandatory places to visit in New York), the Brooklin Bridge was designated national historical treasure and landmark in 1964. One of the city’s greatest attractions, the bridge is an engineering wonder and the best place to see the world-famous Manhattan skyline. If you have a soft spot for high-end architecture, you will certainly enjoy the magnificent Gothic arches guarding the bridge.

What other famous places to visit in New York do you know about? How many have you visited and how many are on your must-see New York list?

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Top 5 Colorado Ski Resorts to Visit at Least Once

You don’t typically associate Colorado, of all things, with winter adventures. But that doesn’t mean that you have to journey all the way into the deep tundra of Alaska to get to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding. These Colorado ski resorts are the living (well, not living, but you understand) proof of that. So, if you’re still undecided about your future winter holiday destination, you don’t need to look any further.

Using information gathered from across various reviews found on this wondrous platform called the Internet, we managed to compile a list with the best OVERALL Colorado ski resorts. Whether you’re a local or coming from other states, you shouldn’t miss out on these places.

Colorado Ski Resorts


#1 Telluride

Telluride is a wildly popular destination, not just because of the opportunities it provides to skiing enthusiasts, but because of the incredible scenic beauty that awaits tourists. The terrain is highly favorable for skiing, with the area presenting snowfall of approximately 300 inches on a yearly basis. A gondola connects the Mountain Village to Telluride, giving tourists the opportunity to journey in and out of the town.

#2 Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Ski Resort isn’t just a single location, but rather four different Colorado ski resorts blended together into a terrain generous enough to rival the some of the biggest territories in this area. The resort consists of the four hills Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk. It’s a truly offering area, compiling a great variety of difficulties that can cater to the needs of both winter sports beginners and longtime experts. Buttermilk is the one with most novice routes while Aspen Highlands has a reputation for expert and advanced runs.

#3 Keystone

Spanning across three mountains, Keystone Colorado Ski Resort is an escapade for anyone seeking to be left alone with their activity and the wilderness. The three mountains are Decorum Mountain, North Peak, and the Outback and their peak as well as the difficulty of the runs grows as you progress from Decorum to the Outback. The resort has twenty lifts and a highly versatile terrain that can cater to the needs of every sports enthusiast. Unlike other Colorado ski resorts, Keystone offers free parking, making it an ideal destination for a one-day getaway or a city break.

#4 Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort is for those tourists who really want to feel like they’re taking a break from the exhausting mundane of their daily lives. The runs are groomed and all the employees are there to lend a hand and to make you feel like royalty. Every afternoon, employees wearing chef hats hand out freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies to those wandering on the ski terrain. The same employees are also always ready to help tired tourists carry their boards or other objects.

Out of the various Colorado ski resorts out there, Beaver Creek has the lowest elevation range, making it a great destination (or starting point) for those fearing the aftermaths of an impressive peak.

#5 Breckenridge

The Breckenridge Ski Resort is really a complete package. Its runs are grooms and its elevation is impressive, managing to intimidate even the most experienced of skiing enthusiasts. This location really stands out thanks to its elevation, the highest out of not only all Colorado ski resorts, but out of all North American ski resorts. It’s a perfect opportunity for anyone seeking to push their limits and to get even better without exposing themselves to any sort of real risks. The bowls, accessible through lift, are pristine and offering.


There are even more Colorado ski resorts where these ones came from, but we had to narrow the list down. Every location has its pros and cons, so we suggest doing a round of research to find out what each one of them has to offer.

Top 10 American Presidents Ranked By Popularity

Being the most powerful man in the world is a tormenting job. One may say that with great power comes great responsibility even. Based purely on their approval rating and their popularity with the masses, how are the American presidents ranked? Read below to find out if your favorite is on this list.

Using data collected from Real Clear Politics and the Roper Center, we can now contour an approximate ranking for our presidents, past and present. We should make the mention that most of this data has become available in the past few decades, so some of the more obvious choices might be missing for this reason alone. Let’s get started.

#10 Barack Obama

President Barack Obama


  • 44th President
  • Average Approval Rating: 47.46%

Obama had to take the mantle of President under some really dire circumstances. It was the peak of the financial crisis and the USA had troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite all of that, Obama walked into the White House with an impressive approval rating. It dropped considerably around 2013 and started picking up again now when his term is coming to an end.

#9 George W. Bush

  • 43rd President
  • Average Approval Rating: 47.48%

After the dreadful 9/11 bombing, Bush’s popularity leaped, only for it to completely plummet in the months that followed after. Bush had to struggle with the intense warring issues and the Great Recession during his term and this took a considerable toll on his popularity.

#8 Richard Nixon

  • 37th President
  • Average Approval Rating: 49.89%

Nixon is a pretty interesting case of study. He entered presidency with a fairly high approval rating and throughout most of his term he really had the people on his side. Things took a violent turn for the worst after the Watergate Scandal broke out, leading to Nixon having the lowest exit approval rating of all presidents ranked on this list.

#7 Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan


  • 40th President
  • Average Approval Rating: 52.84%

Reagan may only be seventh among all the presidents ranked by popularity, but his actual tenure is regarded as one of the best in US history. In fact, his popularity only dropped sometime in the 80s during a strong economic recession.

#6 Lyndon B. Johnson

  • 36th President
  • Average Approval Rating: 54.75%

Johnson had to relocate to the Oval Office after JFK’s tragic death and this in itself warranted a lot of civil popularity and sympathy. His popularity started declining once the Vietnam War and the civil unrest in America started acting up.

#5 Bill Clinton

  • 42nd President
  • Average Approval Rating: 54.8%

Clinton is a special case even among all of these presidents ranked by popularity. He’s one of the few situations where he left with a higher popularity than the one he’d started off his term on. Admittedly, it took a toll during his infamous scandals, but the fact still stands.

#4 George H.W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush


  • 41st President
  • Average Approval Rating: 60.1%

Bush was largely supported by the American public for his strong foreign policies. Militating for the end of the Cold War sat well with the population and, thus, Bush is the first among these presidents ranked to break the 60% approval rating.

#3 Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • 32nd President
  • Average Approval Rating: 64.49%

Roosevelt had a very difficult time during his term. He had to guide America through the Great Depression and World War II, yet he seemed to have succeeded. Out of his 12 years served as head of the country, only 7 of them were monitored for approval rating. It never dropped below 50%.

#2 Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • 34th President
  • Average Approval Rating: 64.9%

Eisenhower had one of the most stable approval rating average out of the presidents ranked on this list. His popularity was considerably higher during the first term, but at the end of the day he has almost as many people supporting him when he left as he did when he had stepped into the role.

#1 John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy Tops The Presidents Ranked List


  • 35th President
  • Average Approval Rating: 70.53%

During a mere 2 years at the White House, Kennedy managed to use his charisma, wits, and visionary ways to win a great portion of the population to his side. Needless to say, today, his popularity would be even bigger given his tragic end.

6 Most Hilarious Female Stand Up Comedians

People always feel the need to point out just how rare it is to see female stand up comedians. In a sense, they’re entitled to believe so. It may not look like it, but it’s an industry as male dominated as constructions, plumbing, or any much more traditionally men-associated forms of labor. Could it be because it’s stereotypically believed that women aren’t capable of being funny? It might sound extreme, but it really wouldn’t take much digging to discover that this is a belief some hold firmly on to.

Whatever the truth may be, there’s no denying that the male to female ratio among comedians leans favorably in the direction of the men, but those ladies that manage to break through are absolutely astounding. So, if you’re looking for a gathering of charming, witty, and funny female stand up comedians, look no further than the list below.

#1 Sarah Silverman

Female Stand Up Comedians - Sarah Silverman


Anyone who has some sort of history with SNL must have some form of humor in their blood. The really ironic thing here is how Silverman’s own life seems to have taken a turn and transformed into a sitcom after she was fired from SNL via a fax notice. Since then, her career has been flourishing. Not only is her development as a comedian great, but she also has her name annexed to various film productions and her very own TV show.

#2 Amy Schumer

Female Comedian Amy Schumer


Inside Amy Schumer might be the first thing that comes to your head, which is definitely a good thing. After all, Comedy Central has been running quite low on content able to draw in viewers. Curtsy of Schumer’s sketch-based humorous program, the channel has been on an ascending curve. Aside from starring in a TV show, she also does greatly on her own when simply prompted with a microphone to perform for a room full of people.

#3 Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro Is An Iconic Comedian


It would’ve been impossible for us to not include one of the biggest veterans of all female stand up comedians. You know someone can make absolutely anything funny when one of said topics is something as ruthless and controversial as cancer. Or, on the other extreme, when one of said topics is something as dull and morose as a simple stool.

#4 Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Was A Stand Up Comedian In Her Early Days


Before managing the accomplishment of making daytime talk shows funny, Ellen was actually doing good ole stand up comedy numbers. Needless to say, she was a blast. When you really think about it, all she did was pack all of her natural talent and carry it over to a production studio. No matter the circumstances, there’s no denying that Ellen is one of the best female stand up comedians of all time.

#5 Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler: Bestseller Author And Comedian


You know that kind of humor that involves poking fun at one night stands, binge drinking, and crying out your sorrows in an ice-cream box on the bathroom floor? It was pretty much created by Chelsea Handler and, eventually, it was rewarded with success. She became a bestselling author, the subject of her own show, and a name to add to the fall of fame.

#6 Shelby Fero

Shelby Fero Is Still A Fresh Comedian


Yes, she doesn’t have her own TV show, but she does have a spectacular social media presence. Aged only 20, Fero has been in the spotlight of an audience ever since the frail age of 18. Thanks to her online growth, she was able to make a swift transition into the real world, which she enthralled with her wits and sense of humor. Given the fact that she’s already written for several TV productions, it’s safe to say that there’s a huge pot of gold waiting for her at the end of the rainbow as far as career prospects go.

Top 10 Stars Without Makeup

Makeup can completely change a person, but sometimes this change isn’t really necessary. You’d think that in the musical or acting industries, where looks are a key factor in your ascension to stardom, celebrities can’t afford looking anything short of perfect. That’s true, but there are some who benefit from a natural beauty that ensures they can be stunning even without applying any traces of lipstick or eye shadow. Here are some stars without makeup who manage to shine through the power of natural beauty.

#1 Demi Lovato

Stars Without Makeup


Once a Disney star who found fame through role in the movie Camp Rock, Demi Lovato is now living the dream as a dual singer – actor with strong edgy rock ‘n’ roll vibes. She’s notoriously fought off several mental illnesses driven by appearance issues, but she’s now comfortable enough in her own skin to regularly upload filter and makeup-free photos on the Internet.

#2 Kylie Jenner

While Kim has the body, many people often deem Kylie as the prettiest out of the Kardashian bunch. Even though the naturalism of her beauty is debatable, we know for sure that she is in a position good enough to allow her to looking completely gorgeous even with a clean face.

#3 Hilary Duff

Stars Without Makeup


Speaking of Disney stars, Hilary Duff might just be the most widely beloved one. Rather than going on a downward spiral caused by her premature stardom, Hilary carried on her life peacefully and stayed true to her position as a role model. Equally inspiring is the fact that she thoroughly promotes embracing your natural beauty.

#4 Gigi Hadid

Ideally, all models should be able to pull off no-filter and makeup-free photos without worrying that they’ll crack the camera screen. Gigi Hadid seems to have lucked out with this particular area of her life too since we can often see her spurting her natural good looks and being proud of them.

#5 Zendaya

Stars Without Makeup


Zendaya is one of the most recent Disney stars who is gradually slipping out of the company’s productions. She managed to make herself remarkable through her surprising musical talent, as well as the undeniable confidence she holds for her own beauty. Even though she is an absolute work of art when prettied up by famous makeup artists, she manages to steal the spotlight even when she’s simply going for a stroll to the corner store.

#6 Cara Delevigne

Paper Towns star and model Cara Delevigne falls into a category of people whom we haven’t really seen flaunting copious amounts of makeup to begin with. But this only makes it all the more surprising when we see her in the streets, in photos, or in other various circumstances where she rocks a completely natural look.

#7 Taylor Swift

Stars Without Makeup


Even one of the biggest stars of the planet at the moment has the courage to embrace her natural beauty. Taylor Swift is widely known for her fondness of red lipstick, but there have been plenty of times when she’s been photographed looking as casual as it gets.

#8 Jessica Biel

Actress Jessica Biel is one of the joyous possessors of this particular type of mesmerizing beauty that will get you lost while staring at her. The completely fascinating thing is that she manages to be just as enthralling regardless of whether she’s flaunting some nice makeup accents or not.

#9 Drew Barrymore

Stars Without Makeup


Drew Barrymore’s resume is a pretty lengthy one as she is the owner of plenty of talents and occupations, model included. Aside from the fact that she regularly posts makeup-free photos on her social media, she was also bold enough to partake in a photoshoot for People magazine all in her natural beauty.

#10 Mariah Carey

By definition, a diva is all about glitz and glamor, but Mariah Carey is just as capable of showing to the world her casual side too. Her no-makeup natural beauty manages to shine through the various photos she publishes online, some of which are clearly snapped right after she’s woken up.