12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

The pursuit of happiness seems to be the goal of the 21st century. In this fast age of emails, planes, visits to Pluto and Terminator sequels, we all strive for the same thing: to be content and satisfied at the end of the day. Despite our sincerest desire, we’re still figuring things out as we go. So far, we’ve got “Money don’t buy happiness” – that is if you don’t know where to shop – and “Happiness is just a moment before you need more happiness”. To debunk the impossibility myth, we’ve gathered 12 tips that will help you get one step closer to a happy life. Here’s our 12 steps recipe for a delicious happy life!

1. Buying everything on the internet won’t make you happy

Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Yes, those Louboutins look appealing and you’d like to pick up golf so you definitely need a set of golf clubs, but before you know it, you’ll end up as a hoarder. Just remember that less is more, and at the end of the day, people matter more than a pair of shoes, and the emphasis should be on gratitude.

2. Shoulda, woulda, coulda

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Recent studies point out that using “should” is actually putting a dent in your motivation and your ability to make this happen. Instead, replace it with “I would like to” for a boost in your willpower. It won’t be long before you start noticing your energy levels go up.

3. Get rid of the ANTs

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

We’re talking about the Automatic Negative Thoughts. More specifically, that voice in your head that keeps telling you you can’t do this or that, that you’ll fail miserably. By simply changing these thoughts and channeling your focus to things that really matter, you can become a new person.

4. Eyes up front

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

We usually dismiss saying positive things out loud, but they can be more powerful than you’ve ever imagined. Try to shift your point of view to the enjoyable things in your life. It doesn’t have to be anything big: just appreciate a good salad or a sunny day.

5. Ask for a helping hand

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Don’t get stuck in the stereotype that you have to be cuckoo to see a therapist. Pluck up the courage to go and see someone if you feel overwhelmed. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to find a sympathetic ear and discover new perspectives.

6. What happens at work stays at work

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Make sure to clearly delineate your work stuff from your home stuff. Ideally, work at full capacity at your job and don’t feel guilty when you get home. Draw yourself a bath and relax!

7. Put that phone down!

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Yes, it’s tempting to see what your BFF’s latest holiday pictures on Facebook, but time spent on social media should be limited. Otherwise, you risk increasing your levels of distress and losing your concentration power.

8. Go out with your friends

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Don’t sacrifice your friendships for anything in the world! Having the people you like around you is essential for a happy life, so make sure to keep them close and invite them over your place from time to time.

9. From To-Dos to I-Dids

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Make it happen, whether it’s going on a bike ride or taking your parents to Italy for their anniversary. Having something to look forward to will boost your happiness and will give you a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

10. Self care above all

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Loving yourself shouldn’t be frowned upon or ignored. Go ahead and treat yourself from time to time. Pamper yourself without feeling remorse and be content in your own skin. You can’t expect others to enjoy your company if you don’t.

11. Mens sana in corpore sano

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Consider parking your car a bit further from your office block or even get off the bus a station before you reach your house. And if you’re a bit more ambitious, two to three runs a week will pump some much needed endorphins into your life to keep you smiling at all times.

12. Everything is OK

12 Steps Recipe for a Delicious Happy Life

Go ahead and get a poster that says “Everything is OK” because this should be in the back of your mind at all times. Even though you feel you’re in over your head with problems, take a deep breath and start jotting down solutions instead of focusing on the bad stuff.

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The Top 10 Best Deaths on Game of Thrones

This popular series has turned into an incredibly worldwide famous show due to its deaths on Game of Thrones with the political characteristics of the storyline and twisted plots. This is a show whose scenario is built starting from the well-known books of George R.R. Martin, particularly his series named A Song of Ice and Fire. In this sequence of intricate tales, we follow the adventures of the members of a powerful family in the great nation of Westeros while they fight for total control over the infamous Iron Throne. The content of the present will concentrate on the ones who have already died during these fearsome battles and betrayals.

These are the characters whose sudden endings shocked their loyal fans and these were that main figures that most other famous series or shows would not even think about getting rid of. Well, probably a show about zombies would do it, since they destroy everyone on sight. But the majority of other series, definitely not. This is one of the main reasons why fans from all round the world started to love more and more the series, due to its creators ability to eliminate some of the main characters that have captured the viewers interest and feelings, and still to be able to maintain their passion for the show.

10. Jon Snow

Jon Snow (Copy)

He is a significant personality in the fifth seasons of the show and debuts in the first episode. Jon is the illegitimate son of Edd Stark and was a steward at the Night’s Watch. Jon has discovered a position of approval where the conditions of his birth have no significance. Jeor Mormont is the one who took him as his own steward and sees him as his surrogate son.

After the Castle Black Battle, the protection of which he led with bravery, Jon was chosen the 998th leader of the Night’s Watch. As commander, Jon reinforced a questionable partnership between his people and the Free Folk in the combat against White Walkers, and with a wildling friend, Tormund, he visited Hardhome, where the majority of the Free Folk were killed by the White Walkers and just a few of them evaded with Jon.

In the fight, Jon was the second black brother who killed one of the White Walkers, as well as finding their weakness to Valyrian metal. After all the difficult options to make the right decision for the higher good of his people, the damaged relationship with the Watch brothers lastly seals his destiny. As they conspire against him, our hero is stabbed many times and bleeds massively, passing away in the snow.

9. Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon (Copy)

Stannis is an important person in the starting from the second season. He is described in the first season as having a powerful influence in the kingdom, but does not appear in it. Stannis is intensely influenced by priestess Melisandre, one of the followers of the Lord of Light religious beliefs. He is also joined many times by his faithful sidekick and acquaintance, Davos Seaworth. He forms a new military with help from a loan of Braavos, and manages a significant victory on an infiltrating wild army over the Walls.

Stannis’ troops gradually advance to Winterfell to recover the Stark castle from their adversaries, the Northern Wardens, but after serious snowstorms and a serious mistake to kill his own girl as the ultimate sacrifice, it results in the majority of his soldiers deserting, while Stannis becomes very confused and beaten by the Bolton military. He endures the fight, but is discovered and killed by Brienne of Tarth for the role had in Renly’s murder, providing an end to the Baratheons of Dragonstone.

8. Ygritte

Ygritte (Copy)

She played an essential part in the third and fourth seasons and she originally showed up as recurring character during the second year. Ygritte was a member of the
Free Folks who resided northern of the Wall and she was one of Mance Rayder’s military and Jon Snow’s partner.

During the Castle Black fight, she kills several Night’s Watch brothers, such as Pypar. Facing Jon Snow, she points her arrow at him. Watching and speaking to him, it weakens her determination and hesitates, while Olly shoots her in the chest from behind. Then, Jon holds her and she asks if he recalls the cavern in which they made love and where she wanted them to remain permanently to not have to deal with the war and horrors outside. She tells Jon that they should have remained there and dies.

After the appearance of Stannis at the Wall, Jon talks to Tormund, now a prisoner of Night’s Watch. He asks him whether he loved Ygritte and Tormund says that she loved Jon a lot, as he was the only person she was talking about after he left her. He persuades Jon to take her dead body and burn it over the Wall. So, Jon carries her body to a place in the Haunted Forests and creates a memorial pyre in front of weir wood trees, while burning her body while crying.

7. Drogo

Drogo (Copy)

Drogo is a significant character during the first season and debuts in the first episode. He is khal, or a chieftain, and a memeber of the Dothrakis and is generally called with his complete name, Khal Drogo. He is a higher ranked warlord and terrifying soldier. He is married to Daenerys Targaryen and consequently starts to really like her. He is decided to reconquer the Seven Kingdoms after she escapes a killing attempt and raids one of the Lhazareen villages to captures slaves and spend money in his organized intrusion.

After the battle was finished, he was provoked to a duel by the leader of the people in that village who considered him not worthy to continue ruling the Khalasars, as it showed up he was paying more attention to the orders of a lady. He kills the soldier, but is injured in his chest area and is taken care by one of the women in the village.

His injury gets worse and he becomes extremely sick. Daenerys requests the doctor to use blood magic, but she uses spells that takes Drogo in a vegetative condition as a vengeance for the devastation of her place. His wife finishes his struggling by suffocating him and then burning his dead body. She is seen walking into the fire with a few dragon eggs, but endures the flames and hatches several dragons. She calls the biggest one Drogon to honor her dead spouse.

6. Robb Stark

Robb Stark (Copy)

Robb is the oldest son of Edd Stark and his spouse Lady Catelyn, sibling of Arya, Sansa, Rickon and Bran Stark, and is the half-brother of Jon Snow. When Edd is caught and consequently killed by King Joffrey, Robb is named Northern King and brings a revolt against Iron Throne. In the ignited war, he shows himself to be a skilled fight leader, obtaining several significant wins over Lannister troops and taking Jaime Lannister as prisoner. However, he is an innocent and unskilled politician, placing respectable ideas over realistic issues, and makes quite a few crucial mistakes.

With the battles switching against him, he is compelled to ask the help of the Freys again. He apparently wins their support by accepting his uncle to get married to Roslin Frey. Unknowingly to Robb, it is a snare, as the Frey and Stark families have now joined the Lannisters. At the wedding party, despite invoking their visitor right, the Frey family attacks the Starks, and Talisa, Robb and Catelyn, along with most of their military are killed in what will be known as Red Wedding. Roose Bolton himself kills Robb Stark and this successfully finishes the northern revolt, while the Starks have the ancestral seat removed from them in the North.

5. Robert Baratheon

Robert Baratheon (Copy)

He was the leader of the Seven Kingdoms, officially known as Robert of the Baratheon House. He earned the throne thanks to his victories in the wars and he was an excellent soldier in his younger years. He murdered Rhaegar Targaryen at the Fight of the Trident. Once the war was over, Robert got married to Cersei Lannister to secure a partnership with the Lannistersin order to keep their kingdoms together, however their relationship is loveless. They have three children: but unknown to Robert, all of them were fathered by Jaime Lannister, Cersei’s brother.

Robert discovered the conquering of his empire to be far more satisfying than its ruling, and invested much of his time with women, alcohol and hunters. The authorities below him are assigned the boring duties of ruling the kingdom. He puts Ned Stark in a leading position next to him and Eddard makes a research, only to find that his forerunner was scrutinizing the real father of Cersei’s kids.

Afraid of being exposed, Cersei advices Lancel Lannister to intoxicate him with wine during hunting. Robbie is deadly injured by a boar and passes away because of this accident soon afterwards. He names Edd protector just before dying. Cersei then disregards this proclamation, captures Eddard and offers the throne to Joffrey, her son. The sudden argument results in the War of Five Kings.


4. Renly Baratheon

Renly Baratheon (Copy)

Renly is Robert Baratheon’s Master of Laws at his council. He has the fourth rank in line, behind Tommen and Joeffrey, his nephews, and Stannis, his older brother. Renly is well known among his peers because of his helpful character and eager style.

Renly is engaged in a gay romantic endeavor with Loras Tyrell for several years. They have to keep the relationship secret due to the prominent religious beliefs of the world views homosexuality as a sin, even if many individuals are however conscious of this love, so it is more like their open secret.

Following the death of Robert Baratheon, he wants the Iron Throne only for himself, denying the statements of Joffrey Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon, his older brother. Renly is killed by a darkness animal conjured by Melisandre in the war. After Renly dies, most of his banner men from Stormlands accept the authority of his older brother.

3. Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister (Copy)

He was a significant personality in the previous seasons of the series. He originally showed up as a recurring character and then appeared temporarily as live corpse during the fifth season. Intelligent, determined, callous and overwhelming, Tywin was the wealthiest person in Westeros and successfully its leader when he was assisting for his grandsons, Tommen and Joffrey. His power was to protect his heritage and the Lannister name, and that he wants to do anything he regarded necessary to defend his close relatives. Tywin was many times figthing with his children, Cersei and Tyrion, considering them to be major disappointments.

When a war started between the Starks and Lannisters after King Robert’s death, Tywin led the battles against the Stark family and he delegated to his children the ruling of King’s Landing. Despite a difficult beginning to the war, he turned the odds by organizing a partnership with the Tyrells and leading all combined armies to succeed the Baratheons during the Blackwater Battle.

Tywin was renamed Hand of King after these successes and took once again the leading of his realm. The main objective was to stop the war: he organized the wedding of Petyr Baelish and Lysa Arryn, to take her back and, even more important, supported the Bolton and Frey Houses in their disloyalty to the Starks at the notorious Red Wedding that finished the North revolt.

After the sudden death of King Joffrey, his grand son, during the wedding with Margaery Tyrell, he lead a trial against Tyrion, the persons was charged of this action. When he lost the trial by fight, Tywin condemned Tyroin, his own, son, to death. Tyrion ran and, as a vengeance, murdered his dad as he assisted to the whole scene.

2. Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark (Copy)

Also known by his loved ones as Ned, is a main character during the first season. He was the leader of House Stark and father of Arya, Sansa, Robb, Rickon and Bran by his spouse, Catelyn Tully, and of Jon Snowfall, the bastard child by an unidentified mom. He is a devoted dad and husband, a faithful friend and a respectable lord.

For many years, Ned stayed to rule Winterfell, leading the Northern realm in the name of Robert Baratheon. After Jon Arryn’s death, who was Hand of King, Robert provided Eddard this role and he visited the capital along with his girls to help in the ruling of the kingdom. He found out that Jon had been killed because he knew about Robert’s kids with Cersei were in reality a result of her incest with Jaime Lannister, her own brother.

After Robert Baratheon’s death during hunting, Ned Stark tried to detain Cersei along with her children and install Robert’s young sibling, Stannis, on the kingdom’s throne as the legal heir. But Petyr Baelish’s disloyalty brought Eddard’s arresting for treason. After hearing about his dad being arrested, Robb Stark brought up the armies of the Northern realm to free him. To avoid the future war and have his daughters protected, Eddard admitted the treason but Robert Baratheon’s son, Jeoffrey, who has become the new King, denied his request and had him executed.

Eddard Stark’s death started a big war between the Houses of Stark and Lannister. Raged by their lord’s killing, Eddard’s banner men denied the power of the Iron Throne and recognize Robb, Ned’s son, as the real king.

1. Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey Baratheon (Copy)  deaths-on-game-of-thrones

Joffrey is considered to be the oldest child and heir of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister, a couple who joined a political marriage partnership after he conquered the throne from Aerys Targaryen. Actually, his father is Jaime Lannister, Cersei’s twin brother and the leader of the king’s guards.

Joffrey is similar to his mom regarding his looks and character, his golden-haired locks being a small hint that he is not in reality a Baratheon, who popularly always have dark hair even when a parent has blonde hair. He is usually associated with his sworn protector, the powerful Sandor Clegane, also named the Hound. Even prior to ascending to the Iron Throne, he is angry, conceited, cowardly and spiteful, however, these characteristics are further amplified after Robert Baratheon’s death and his rise to the top.

Joffrey was initially arranged for a marriage with Sansa Stark and he held her captive after he killed her dad for treason, as Ned Stark tried to expose the reality about his parentage. But, he got rid of Sansa for Margaery Tyrell, as a formal aspect of the new partnership between the Lannister, the main followers of Joffrey, and the Tyrells, the leading house of the Reach that assisted in defending King’s Lading against Stannis Baratheon’s strike.

At his marriage with Margaery Tyrell, he was killed by consuming poisoned wine. The last action as he was passing away was towards Tyrion Lannister, his uncle. Upon his unexpected death, Cersei arrests Tyrion on the reason of regicide, even if the real orchestrators are Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell.

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Top 20 Free Android Applications

The free Android  applications listed below will surely come handy at one point of another for many of us who are avid tech users.  From display programs to software to manage your device or other applications, these utilities help to control and organize the whole system or put information from your Android operating system system to your SD cards quicker and simpler with a set of apps aimed to assist any user.


20. JS Backup

JS Backup free android applications

This is an easy and user-friendly app for info storage space that allows you to preserve and recover contacts, phone calls, SMS messages, alarms, schedules, bookmarks, program configurations, shortcuts, dictionary, programs, images, music, play lists and video clips. There are many methods to recover everything you have installed in the system and one of these alternatives is also in the Android OS.

It is stored in an easy format that can be accessed anytime and you can back-up the programs currently on your SD cards, but also in different data storage platforms, like Google Docs, Dropbox and many others. Its main advantage is the possibility of using it in the widely recommended CSV format.

19. Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator

It is a graphical client interface – it is very useful for sure, but every passionate customer knows that no app will replace the good old command lines (CLI), right when they want to study the complex internals of their OS. The Terminal Emulator offers accessibility Android CLI, a section where you are allowed to introduce a series of instructions.

You can utilize it to run essential applications on the entire system and modify program configurations. It does not really need a based program, but is recommended for those customers who can write instructions as a super user. As any CLI that respects itself, it provides also complete access to the Linux CLI, an underlying Android.

18. ROM Manager

ROM Manager

If you judge it only by its title, the ROM Manager app allows its users to back-up and reinstate their present firmware. The app helps the procedure of discovering, flashing and support up all ROMs. With the manager system, you can arrange and execute back-ups and recoveries directly from the Android.

Moreover, the program allows them to restart their smart phone in its recovery mode, set up the firmware from the gadget’s SD-card and the cards themselves split into different segments. This application is required only for those who like to go deeper into the operating system developed by Google. Its advantage consists in the fact that it is an easy modify of firmware, while the same program can recover the original firmware on the product.

17. ConnectBot


This modern SSH-client allows you to get connected to any server directly through your smart phone. It is capable to manage various SSH-sessions at once, make protected channels, duplicate and insert them from or to the other programs. The benefit of this app is represented by its capability to let the users access their home computer while they are on the go.

This is a necessary program for website owners who happen to manage several web servers even from a distance. It can handle various SSH classes, make protected passes as well as verifying the security of all connections running on the servers. Also, it allows web owners to link Secure Shell system, which generally function on UNIX servers.

16. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

By implementing modifications to your program’s options in root-mode, you start the risk of error and might lose all the vital data, and then you need to re-set up Android OS. Luckily, Titanium Backup permits its clients to back-up and recover all the info on the product, programs, configurations, content, SD-card, etc. This program will protect the users from costly errors.

It also has various accessories, such as its app uninstaller, that allows to get rid of bloat ware pressured onto the program by its producer and remove the additions down to only simple requirements. It is quite a real benefit the realization that all our details are finally safe inside the device, even from our fiddling!

15. System Tuner

System Tuner

This refers to software of all-in-one. Even if it is in accordance with the Task Manager application, it also allows it users to comfortably choose the programs for start-up, to analyze the size of the storage cache to its SD-card, modify the regularity of the CPU and observe the capacity of RAM. Moreover, it is possible to set up integrated into a firmware program, change them between the user and program section, but this option is only working for gadgets with root-rights.

It is an extensive system tracking and remodeling tool set. Run the task administrator to control (or kill) all background applications, back-up or recover APKs, while the app’s plus is its capability to modify the hardware settings and software configurations for individual programs.

14. SpareParts+


This free app is a 100 % free program that permits you to modify the hidden configurations of Android OS. For instance, you can enable or turn off its “compatibility” display, modify the responsive feedback, changes and animated graphics. Also on various gadgets, the application can show the record of the utilization of its battery power.

The application normally reduces your programs to work on full screen size for other large display gadgets. It can also manage the screen movement and conversion speed rate, as well as all haptic actions of Android OS’ mobiles. Its strong point resides in they highly personalized animated graphics that can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

13. GO Launcher

GO Launcher

Here we are talking about a free app that allows users to completely modify the customer interface of their Android platform. It updates the icons and symbols, while files are similar to those from an iPhone. Program launching, movement control, computer animation and desktop management are all improving at once. Almost any detail can be tailored to make a truly original user interface, personalized to one’s preferences.

An old app that is being pushed by newfangled programs, it offers a large environment of custom remaking, including hundreds of styles, a multitude of slide changes for routing and action app releasing. In addition, you can customize the whole UI system even beyond what is possible in regular Android OS configurations.

12. SuperUser


SuperUser offers accessibility to all protected places of your Android gadgets with root-rights, permitting you, as a user, to decide which programs this super user (or just “su”) allows entering into the system. Have connections to the system accessibility and gain rights for your based Android operating system with Superuser.

This is a free and open source application for all Android devices which mainly allows you to handle your phone with extra features not found in the base set-up. The possibility to set precise privileges for any program puts in a category of must-have apps for the customers willing to protect their devices as much as possible.

11. CatLog


It provides an external customer interface for your Android Logcat instructions on gadgets with root-rights. Such a program, in reality, is a readable and colored edition of an Android program log with the capability to find and filter the operation running on it. You can even preserve the log details files to your SD cards and deliver it by direct e-mailing.

It needs root for all Jelly Bean customers, which allows them to find mistake stack traces on their devices. This app will let anyone to see what data his or her phone is providing to other without them knowing it. It is documented in its program log. The application features easily readable columns with real-time look results, it has a documenting method with info preservation and start from SD cards.

10. BusyBox


BusyBox brings a set of common instructions for Unix (like ls, dpkg, su, mount etc.) on Android OS gadgets with root-rights. Actually, BusyBox represents a set of handy control lines all gathered in one easy-to-use program. This edition contains the most recent versions, and is no need to use more than that because it requires up too much area on the cell phone. Every recent release will still include the previous functions, unless the designer did not remember to collect them in. Basically keep this set up to get the newest edition of BusyBox. Do not forget that, if you are a passionate developer, you can take advantage of its capability to use all classic Unix control line resources in Android OS.

9. Cool Tool

Cool Tool

The application allows you to observe a variety of program factors directly in the Android OS board. In the record of monitored parameters, there are included the frequency and load capacity of your CPU, storage space usage, Wi-Fi levels of communication, the capacity of all SD-cards, battery power, the level of mobile signal, temperature range and many more.

This app comes very handy when you are doing some fast analytic assessments on your program and see which programs are more power hungry inside the system. Check all software sources in your Android operating gadget with Cool Tool for its detailed program statistics.

8. Battery Spy

Battery Spy

This app gives a detailed sheet about the data regarding your battery power intake. The program can check the present battery power and observe its fluctuations for several days. The user can set up the issuance of different notices when certain limits are reached for the charge stage or heat range. Battery Spy facilitates user profiling, so customers can keep under observation the current or extra rechargeable batteries.

The app offers more information such as charging rate, temperature, volts and utilization times. All current battery amount levels are shown on the notice bar. Other numbers are shown in the menu, and some additional data about battery charge and user preferences or history in the application screen.

7. File Manager

File Manager

This is basically, as you might have guessed from its name, a free file manager for mobile devices running on Android OS. Like all major file managers, this program too can duplicate, cut, insert, decompress and look for hidden files or folders. However, this software is also acting as a built-in editor for texts. File Manager facilitates system through SMB and LAN, as well as other significant cloud storage space, such as DropBox, Box, Google Drive, SugarSync and SkyDrive.

The program helps in handling and planning all of your information with ease, versatility and choices. It has enhanced user connections, FTP client with development assistance, multiple resolution assistance, symbols for 170 file categories, multi tab assistance, pictures, extract compressed archives, access storage services, different view ways and many more.

6. Total Commander

Total Commander

The name should be very familiar to plenty PC customers as it is already a well-known third-party device for file management. Now the developers have made the big leap all the way to Android, providing the app’s unique two-pane surfing concept to mobile customers.

To put it simply, it is the Android-edition of the famously detailed file manager. These programs allows its users to make, rename, duplicate, move computer files, remove detailed folders, pack, decompress, look for hidden files, send them via Bluetooth and contain all the basic option of a common file manager. Connect LAN, WebDAV, FTP to your gadget and, for free use, Total Commander is available for clients in the Google Play store.


5. Astro Manager

Astro Manager

This is probably the most used file manager for devices running on Android OS. It allows customers to find and browse certain files on the product based on Android or on the local system services linked to Facebook, DropBox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive. The short path leading to the directory is shown in the upper toolbar making a lot easier to go back to the root folder.

A major difference between iOS and Android operating systems is that the latter allows every customer the independence to have access to their computer file system. All file exchanges between a PC and a tablet or smart phone are as easy as connecting a USB wire and starting your computer file administrator.

4. eFile


Next is one more file manager for devices running on Android. Along the usual options offered by the other file administrators, eFile permits you to send certain files over its Wi-Fi connection and facilitates drag and drop (just by pushing and holding the mouse buttons). The upper and bottom pop-up board menu saves the restricted space available on mobile devices.

It makes easy for you to handle your information files and other stuff in your Android gadget as it can assist both multitasks and using several windows. The users can extract RAR files or zip and unzip the other files thanks to this application too. There can also be set up a system manager by using this, since all files can be quickly distributed and sent by email, WiFi and cloud.

3. 3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog

It offers customers a practical way to examine 3G utilization on their Android mobile gadgets. Once the app is set up, it produces colored written symbols on the notice bar. The icons in red, green and orange give valuable data about its current intake and moving the symbol down will display also data utilization details. This app is important especially for customers who often verify their 3G uses for infrequent content downloading.

These handy free Android applications measure the levels of incoming or outgoing traffic via the system 3G, 4G, EDGE or GPRS. The users can also receive daily, weekly and monthly notices to the program’s extensive research.

2. Link2SD


This application is aimed at mobile phones running on Android OS with root-rights. The app allows its users to install programs on the SD cards instead of using the internal storage space, although this option has been developed in the later edition of Android. Besides its root-access, the user must make a second partition on its cards.

It makes much simpler and more practical to deliver different apps from your Android operating system to the SD cards. You can even connect new programs instantly using this software. You can make and eliminate hyperlinks for lib, apk or dex files on the chosen programs made. The app features such options like Unlink, Shift to Phone, Group Link, Remove, Re-install, Shift to SD. These hyperlinks moved are shown with specific size information and web link position. It can also show the available space left on its SD cards along with various file categories.

1. Uninstaller


Any user with a little knowledge can set up the programs, but to remove sometimes requires help to it. Here is the useful Uninstaller for this kind of tasks. The program generates a recording of all the software without having to going through the different choices offered by Sea Android.

Not all programs that have been downloaded will be to our preference. Eliminating them in the wrong way could result in creating a blunder inside the computer. Do it securely and smartly with the Uninstaller free app. With it, you are now able to remove persistent, damaged or undesirable software with ease. In addition, it also looks within the PC for remaining information from the removed programs further and deeper thorough.

Images source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20

Top 10 Crazy Ideas from the Past

These crazy ideas from the past show us that, no matter how intelligent we consider ourselves at some point in history, when we draw a line we understand that prejudices and ignorance will guide a community even towards its destruction. In a few centuries, upcoming generations will look back at today’s’ non-flying vehicles and finger-operated online gadgets (while navigating through the futuristic iPads with their minds) and have a good laugh. But, if we will be mocked later on, we might as well too look at some of the most commonly accepted concepts of previous times and be grateful that people have moved on.

10. Cigarette Smoking is Healthy for our Throat

Crazy Ideas from the Past

This idea seems almost incredible, given that regular smoking has been associated a variety mouth and throat-related tumors but there was a period when smoking was regarded not only harmless but actually healthy. Hence the advertisement that until lately was still noticeable on a wall in London “Smoke for your throat’s health”. The promoters were a company who has designed a unique cork filter to take care of your throat during smoking. Other advertisement said “So cool-so sleek to your throat” while one presented in the gazettes ran “My throat is good with cigarettes”. Unnecessary to say these kinds of ads probably would not be accepted now, no matter how lovely and shiny its package looks.

9. The Earth is Actually the Center of the Universe


As the future humans discuss at a galacto-coffee with some friendly aliens, they will make fun of those of us in the third millennium who do not believe in life on the other planets. Who believed that the Earth was placed right in the middle of the galaxy? At least we do not think that the Earth is in the center of the universe, as the historical populations did.

According to some of the most significant philosophers of ancient times, all the celestial bodies, including the stars, that we can observe during the night, are all moving around the Earth, juts like the sun is doing during daytime. This concept was usually accepted until the 1500s, when it was first stated that maybe we are the ones going around the sun, and as it is for all those other planets.

8. Spoiled Kids Become Socialist Adults


For decades, moms and dads were worried about “spoiling” their children. Too much interest would create desperate kids, too many hugs would them clingy…the child must be separated as early and as much as possible to avoid those types of issues. But some child experts took this strategy even further and offered US parents a full-proof purpose not to mess up their babies in his the 60’s guides about bringing up children: If you spoil your kid, it will turn into a socialist adult.

In their terms, if the parents educate their children to expect everything to be offered on their requirement, the increases the chances of planting the seeds of evil socialism. During the time of the Cold War, it was a concerning probability indeed and moms and dads took the tip immediately. Quit hugging that kid! It is unpatriotic!

7. Our Planet is Hollow


Ideas about the Earth have maintained scientists active for hundreds of years. And the concept that our world is empty is one that has continued, with some individuals even saying it nowadays. It has been one of the reasons for science-fiction books and there are supposed to be all kinds of stuff in there.

If all these seem absurd, then take a look at the ideas of Scientologists and you will understand that strange values are fairly extended. The Hollow Planet stuff may be chronic but it has not been usually accepted since the 18th century, when information about the planet’s development proved this concept to be completely wrong.

6. The Children can Acquire Characteristics from their Mothers’ Previous Partners


This idea – named telegony – is so unreasonable that it contradicts people’s perception. The concept is that if your mom had previous partners, you might inherit their genetic traits rather than from your dad. No one really describes that phenomenon, but it was avidly implemented by racists everywhere. Content from various magazines say those individuals used terms like “polluting their chromosome chain”, and this is the type of pseudo-science talk you would expect from unaware racists.

One of the illustrations often mentioned when it we talk about telegony is the famous “Lord Morton’s Mare” – a horse from the 19 the century that was born from two white-colored horses and who appeared with stripy legs. Its legs were linked to the mare’s anterior reproduction with a quagga, an extinct species of zebra. This is not a particularly powerful part of “evidence” and it was later described by the concept of recessive genetics. Looks like this telegony had very little foundation even back then!

5. Thalidomide is Recommended for Pregnant Women


More suspicious healthcare guidance here, which led to a worldwide disaster. In the 1950s, a new wonder medication known as Thalidomide was released onto the drug industry. Originally designed to deal with insomnia and complications, it easily became obvious that it was also working for treating morning sickness. So, physicians began recommending it commonly to pregnant women, without knowing that it would cause horrible problems in their unborn kids.

The impact was awful – a large number of kids passed away and countless more were born without their limbs. Gradually, it was tracked back to Thalidomide and this medication was removed. It still continues to be available fro the customers, for very particular healthcare uses, but there is an obvious caution about using it for pregnant women. What is scary about this situation is how gladly everyone approved his or her doctor’s guidance without asking. The only beneficial aspect to the whole event is that control has consequently become much stronger, especially when recommending for maternity.

4. You can Intoxicate Your Child With “Angry Breast Milk”

breast milk

On the topic of kids, there have been some exciting ideas put out about the historical and bewildering art of nursing. A typical one around the beginning of the last hundred of years was that if a mom were upset, it would make her breast milk bitter. Fortunately, that is not the real situation, given how many moms are also having persistent 2-year-olds that can make anyone angry.

It is real that excessive pressure can have a negative effect on a mother’s breast milk, but these days, no one focuses on guides like the 100-year-old books for the parents which said that intestinal colic was due to mothers being upset. As one govt web page states clearly “Negative feelings cannot modify the breast milk”.

3. The Best Way of Relaxing a Child is Morphine


Another great example of some old-fashioned family caring, with the use of a “relaxing syrup” for all the worrying child diseases. Now, any mom or father can tell you that soothing is a lengthy and agonizing procedure for all engaged into it and, no question about it, many would try adding to their child’s medication a tad of morphine.

In the 1800s, however, ideas were different and the relaxing syrup created by some companies did actually have 5 mg of morphine. The advertisements were real when they were telling that it can “relieve the inadequate behavior immediately” but these were not quite so real when they stated that it was “completely harmless”. This syrup was from the United States, but there were many English counterparts that included identical components. No wonder London had back then an issue with opiate patients – they were raised on the stuff!

2. Leeches can Treat Everything


Another concept that has some contemporary followers, leeches were once considered good for getting rid of all your problems. The idea is said to have began more than 2,500 years ago in Asia as a method of bloodletting and the Ancient Greeks were eager users of this strategy, thinking that the “four humors” of our body (phlegm, blood, dark and yellow bile) were required to be in perfect stability to make sure we have a great health. If these elements were not balanced, the person became ill. Letting blood represented a stability method and leeches are excellent at blood sucking. It is more than likely that the whole concept absolutely scares you but if it does not, you can still see leech practitioners these days.

1. The World is Flat


The Flat World Community still thinks what everyone considered pre-Columbus – that our planet is a flat disk, with the Northern Pole in the center and Antarctica going around its side. Obviously, this is taken from actual translations of the Holy Bible.

The only issue with taking the Holy Bible paragraphs ad literam is that it was written by individuals who had access just to the knowledge of their time, and images from outer space have proven us quite clearly that the planet is indeed round. Still, the Flat World Community may consider this as all part of a major conspiracy.

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Top 10 Weird Genetic Experiments

There are some weird genetic experiments in this world and we are splitting genes only to see what occurs next and what type of Frankenstein-esque creatures and vegetation they can make. And these are the ones we will be looking at in our Top 10 Weird Genetic Experiments.

10. Grapples

Grapple weird genetic experiments

There is more playing with nature for cash in this next item – the Grapple and it looks like apples, while it tastes like grapes. And if you think that is strange, that is because it really is. Apparently, children cannot stand the apple flavor of those fruits they have been keeping around in the lunchboxes during all these decades. They choose grapes over them! But grapes are much too easy to crush and they are so little, and absolutely wrong looking to them. If only a mad scientist could blend these two fruits so that children could appreciate the texture of an apple with the sweet flavor of the grapes. Well, technology is here to help your kids and now you can too!

9. Glow Fish

Glow Fish

If you look for an example of specialists just doing tests for science fun, look no further than their Glow Fish. Genetically designed to glow in strong colors in the dark, they have no real purpose other than just looking nice. The marketing blurbs state that “They are an amazing inclusion to any house, workplace or class room and they are ideal for enthusiasts and newbies alike” and they are offered in six bright colors.

The analysis obviously began with a respectable goal in the experts’ mind – these fish were designed as contamination sensors, glowing nicely whenever they met a pollutant. Developing the 21st-millennium alternative of coalmine canaries is doubtful in itself, but then to implement this same gene twisting to a professional venture is a bit weird.

8. Scorpion Cabbages


Cabbage is not the most attractive veggie ever – it is an inexpensive ingredient for uninspiring soups, a basic element for unusual diet plans and a Southern Western recipe choice. So, how to make our modest cabbages even less appealing? How about coating them with powerful scorpion venom? And that is what British geneticians have done some time ago as they made a cabbage that included the venom as its “natural” way to kill pests. The institute first ran these tests back in 1995, when scientists applied scorpion venom onto an area of cabbages, but in this experiment they have went one step further and incorporated the venom into the cabbages themselves, at the same time, in a veggie that is not harmful to people.

7. Super Fast Rodents


We all can admit that these are fairly quick tiny creatures. Definitely rapid enough to snack an opening in your food and run away before you can use a snare for them. So, I do not see the need to breed them any quicker. But the restless obviously did and designed super-mice that are more rapid, healthier and more powerful than ever before. These mice were able run twice as fast and far as other rats and were more enduring against the cold.

The effects of this are a bit terrifying – if you can create a master-mice-race, can you apply the same innovations to generate super-troops? And what if enemy countries also possess this new technologies? Probably best to adhere to establishing little mazes for rats for now.

6. Anti Cancer Eggs


Here is a program of genetic testing that could create a huge, beneficial difference, but it is still a bit weird. In 2005, researchers created a type of hen that made egg with anti-cancer qualities. The poultry had individual genes included to their DNA and the outcome was that their egg white had the necessary protein against different types of cancer, which could then be divided back out for a few more times.

The result was accepted by melanoma researching groups, but after these years, it does not seem to have the success it was hoped for it. Perhaps the concept of utilizing another species to create a whole new generation to medication was just a bit unusual for us.

5. Cats Glowing in the Dark


Be careful – we are getting really weird from now on. If you believed that the neon fish were creepy, how about implementing the same technology to our fuzzy cat friends? In what it must have been some type of drunken challenge, scientists had luminescent jellyfish genes to generate creates kitties that glowed just like your desk lamp. We assume it is useful for individuals who often lose their black animals in dark rooms, but it seems a little vicious.

Apparently, there is a medical program, as the luminescence allows track the direction of exterior genes and it can be used to eliminate the feline version of HIV.

4. Banana Vaccines


There is even more food and medicine combination in this next product, which is an ordinary banana with a hepatitis type-B vaccine. Created approximately 10 years ago, which looks to be a classic time for strange genetics, it was designed for use in less-advanced nations where features for sanitizing small needles are not available everywhere, making the conventional vaccinations risky. Instead, individuals would be provided a genetically customized banana, which has been taken from a tree treated with a vaccine against hepatitis type-B. That appears to be much more secure, right?

The description is something like this – after the hardwood is treated with the vaccine, the genes from the hepatitis virus become a part of the sampled DNA and create bananas that have the necessary protein, but without the contagious elements.

3. Flavor Savor Tomatoes


And just to confirm the fact that nature really is not great enough at what it does, here are the flavor savor tomatoes. The first genetically-engineered meals to be accepted by the FDA, it was intended to maintain its flavor a lot better than a common tomato. These tomatoes were put for selling in 1995 and experienced a brief period of popularity before their creators made the decision that the expenses engaged in producing them were not profitable.

The public response was combined, but mainly unenthusiastic. The flavor savor may have had a long life expectancy, but the genetic material it was meticulously made from, it was not particularly delicious to start with. It was an exciting cutting-edge product, but eventually unsuccessful.

2. Dolly the Sheep


No list of genetic anomalies would be accurate without Dolly, the famous cloned sheep that hit the news almost two decades ago. The sheep was not the first cloned creature, but this was the first cloned mammal from a mature cell. A general course of sci-fi informs you that in a few centuries, the planet will be filled with duplicated people and many thought that this was the first thing towards a strange future where humans are grown in labs.

That can still occur, but it seems that experts are still figuring out the problems in the process. As Dolly was cloned from her 6-year-old parent, her tissues may have become older ahead of time, leading to her death at the age of only 6, instead of a sheep’s normal lifespan of 12 years.


1. Cow Humans


Coming right now on the list – Man Cow. Maybe it was obvious that someone would begin playing around with our DNA and maybe it was also foreseeable that it could be China’s experts the ones to do it. Attempts to outlaw the creepy cow-humans that were exposing their udders have been a little bit overstated – what they actually did was to mix human DNA into the cattle’s to help create a dairy more like breast milk. That is appropriate, right?

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