The Best and Worst Gifts Ever Handed Over

If you genuinely never know what gifts to give anyone then maybe you need to seek some inspiration from some of the most unbelievable gifts ever handed out in the history of mankind.

Sadly, while some of them are unbelievably good others are simply unbelievably bad.

The Statue of Liberty

Best and Worst Gifts Ever Handed

In terms of usefulness this probably seemed like a pretty poor idea at the time, but it turned out to a much better gift than a pair of socks or a nice sweater. This gift from the people of France to the USA turned into one of the world’s most iconic symbols and the first thing many immigrants to the country saw. The head was first put on display at the World’s Fair held at Paris in 1878.

A Gremlin

Best and Worst Gifts Ever Handed

Ok, so the people of France aren’t going to give you a giant monument for Christmas, which is probably just as well considering how much room you have in the yard. If you want a really special gift then you need a gormless relative to visit an unscrupulous Chinese shop owner. Really, who would give a terrible gift like this to a kid? Apart from the dubious, vague feeding instructions there is also the fact that at some point the little fellow is going to get water spilt on him no matter how hard you try.   

The Taylor-Burton Diamond

Best and Worst Gifts Ever Handed

Thankfully Richard Burton knew better than to gift Elizabeth Taylor a creature that could theoretically kill them. Instead, he got her a whopping great 69 carat diamond. The so-called Taylor-Burton diamond was the first stone of this type to change hands at a public auction for over a million dollars. Liz eventually sold it for $5 million, with the money being used to build a hospital in Botswana.

The Trojan Horse

Best and Worst Gifts Ever Handed

Can you imagine the look on the faces of the Trojans when they saw this monstrosity? It’s, umm, nice but where will we put it? Still it probably seemed like a nice touch by the Greeks after they had spent 10 years trying to destroy the city of Troy and all its inhabitants. This sudden change of heart in leaving behind a giant gift didn’t seem to raise any suspicions at all. Maybe it was common practice to leave giant and impractical gifts like this after bloody, multi year sieges. No-one would even think to, like, check inside for anyone hiding inside it.

A Fur Coat with a Mile Long Train

Best and Worst Gifts Ever Handed

When Louis XIV of France wanted to give his first wife, Maria Theresa, a new coat he didn’t head over to Ye Olde Amazon for any old garment on offer. Oh no, the Sun King decided to gift her a sable fur coat with a mile long train behind it. The story goes that her servants would lay out the coat along the gardens of Versailles. When she then put it on she could walk barefoot on top of the fur all through the gardens. Try doing that in a suburban street.

A Private Island, a Jet and Expensive Cars

A Private Island, a Jet and Expensive Cars

One household where you won’t find bottles of perfume and scarves changing hands is Beyonce and Jay-Zs’. She got him a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Sport and a $5 million watch. Meanwhile, hubby gifted a $1 vintage Rolls Royce and apparently bought her a private island in the Bahamas for $4 million. Most expensive of all, Beyonce bought Jay-Z a $40 million private jet. Wouldn’t you hate to get either of them in the Secret Santa draw at work?

5 Celebrities Suffering from Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders have been around forever, but in the past nobody really knew what they were, how to treat or manage then and most often, the persons suffering from a mental health disorder was ostracized and pretty much doomed for life. These days, we seem to know more about them, but we’re still at a loss when it comes to curing the vast majority of mental health disorders. Celebrities help raise awareness about a plethora of disorders and illnesses, but when a media personality who is actually sick talks about a disease, they help the world to better understand the disease they’re suffering from. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at a list of 6 celebrities who are suffering from mental health disorders.

1. Catherine Zeta-Jonesmental health disorders catherine zeta jones

Catherine Zeta Jones has admitted that she is suffering from bipolar II disorder. She has been very open about her struggles with this disease, but this only happened after she was outed by people in her treatment facility. Her husband, Michael Douglas, told Oprah that someone in there might have told the press about her. It’s good that Catherine didn’t deny anything as she’s managed to give a lot of people hope and now she has pretty much become the poster person for bipolar disease, whether she wanted or not.

2. Emma Thompsonmental health disorders emma thompson

Emma Thompson has always seemed a very balanced individual and that is why her depression came as a shock to the world. She claimed that she’s been battling clinical depression for years and that one of the few things that kept her from going under was her career. Emma went on to describe her feelings during a depression episode: she said she felt very sad and hopeless and that at times, she was unable to get out of bed. This is very common among people who are battling this horrible condition.

3. Brooke Shieldsmental health disorders brooke shields

Brooke Shields has been very open about her battles with postpartum depression. After the birth of her daughter in 2003, Brooke said she was feeling anxiety, restlessness and worthlessness. She said that at one point she didn’t want to live anymore because of the intense negative feelings she was experiencing. She sought treatment for her condition and you should do the same if you’re suspecting that your baby blues are lasting more than they should.

4. Michael Phelpsmental health disorders michael phelps

Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD when he was just 9 years old. His mother shared with the media that he had trouble concentrating in school and said that swimming helped the athlete manage the disorder.

5. Herschel Walkermental health disorders Herschel Walker

Former NFL player, Herschel Walker, is one of the few celebrities who has admitted to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder. This disorder used to be called in the past multiple personality disorder. This means that people who are suffering from it has two or more distinct personalities, which interfere with their real identity. Walker has even written a book about his experiences with DID and said that I feel the greatest achievement of my life will be to tell the world my truth.

Mental health disorders generally start showing symptoms early during childhood or in teenagers. Some, however, can manifest themselves in late adulthood. If you’re not feeling well, mentally and you might suspect there is something wrong with you, seek help and treatment. These days there are plenty of treatments that can help you manage the symptoms and treat the disease. Take the example of these famous people and don’t let the disease define you.

If you would like more information about various mental health diseases and disorders, we recommend you read up about it online; the National Institute of Mental Health has some great and comprehensive articles on different areas. What are your thoughts on the subject of mental health disorders?

Top 5 Famous Women in History -part 2-

Today we’re going to pay tribute to women by presenting a top of 10 most famous women in history. There are so many women who have done great things and history has had the bad habit of forgetting a lot of them. But there are some women, who are so great and so important, that they simply cannot be forgotten or set aside. Women who have not only changed our perception of some things, but women who have changed the world. Their deeds, their discoveries and their courage have made this world a better place for you and I and we thank them for it. Today, we’re going to present to you with a list of 5 famous women in history who have changed the world for the better.

5. Eleanor RooseveltFamous Women in History eleanor roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most famous women in American history. Aside from being President Roosevelt’s wife, she was an activist for human rights and a great politician. Even before Franklin Roosevelt became president, she had an active role in public policy, while still managing to have six kids. She even established a women only press corps that allowed information to reach a far wider public than before. Her fight against racism and equal rights for African-Americans and women helped America become the country it is today. After her husband died, she remained an active political figure and became a delegate to the United Nations general assembly. Many believe that her greatest achievement was chairing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Drafting Committee.

4. Harriet TubmanFamous Women in History harrient tubman

After Harriet Tubman had managed to escape from slavery, in 1849, she returned to help others escape through a network of an underground railroad, which were actually safe houses where the runaway slaves could stay while making their journey throughout America, from north to freedom. In total, she made 19 trips to Maryland and she helped rescue 300 people to freedom, including her own family and her 70-year-old parents. At one point, her capture was totaled at $40,000. During the Civil War she was a spy and a nurse for the federal forces in South Carolina. In October 2014, she was celebrated during the Black History Month all over the world.

3. Florence NightingaleFamous Women in History florence nightingale

Florence Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing. She began studying about nursing after having nursed her great-aunt through her final illness. She then volunteered at hospitals, visited nursing institutions in Germany where she was trained and read everything that was available on the subject of nursing. After beginning to practice nursing, she observed that several of the treatments that were widely prescribed during that time (arsenic, mercury and bloodletting) were actually doing more harm than good. She knew that she could do more to save people lives if she were to care for their basic needs, such as keeping the people well-fed, rested, warm and clean. Without her, we would have given up administering mercury as a treatment much later?

2. Audrey HepburnFamous Women in History audrey hepburn

Artists, singers and actors, can’t really change the world, can they? This was the general consensus until Audrey Hepburn helped change that. After retiring from acting, after she was voted one of the most beautiful woman of the 20th century, she remained devoted to her work with UNICEF and focused even more on it, fighting on behalf of children until her death in 1993. Her speeches were wise thoughtful and the leaders of the world stopped to listen when Audrey Hepburn talked. UNICEF Exec Director, Carol Bellamy, had this to say about the humanitarian: She was an inspiration she brought enormous world attention to children. She raised the profile of the challenges they face.

1. Marie CurieFamous Women in History marie curie

Marie Curie is one of the most famous scientists in history and the first famous woman scientist in the modern world. A pioneer in research about radioactivity, she is dubbed the mother of modern physics. Marie Curie is also the first woman to be awarded a Ph.D. in science in Europe and also the first woman professor at the University of Sorbonne, France. She established the nature of beta rays and radiation and discovered and isolated radium and polonium. Without her, there would be no X-rays!

Every country has its share of famous women in history. Be they Italian, Spanish, French, Indian, Chinese, Irish or Mexican, African American, Asian or Hispanic, or of Islamic, Jewish or Christian faith, born in California, Barcelona, Texas or Paris, a strong woman, who has something to say and something good to do in this world, will always achieve what she wants.


The 6 Pointless Products That Prove That People Will Buy Anything

Do you remember the good old days when we only used to buy stuff that we really needed? Back then we only spent money on basic stuff like food, clothes and second hand Led Zeppelin cassettes.

These days you can buy pointless products that add nothing but a touch of extra stupidity to your life.

The Car Exhaust Grill

Pointless Products That Prove That People Will Buy Anything

This is the single most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life, and I say that as someone who once willingly sat through a boxed set of Dynasty DVDs. Why let all that nasty, horrible smoke that comes out of your car go to waste when you can cook a healthy burger with it? Eh? What if I wanted lasagna or baked Alaska? Could it handle those bad boys? I very much doubt it. Also, what if you got stuck in traffic for, say, an hour and your burger turned into a piece of charcoal?

The Self Stirring Mug

Pointless Products and the Self Stirring Mug

If you just looked at that picture and thought, “ooh, that would be groovy, man” then can I start by reminding you that the 1970s ended quite some time ago. Apart from that, how busy a life could you possibly lead that would render you physically incapable of stirring your own freaking beverages? God made the Earth in 7 days and even he found a few seconds to dredge up the sugary sludge at the bottom of his celestial cappuccino. If your problem is a lack of strength to move your teaspoon in a circular motion against the negligible friction of a warm liquid then perhaps the exercise will do you good.

The Baby Food Processor

Pointless Products and The Baby Food Processor

I almost bought a baby food processor when our little girl was born. My thought process went something like; got baby, need baby food processor. Hang on though; don’t I already have a full sized food processor at home? Like, yeah I do. Would it handle baby type food in the fast and efficient way it processes adult oriented meals and snacks? Um, so why would I need a pointless product like this as well.

The Vacuum Cleaner Hair Cutting System

Pointless Products and The Vacuum Cleaner Hair Cutting System

Cutting your hair in an effective and safe way isn’t pointless at all. In fact, I would call it one of life’s most essential little jobs. Until baldness start to squeeze the life out of you with its death like grip you will want to avoid your follicles getting in your eyes and completely covering your ears, rendering you both ridiculous looking and oblivious to the sights and sounds around you. Having said all that, using a vacuum cleaner attachment to carry out this maintenance work is just crazy. You do know that they invented these things called scissors?

The Avocado Saver

Pointless Products and The Avocado Saver

My life used to be a mess. You see, I love avocados but I can’t eat a whole one and have no friends to share them with. As you can imagine, this led to my house very quickly being filled with rotting halves of avocados. I would make a small amount of guacamole then add the left over fruit (yes it’s a fruit, don’t call me out on this you or you’ll regret it) to the ever-growing pile.  Thankfully, one day I found the answer. I threw out the god-damned bits I didn’t want.

The Air Conditioned Shoes

Pointless Products and The Air Conditioned Shoes

This is actually the only pointless product I would buy without a salesman having to press the cold steel of a loaded gun to my nether regions. You see, my feet do get over-heated at times and the resulting build-up of smell and moisture could only be released through, hey, air conditioned shoes. Maybe they’re not so pointless after all, although I still have some doubts.

Some of the Most Famous Last Words Ever Spoken

If we look at the most famous last words ever spoken we find a mixture of the inspirational, the mundane and the downright dumb. The following are some examples of what some people chose to say with their final words on Earth.

Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it - Marie Antoinette

Most Famous Last Words

She never actually said “let them eat cake”, I’m sorry to say. Although I like to think that she probably secretly thought about saying it at one point anyway. However, the French Queen Marie Antoinette did make this famous quote just before the guillotine did its job, after she had accidentally stepped on the executioner’s foot on her way to her death.

I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have – Leonardo da Vinci

Most Famous Last Words

There is being modest and overly self critical and there is simply not realizing that you are probably the greatest blooming genius to ever walk the Earth. I have seen a few different translations of the famous last words spoken by Leonardo but they all show that he felt that he could have done more with his life. Yeah, creating some of the world’s finest pieces of art, inventing machines that were centuries ahead of their time, producing the most anatomically correct drawing of a man of its time, perfecting the art of writing backwards and with both hands at the same time and a few other little hobbies were just a waste of time really.

I’m bored with it all – Sir Winston Churchill

Most Famous Last Words

The final last words of the man who led Britain into battle in WWII show that he was ready to give up the good fight and move upstairs. In fact, his last words are sometimes incorrectly quoted as a rather more poetic phrase that he said earlier; “I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”

Hey fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? French Fries!”

Most Famous Last Words

This brings a whole new level to the meaning of gallows humor.  James Donald French said these famous last words to the assembled press just before being sent to the electric chair in Oklahoma in 1966.

Yes…a bullet-proof vest – James W.Rodgers

Most Famous Last Words

Another bit of last-minute dark humor came from convicted murderer Rodgers just before the Utah firing squad started up. He was asked whether he had one last request and came up with these famous last words.

No, you certainly can’t – John F Kennedy

Most Famous Last Words

I don’t think I had ever read the last words of JFK before today. In the end, it wasn’t anything particularly exciting that he said. However, he was just replying to the comment from the governor’s wife, “You certainly cannot say that the people of Dallas haven’t given you a nice welcome, Mr. President.”

I’m going to the bathroom to read – Elvis Presley

 Most Famous Last Words

Do you know what Elvis’ famous last words were? When he couldn’t get to sleep one night in 1977, Elvis told his then fiancée, Ginger Alden, that he was heading to the bathroom to read. She believed that he meant that he was going to take prescription drugs while in there. She told him “don’t fall asleep in there” but when she woke up later he was dead on the bathroom floor.