4 Morbidly Fascinating True Crime Documentaries

The human mind is eternally fascinating. Every person on this world wants to know what the others are thinking about them, or about life. They want to know what their buddy is doing when nobody is watching, and let’s face it, they want to know more about what goes on in the dark underbelly of society. Criminal minds have fascinated humanity for centuries. Some criminals are so perfect that you never even realize what they are doing (heck, it could be your next-door neighbor and you might never find out).

We can definitely say that most master-minds are affected by criminality. They do not share the same emotions that regular people do, yet they manage to hide their true intentions. With the following 4 documentaries you will be able to dive into the morbidly fascinating true crime world.

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Disclaimer: Some videos linked below are extremely brutal and graphic.

1. Just Melvin: Just Evil

This movie is incredibly difficult to watch. It re-tells the cruel story of a family that tries to come to terms with the legacy left by their patriarch, a pedophile (and murderer), Melvin Just. Each generation struggles with abuse and the total abandonment of maternal figures. There is one case when an oblivious mother says that a mentally ill daughter is suffering for attention. It is a proven fact that the things we experience in our childhood, we reflect to future generations without realizing it. Therefore, family members that were affected by the abuse, will pass on the same thing to their children in a eerily calm manner. The final effect will send chills down your spine.

Video: Just Melvin: Just Evil

2. The Cheshire Murders

This documentary will have you at the edge of your seat during its entire duration. It tackles the subject of a horrific outbreak of violence in Cheshire, Connecticut, and its aftermath. A family is targeted by two crooks. They do not find as much money as they wanted so they take the mother to the bank to withdraw 15.000 dollars. The family thought that this would be enough to save them, but the situation soon escalates to torture, rape, and finally, murder.

One survivor is left. Unlike other documentaries on the list, this one is done with considerable compassion. It presents the struggle of the community to help the family (or what is left of it), find closure. What makes this documentary particularly unsettling is the probability of the case happening anywhere.

Video: The Cheshire Murders

3. There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

Another morbidly fascinating true crime documentary that you might not want to watch with your family is ‘There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane’. This one is a real eye-opener which shows the extent of our inability to understand and deal with tragedy. A suburban mom is implicated in a head-on collision where she dies, and takes four children with her (+3 adults from the other vehicle).

The toxicity report proves that she was driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, but her family refuses to believe it to this day. They fight to clear her name, and the fight continues to this day.

Video: There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

4. The House of Suh

The last mention on our list of morbidly fascinating true crime documentaries is the award-winning, House of Suh, which inspires a lot of compassion. A second-generation Korean-American Andrew Suh (charismatic high-school athlete) migrates to America with his family to start a better life. Her sister, a rebellious lady, is not accepted by the family but turns out to be a successful business owner.

In the end she becomes Andrew’s guardian. Their mother dies from a tragic accident (an attack on the store owned by them). Catherine, the sister, convinces Andrews that it is all a conspiracy theory and their theory leads to a second homicide orchestrated by Catherine and carried out by Andrew. Andrew was convicted for his crime (with a life-sentence). The Documentary debates whether he is a result of a dysfunctional family, or if he had the blood of a killer all along.

Video: The House of Suh

The World’s Strangest Phobias

We are all afraid of something, aren’t we? Personally, I constantly worry about my trousers falling down in a public place. Even that isn’t so bizarre compared to the world’s strangest phobias around.

Lleguminophobia – Fear of Baked Beans

The World's Strangest Phobias

The guy in the photo is called Rob Griffiths. He has a secret to confess. He is scared of tinned baked beans. This sensitive chap wasn’t just unlucky in this respect. Oh no, he was doubly cursed. He ended up getting a job as a chef. This meant that he sometimes had to heat up the hideous “orange devils” as he calls them. Thankfully, there was a happy ending. He quit his job and now cleans windows for a living.

Coulrophobia – Fear of Clowns

Strange Phobias

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the fear of clowns is that it isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Among the celebrity sufferers of this weird phobia is Johnny Depp. So, it’s ok to inflict a guy with scissors for hands and a headless horseman on the world, but a cheerful guy with a painted smile is something to be afraid of?

Selenophobia – Fear of the Moon

Bizarre Phobias

Are you afraid of the moon? If you are then you suffer from a strange phobia called selenophobia. If you suffer from shortness of breath, weakness of knees and intense sweating while looking at the moon, then you probably suffer from selenophobia.

Xanthophobia – Fear of the Colour Yellow

Strangest Phobias

Yellow; it’s not a bad old colour, is it? Some would even call it mellow. Sure, it doesn’t have the same gripping image of purple, the cutting edge danger of red or the broad appeal of blue. But, it’s certainly not something to be afraid of.

Metrophobia – Fear of Poetry

Unusual Phobias

It is time for me to make a confession; I find poetry insufferably boring. Why would anyone want to spend hours and hours of their life writing or reading this nonsense? However, I’m not sure if I’m physically afraid of it. Actually, if you sat me down with a bunch of stuff from Wordsworth or Shakespeare, then I might very well break out in a cold sweat.

Genuphobia – Fear of Knees

Weird Phobias

Aren’t knees just the scariest thing ever? If you answered yes to that question, then you probably suffer from the strange phobia known as genuphobia. Seriously dude, why are you so scared of knees? They’re only knobbly things that stop our legs from collapsing.

Papaphobia- Fear of the Pope

Bizarre Phobias

What’s the Pope ever done to harm you? I could maybe understand people having papaphobia in the days of religious persecution and the Spanish Inquisition. But, Pope Francis isn’t really likely to harm you, is he?

Geniophobia – Fear of Chins

Strange Phobias

Can you imagine what life would be like if you had an intense and irrational fear of chins? Even shaving would become a dark and mysterious business that led to tears every time.

Ergophobia – Fear of Work

Weird Phobias

If you are a feckless, work-shy lay about, then don’t admit this to anyone. Especially don’t admit it to your boss. Instead, claim that you have ergophobia . You’ll get a lot of sympathetic looks and probably won’t even get fired.

5 of the Most Incredible Old-time Circus Freak Show Acts

The days of circus freak show acts are long gone, which is no bad thing really. However, it is very interesting to look back at some of the incredible old-time circus acts that once took people’s breath away and made them recoil in horror in the past.

James Morris and His Elastic Skin

Incredible Old-time Circus Freak Show Acts

This guy was known as the India Rubber Man or the Elastic Skin Wonder due to the fact that he could pull his skin and stretch it so far out. He was said to be able to pull the skin from his neck over his ears, which is a pretty cool thing to be able to do when you think about it. He joined the Barnum circus and earned a living from this bizarre ability. As with most of the famous circus freak shows acts from the past, there is a sensible scientific explanation for it. In this case, Morris has something known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Mary Ann Bevan – The Ugly Woman

Incredible Old-time Circus Freak Show Acts

This woman became a widow at the start of the First World War and took on a farm labouring job near London while disguised as a man. To be fair, it probably didn’t take that much of a disguise going by this photo. She was talked into entering a beauty contest and, perhaps unsurprisingly, didn’t win. However, her lack of beauty led to her being offered the chance to join travelling fairs, billed as the Ugliest Woman in London. Her fame then grew and she travelled all over the world in shows. She seems to have been happy enough, calling her ugliness “a blessing”.

Josephene Myrtle Corbin and Her Extra Legs

Incredible Old-time Circus Freak Show Acts

It’s pretty clear why this lady became famous. Doctors in the 19th century called her a “dipygus dibrachius tetrapus” and even a “monster by fusion”. However, to put it in simpler terms, she had 4 legs. She could move the two inner legs but they were said to be unsuitable for walking on, as they were too weak. At 13 years of age she joined circus shows as the Four Legged girl from Texas. In later life her condition didn’t stop her from having children of her own.

Madame Clofullia – The Bearded Lady

Incredible Old-time Circus Freak Show Acts

The bearded lady is one of the classic circus show freak acts and Madame Clofullia (born in Switzerland as Josephine Boisdechêne) was one of the most famous. By the time she was 8 she had a 2 inch beard and before long she was touring Europe to show off her unusual looks. She was given a giant diamond by Napoleon III and then went on to tour in the US with Barnum. She ended up in court; accused of being a man in disguise but it was proven that she really was a woman. At one point her beard measured 6 inches.

Ella Harper – The Camel Girl

Incredible Old-time Circus Freak Show Acts

At first sight Ella Harper might not look like she has much to offer a circus but just look at those legs. The bizarre ability that she had was that of being able to bend her knees forwards and walk around on all fours like. She became the Camel Girl for a few years before seemingly giving up the freak show circuit to go to school. The medical term for her condition is now known as congenital genu recurvatum.

The Weird Allergies You Really Don’t Want

Have you ever suffered an allergic reaction? If you have then you know that it is no fun. In fact, it is can be potentially life threatening. What you might not know is that the world is filled with weird allergies you really don’t want.

Water Allergy

Weird Allergies You Really Don’t Want

How would you like being allergic to water? Sure, at first it might seem like a bit of fun at first. But, you would soon realize that this is a terrible allergy that makes life incredibly difficult. The technical term for this weird allergy is aquangenic urticaria. It is so rare that only 1 person out of 23 million has it. The skin breaks out in spots or hives whenever it comes into contact with water.

Shoe Allergy

Unusual Allergies

If you want the proper name for this condition, I’m just going to come right out and say shoe contact dermatitis. This weird allergy means that as soon as the sufferer puts on any form of footwear their feet swell up or break out in hives. The reaction is caused by a certain type of resin used in shoe making. Sufferers have to wear brands that don’t use this resin.

Fish Bait Allergy

Weird Allergies

Fishing is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable sort of pastime, at least for the person involved. However, one guy discovered that he was breaking out in rashes every time he went fishing. It was eventually revealed that it was the larvae in the fish bait that he was allergic to. The good news is that it is a heck of a lot easier to keep away from fish bait than it is to steer clear of water and shoes.

Beanbag Allergy

Weird Beanbag Allergy

A report from a few years ago told of how a young boy suffered a reaction after playing on a beanbag. It sounds like a bizarre and frankly unlikely type of allergy but there was a relatively simple explanation for it. It seems that many people are allergic to soybeans and this was the case with this boy. The beanbag was made out of soybeans. The dust from them caused his reaction.

Cell Phone Allergy

Unusual Allergies

Have you ever had a red and itchy face after speaking on your cell phone for a while? If you have then you probably have what is known as cell phone allergy. In truth, this allergy is due to the nickel used in these phones and is really a nickel allergy. Nickel allergy is surprisingly common, especially in women. This same allergy can also make it difficult to handle coins.

Exercise Allergy

Weird Allergies

Maybe you aren’t just a lazy slob after all. It could be that you are allergic to exercise. It appears that about a thousand people in the world have a condition known as exercise induced anaphylaxis (EIA). This can cause a severe and very worrying allergic reaction after working out. It is believed to be made worse when the sufferer eats certain types of food before they exercise. The more serious symptoms include falling unconscious and having the throat swell up.

Apple and Birch Tree Allergy

Weird Apple and Birch Tree Allergy

Probably the weirdest allergy of all on our list belongs to unlucky Grace Morley from Ireland. You see, she can eat apples without any problems and she can also be near birth trees without any sort of reaction. However, if she tries to eat one of those tempting fruits next to one of those lovely trees she goes into shock and her life is in danger.

The Top 5 Female Superheroes in Movies

Who doesn’t love some badass fun females that can save the day or do some mischief with few being able to get in their way? Female superheroes are both inspiring as a model of a strong female character, and also pleasing to the eye as well. There’s really nothing not to like about them, and their huge popularity within the comics and superhero films fan cultures proves it. Since today is the 4th of July – and with Captain America and Wonder Woman serving as the patriotic superheroes everyone knows so well – we thought it would be a good time to talk about superheroes. We previously shared with you a list of the best and worst superhero vehicles. So, today, we created a list of the most popular female superheroes featured in movies.

1. Wonder Woman

The Top 5 Female Superheroes in Movies

Since we already mentioned Wonder Woman, let’s start with her. As most superheroes, she was initially created within comic book canon. For the most part, she has only been presented in comic books and magazines since 1941. This brunette superheroine, clad in the American flag, was created by psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston, at a time when the West was already preparing for the Cold War. Therefore, writers often depicted her character fighting the Axis military forces. Another detail that contributes to her popularity is the fact that her origins are those of an Amazon princess. She fights for gender equality. She appeared in several TV series and is also going to be a part of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, scheduled for 2016. To this day, she remains to this day the most iconic of all female superheroes.

2. Catwoman


Historically a villainess, Catwoman has been an iconic bad girl turned good in lots of movies. She is deeply ingrained in the fan culture of superheroes. Many talented actresses portray her over the years. The most recent role was played by Anne Hathaway (pictured above). From all the female superheroes the fictional universes have to offer, she is the living embodiment of hotness and her name says it all.

3. Phoenix (Jean Grey)


Jean Grey was already awesome enough back when she was simply a powerful telepath, but when she is taken over by the Phoenix cosmic force, she becomes almost god-like. Or should we say, goddess-like? She becomes a tremendously powerful goddess with her red locks flowing in the currents of her power (extra awesome points). After the death of her partner, Cyclops, she falls into a deep sorrow that triggers her to become a Dark Phoenix avatar (pictured above) which threatens to destroy everyone and everything. What makes her story even more memorable is, of course, the touching unrequited love which Wolverine has for her.

4. Invisible Woman


The Fantastic Four wouldn’t be quite so fantastic without their now you see me, now you don’t figure, Susan, also known as the Invisible Woman. The beautiful Susan was initially a more damsel in distress type of character, when her passive invisibility was all she had, but later on she gained new powers which made her a force to be reckoned with. Her apparent frailty and gentle nature make her a wonderful addition to the top of awesome female superheroes.

5. Black Widow


There were a few other characters which deserved to be honored on this list of best female superheroes (like Storm and Rogue from X-Men to name only two), but the Black Widow, by her real name Natalia Romanova, was the best choice. Not because the other candidates would lack impressive skills or charm. On the contrary. What’s so awesome about Natalia is the impression she gives of being a self-made woman. Unlike other female superheroes (and male superheroes for that matter), she didn’t get superpowers thanks to genetics or some mutation. She is one of the only characters who worked hard for her combat skills. If that’s not worthy of admiration, then I don’t know what is.