8 Countries Celebrating their Version of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here but what other countries celebrate it? And when?Well, here is a top 8 list with countries celebrating their version of Valentine’s day.

Although some countries have other dates in which they celebrate their most filled with love day of the year, different names for it or different customs, one things remains the same: Valentine’s Day is a day in which people express their love for one another.

1. Finlandversions of Valentine's Day

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The Finnish have started celebrating Valentine’s Day only since the 80s but it has grown into a beloved annual event. The Finnish word for Valentine’s Day is “Ystävänpäivä” and it translates into the day of friendship. Finland focuses more on giving postcards or sweet, small things to everyone you consider a friend rather to just one loved one.

2. Slovenia

In Slovenia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 12th of March and it marks the day in which work at the vineyards and on the field starts. Following almost the same principles as Norwegians, as you are about to see below, Slovenians consider their most filled with love day of the year to be the day in which birds declare love or even propose to each other. Yes, birds.

3. Romania

Romanians celebrate their own take on Valentine’s Day on the 24th of February and it is called “Dragobete”. However, despite having their own day to celebrate love, Romania has recently started celebrating the westernized take on Valentine’s Day as well. Many people who still like to live by the old Romanian traditions refuse to celebrate the American Valentine’s Day though.

4. Norwayversions of Valentine's Day

In Norway, the legend says that if you see birds mating on Valentine’s Day, it is a sign of spring and love so Norwegians are always busy trying to catch birds doing sexual stuff to each other on the 14th of February. Since Norway is considering Valentine’s Day as an annual event, you can also spot window displays and event dedicated to this day filled with love.

5. China

In Chinese tradition, Valentine’s Day happens on day 7 of the 7th lunar month in the traditional Chinese calendar. On this day, all kind of people but especially young women go to the local temple and pray to the god called Zhinu for wisdom and love. The Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated through several rituals and prayers.

6. Japan

Japanese people always find a way to step out of the ordinary and Valentine’s Day makes no exception. During the Japanese Valentine’s Day which is on the 14th of February women and girls give either store bought or handmade chocolate to men and boys. One month later, on the 14th of March, they celebrate the “White Day” during which men offer gifts back to the women. Typical gifts for White Day are marshmallows, sweets, jellies and even white pieces of clothing such as white lingerie.

7. France

versions of Valentine's Day


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Talking about a bit out of the ordinary, French people used to have a tradition in which women were allowed to cheat on their husbands or boyfriends during Valentine’s Day. Moreover, the man was almost obliged to go with it and not take any sort of revenge on the woman.  Another weird custom was one in which single women and men gathered together and paired off. If the man didn’t like his chosen Valentine by the end of the date, he could desert her and all the deserted women were able to light up a bonfire during the night and burn the pictures of the guys they hated.

8. Brazil

Brazilians celebrate their day of love on the 12th of June. On the day before the day of love, women write down their crushes’ names on pieces of paper which they then fold and place in a container such as a jar or a hat. On the 12th of June, each woman has to pick one piece of paper and the name they pick supposedly belongs to the man they will eventually marry or at least choose to go for.

Some countries such as Saudi Arabia have banned Valentine’s Day and they punish severely whoever tries to celebrate it so lovers have to buy each other small gifts or flowers in secret. No matter how much you hate or love this holiday, be grateful that there is no one out there who prohibits you from celebrating it.

10 Epic Guitar Solos in Jimi Hendrix Songs


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Jimi Hendrix is definitely one of the most influential artists that ever lived. His chords and lyrics stand tall even to this day. Hendrix was one of the most famous and popular artists of his time and is still very well-known. His lyrics are full of deep meanings and his albums are some of the greatest ones that ever existed. Whether you take Hendrix slow and easy or go at it at once, his blues chords, psychedelic songs and powerful guitar riffs will impress even the most skeptic person. These ten titles are great songs and have given birth to a lot of quotes that have since their release traveled across the globe. This is our list of 10 epic guitar solos in Jimi Hendrix songs.

1. Villanova Junction from “Live at Woodstock”

This is the last song Hendrix played at Woodstock and even though he died a year later, it seems like this song was the last one he ever played. The song is incredibly powerful and Jimi’s guitar solo is simply amazing.

2. Midnight from “War Heroes”

This song is filled with great riffs and a bass groove in mid-tempo that makes Black Sabbath sound like little children. When the song is over you will feel like it was recorded in a very dark environment with not even a single crack of light passing through.

3. Bold as Love from “Axis: Bold as Love”

The lyrics on this piece alone are worth an arm and a leg. As for the instrumental, Hendrix goes full in and his powerful solos and chords sound like they come from another, more divine, world.

4. All Along the Watchtower from “Electric Ladyland”

Even though this song was written by Bob Dylan, Hendrix was the one that perfected it. This piece is so powerful that even Dylan sings the way Hendrix did when he was alive as homage to the incredible artist.

5. Red House from “Hendrix in the West”

This song is like a bipolar experience. It offers a glimpse in Jimi’s shoes as both a comedian and a wounded animal. The lyrics are incredibly powerful as well, but it is Jimi’s guitar that stands out the most.

6. Machine Gun from “Band of Gypsys”

This song is a 12 minute long phantasmagoria about the human’s inhumanity towards other humans. This Vietnam protest song is even more infernal than Coppola’s movie “Apocalypse Now” and probably offers the best portrayal of a war from an artist’s point of view.

7. Star Spangled Banner from “Live at Woodstock”

This is Jimi’s own version of the national anthem and it is undoubtedly musically profound. The version played at Woodstock is probably the most used one in documentaries of the ‘60s along with “Machine Gun”.

8. Have You Ever Been from “Electric Ladyland”

This shows off exactly how sublime and melodic Jimi Hendrix was by just using simple naked chords. This song comes as a pleasant breeze and it has become a classic over the years.

9. Voodoo Chile from “Electric Ladyland”

This is the most covered song from Jimi Hendrix and it’s not very difficult to see why. It’s one of the easiest songs to learn from Jimi’s repertoire and will make any guitarist feel like a God when playing it.

10. Are You Experienced? from “Are You Experienced?”

Jimi’s backwards voices on this song sound like a black hole is trying to swallow a supernova. This piece is filled with freaky sounds and they work incredibly well in creating a very tense atmosphere.

So there you have it. This was our list of 10 epic guitar solos in Jimi Hendrix songs. We are aware that there are many more out there but these were our absolute favorites.

10 Tricks on How to Persuade People

Being able to know tricks on hot to persuade people, influence someone has become very important nowadays and not just only for the likes of power. Being able to persuade people is of course, another way of manipulation but this does not necessarily involve making people do what you want them to do in a negative way.

To be a persuasive person means to be confident enough to see yourself capable of doing things other cannot do. However, you should not consider using your persuasive power to harm others. These tricks can be used to either win people over or to influence people using basic means of psychology, without harming others or making people feel bad.

Here are 10 tricks on how to persuade people without causing them any harm or blowing away their self-esteem.

1. Be confident and talk fast

how to persuade people

By picking up the pace when it comes to your speed of speech, you can make people who are inclined to not agree with you, take you more seriously. Depending on how fast you talk, you can make people understand you actually know what you are talking about.

2. Start with something people agree with

how to persuade people

Begin your speech with something easy and understandable by all people. When you want to make a point or express your opinion, you might find yourself in a situation where you have lost your audience or your credibility. Try speaking about something people can agree with, at least at the beginning, this will boost your persuasive power.

3. The Benjamin Franklin syndrome

how to persuade people

The Benjamin Franklin syndrome refers to the fact that if you ask someone for a favor and smile, they are more likely to help you out next time you ask for their help. Franklin borrowed a book from some who was not actually fond of him and while returning it, Franklin smiled and thanked the owner of the book. That person started using a softer approach with Franklin and they eventually became friends.

4. Use names

how to persuade people

You are more likely to convince someone to do something if you approach them using their names. Starting a conversation with “Hello Michael” rather than just “Hello” sounds more real.

5. Swear words for the win

how to persuade people

Using a couple of mild swear words while giving a speech makes people feel more comfortable with you and gives your speech a first step into reality. Be careful though, swearing too much might end up with the loss of all your credibility.

6. Value strengths and appreciate them

how to persuade people

When talking to a person with high or low self-esteem, tell them what their strengths are before you note their weak points. That way, they will be more likely to understand where they need improvement.

7. Observe gestures and body language

how to persuade people

“Reading” someone’s gestures and body language without starring or making harmful remarks is a great way to figure out how you need to approach the other person.

8. Paraphrase people to make them feel more confident

how to persuade peoplehow to persuade people

By repeating stuff you have just heard from another person makes them feel like you are showing empathy and that you really listened and understood their point of view.

9. Do not correct people

how to persuade people

Even if you are someone who really values the correct use of either words or pieces of machinery or simply know a lot of stuff, do not correct people especially if there are other people around as well. The best way to handle someone being wrong is to listen to what they have to say and then use what you think of as “common ground” to start a conversation in which you explain your point of view. This method is called the Ransberger Pivot.

10. Reverse Psychology

how to persuade people

Reverse psychology is something you need to master if you want to be able to deal with any type of person. You can trick someone into doing something if you actually make them believe they want to do it or if you convince them you don’t want them to do it.

These were our 10 tricks on how to persuade people. Would you ever resort to influencing people to get what you want?

8 Outrageous American Serial Killers

People are such wonderful beings capable of so many feelings that it’s sometimes impossible to believe some people are capable of creating so much disaster and chaos.

Here is a top 8 outrageous American serial killers who managed to destroy our trust in humanity. All of these killers have been quite famous for all the wrong reasons and operated during the 20th century.

There is a mix of both repulsion and fascination when it comes to serial killers, their lives and what triggers their insatiable thirst for killing but under no circumstances should a person take another person’s life.

1. David Berkowitz

american serial killers

David Berkowitz can also be referred to as the .44 Caliber Killer or the Son of Sam and he carried out a bunch of shootings during the 1976’s summer. His nickname came from the use of a .44 caliber revolver to conduct the shootings. Berkowitz killed a total of 6 people and wounded 7 more. What made him even scarier was the fact that he used to send letters to both the police and press threatening everyone with further attacks and terrorizing the inhabitants of New York City. However, Berkowitz was caught in 1977 and found guilty for all murders.

2. Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi

american serial killers

Bianchi and Buono were also knows as the Hillside Strangles after their MO. Between 1977 and 1978, these two serial killers kidnapped and murdered over 10 girls and women, aged between 12 and 28 years old, in California. After they kidnapped their victim, they would have driven all the way to the hills above Los Angeles and strangled her. After they were caught, Bianchi attempted to get away by pleading not guilty on the count of insanity but the court found out he was faking mental illness. Both Bianchi and Buono were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

3. Dennis Rader

american serial killers

Dennis Rader or the BTK Killer murdered 10 people between 1974 and 1991, in Wichita, Kansas. Rader used to send letters to the police under the pseudonym BTK which stand for bind, torture, kill. Rader used to follow and watch his victims after eventually breaking into their homes, binding their limbs and strangling them. Rader was eventually caught after sending a floppy disk to the police in 2005 and being traced via the disk. The BTK killer is serving 10 consecutive lifetime sentences and it is scary that someone who murdered so many people almost got away with it.

4. Arthur Shawcross

american serial killers

Arthur Shawcross or the Genesse River Killer first killed a 10-year-old boy and then an 8-year-old girl in 1972. He was caught after the killing of the girl, he plead guilty and was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He was released in 1988 and started killing again. Shawcross killed a total of 12 female prostitutes after spending 14 years in prison. The women were aged between 22 and 59 years old. Similar to the way he was caught the first time, Shawcross was eventually caught on the scene of his last murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

5. Richard Ramirez

american serial killers

Ricardo Leyva Munoz Ramirez or the Night Stalker Ramirez was an American killer who terrorized the inhabitants of Los Angeles between 1984 and 1985. He used to break in the apartments of his victims and draw pentagrams as a way to express his worship for Satan after shooting, mutilating, rapping and stabbing his victims. Ramirez was found guilty and sentenced to death but remained on California’s death row for over 23 years before eventually dying in his cell in 2013.

6. Jeffrey Dahmer

american serial killers

Jeffrey Dahmer or the Milwaukee Cannibal was a serial killer, sex offender and cannibal who operated between 1978 and 1991. He murdered and dismembered a total of 17 boys and men and he even committed necrophilia with some of his late victims, eating parts of their bodies. It would have probably taken longer for Dahmer to be caught if it weren’t for one of his victims who managed to overpower him and alert the police. Dahmer was sentenced to 15 life terms in prison but was beaten to death two years after he was eventually caught, by a fellow inmate.

7. Ted Bundy

american serial killers

Ted Bundy was one of the most famous serial killers in American history. Authorities managed to link Bundy to the murder of 35 women in six states but it is believed he managed to kill way more than that. Bundy decapitated his victims and kept their heads as trophies in his apartment. He also managed to escape prison and the police twice and he committed three more killings after escaping the first time. Bundy used to approach his victims in public places and then lure them into selected places where he would rape and eventually kill them. After being caught for good, he was sentenced to death and executed in 1989, by the electric chair.

8. Gary Ridgway

american serial killers

Gary Ridgway or the Green River Killer was finally caught in 2001 being held responsible for 4 murders. However, in custody, Ridgway confessed to the murders of over 70 women in Washington State, between 1980 and 1990. He managed to avoid the death penalty by providing detailed descriptions of his murders and leading the officers to his victim’s remains. He was eventually found guilty for over 49 murders and sentenced to life in prison. Gary Ridgway is the most prolific American serial killer who was ever caught and sentenced to life imprisonment, without any possibility of parole.

15 Unusual and Bizarre Phobias

Everyone knows a phobia is the irrational fear of something or someone. However, many people are not even aware that they are suffering from a phobia.

Here you will find 15 unusual and bizarre phobias and their names. If you suffer from any type of phobia, the best way to cure it is through counseling or therapy. The first step is to be aware you have it and prepared to talk about it.

1. Anuptaphobia or the fear of remaining single, unmarried or married to the wrong person

bizarre phobias

Although Anuptaphobia is generally known as the fear of being single, it can also manifest as an uncontrolled fear of getting married to the wrong person.

2. Aphenphosmphobia or the fear of being touched or any sort of physical contact

bizarre phobias

Aphenphosmphobia usually happens if the person suffering from the phobia experienced a trauma during childhood. This phobia is the unusual fear of any kind of physical contact, including touches of affection such as kisses or hugs.

3. Bibliophobia or the fear of books or the act of reading

bizarre phobias

Bibliophobia is the irrational fear of books, reading books or the actual stories inside the books. However, many people suffer from a subset of Bibliophobia, fearing certain kinds of novels, textbooks or even children’s stories rather than fearing all books.

4. Cacophobia or the fear of ugly things or ugliness in general

bizarre phobias

If you found yourself hating Christmas sweaters, contemporary art or certain types of food just because you feel  like there should be more beauty involved, you will be surprised to know that there is actually a name for your condition: cacophpobia!

5. Chrometophobia or the fear of money

bizarre phobias

Chrometophobia is not actually the fear of seeing or touching money as an object, but the fear of suddenly becoming wealthier. Some people cannot handle the idea of having more money than they can actually spend and many people who suffer from Chrometophobia do not even know it.

6. Didaskaleinophobia or the fear of going to school

bizarre phobias

If only I knew there was a phobia involving not going to school when I was a kid. Jokes aside, didaskaleinophobia is a serious condition and can occur when the kid is experiencing traumatizing event when going to school.

7. Ephebiphobia or the fear of teenagers or youth

bizarre phobias

It looks like not only mothers are afraid of teenagers and what they can do and there is actually a word to describe the irrational fear of youth and teenagers: Ephebiphobia.

8. Genophobia or the fear of having sex

bizarre phobias

The first time is probably scary for everyone but if you find yourself still scared or even terrified of sex, you might want to take some counseling as you may suffer from Genophobia.

9. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia or the fear of freakishly long words

bizarre phobias

This is probably the most ironic phobia name ever and it pretty much does not need any further description.

10. Ithyphallophobia or the fear of thinking about, having or seeing an erect penis

bizarre phobias

Ithyphallophobia is common in both women and men so imagine the stress those poor guys are under.

11. Octophobia or the fear of the number 8

bizarre phobias

There are people in this world who experience fear whenever they see certain numbers. One of the most common number people are afraid of is 13, but 8 is the second number people are most afraid of. Researchers believe that the root of the number phobia lies somewhere in superstition.

12. Papaphobia or the fear of the Pope

bizarre phobias

Have you recently experienced an uncontrolled fear towards the Pope? Well, you should check out and see if you are not actually suffering from Papaphobia.

13. Peladophobia or the fear of bald people

bizarre phobias

Voldemort can creep out pretty much everyone, from the pale face to the lack of his nose but if think that the scariest part of Voldemort is his bald head, then you might suffer from Peladophobia.

14. Soceraphobia  or the fear of parents-in-law

bizarre phobias

In-laws can sometimes be really scary, especially if you are looking for acceptance from them. However, if you are down right terrified of your parents-in-law, Soceraphobia is the phobia you are suffering from.

15. Syngenesophobia or the fear of relatives

bizarre phobias

Syngenesophobia is the fear of an uncle, an aunt, your cousin, your niece or any other person or group of people that you are related to.


Remember, phobias are serious conditions and they should not be ignored. If you find yourself struggling with fear of any kind, try finding help.