Top 10 Best Universities In USA

The USA can pride itself with some of the most illustrious educational institutes in the world. In fact, a very large majority of roughly 70% of the Earth’s greatest colleges are occupied by those in the United States. But, exactly, which are the absolute best universities in USA? Based on official statistics released for the year 2015/2016, we’ve ranked them all, so read further to discover the crème a la crème.

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Best Universities In USA


For four consecutive years, the MIT has been ranked as the top institution in the world and it has all the reasons to be there. It managed to release through its gates numerous notable alumni, all of which graduated as experts in one of their renowned science or engineering-oriented programs.

#2 Harvard University

If age were a marker for the quality of a university, Harvard would definitely win the first stop judging by that alone. Founded in the second half of the 17th century, it had plenty of time at its disposal to build its reputation and perfect its educational system to the point where, today, it’s one of the most renowned in the whole world. It’s specifically famous for its life science and medicine domains, coming in close to Cambridge University in terms of humanist studies.

#3 Stanford University

Stanford is second to none in the field of entrepreneurial and business-oriented programs. In fact, it’s not too shabby when it comes to technology and engineering either, only being overshadowed by big sister MIT previously mentioned. The truly spectacular part about Stanford is the fact that some of its undergraduates pursued careers that led to them constructing titanic companies such as Google, Yahoo!, or Instagram.

#4 California Institute Of Technology (Caltech)

Caltech is definitely a top university in the field of natural sciences, being a constant entry in yearly top ten universities in the world. Although it only harbors 2,200 students, making it the smallest one on this list, it proves that it’s not the student number that defines the fame and quality of an educational institute.

#5 University of Chicago

Chicago’s university is highly regarded on an international level especially for its arts and science courses. In the case of the latter, most of all, we can attribute a lot of discoveries and inventions led by the research team. One prominent example is the development of the first man-made and self-sustaining nuclear reaction beneath the university’s football field.

#6 Princeton University

Best Universities In USA


Having opened its gates for the first time in the 18th century, Princeton University managed to develop quite a reputation in the fields of humanities and arts. Despite its prestige, it wants to ensure that studying there is an open opportunity for plenty of people, which is why it provides generous financial support.

#7 Yale University

Another historical university founded all the way in the 18th century, Yale drew all eyes on it when, one century later, it offered the first PhD in the United States. Among its many famous and notable alumni, we must mention three US presidents and over a dozen of future billionaires.

#8 Johns Hopkins University

Having received its name from its first benefactor, Johns Hopkins University stood out over the years through its excellent natural science and medicine courses. One of its interesting achievements is the fact that it was the first research university in the country.

#9 Cornell University

Located in New York, Cornell University was responsible for being the first one to offer a major degree in American Studies and the first one to offer a degree in journalism. Needless to say, there’s no wonder that one of its graduates was someone was famous as Bill Nye, the “science guy.”

#10 University of Pennsylvania

You know you can place all your trust in a university when it was founded by one of the USA’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. It’s a definite entry in most top twenty best universities in the world, having earned a reputation for medicine and natural science most of all.

Top 10 Universities In The World

Top 10 Universities


When trying to decide which university we want to attend for our next life chapter, there are several factors thrown into the mix. The studied domains, specialties, and location are all really important, but you can’t deny that, deep down, all of us seek to achieve the accomplishment of making it into a university that’s renowned and internationally appreciated. Needless to say, to get into one of these, you will need a lot of work of effort, especially if you’re aiming for one of the Top 10 Universities in the World. We believe in you, though.

#1 California Institute of Technology, USA

The university was founded all the way back in 1891 in Pasadena, California, though at the time it bore the slightly comical name of Throop University. The switch was made several decades later, in 1920, when it gained the name recognized today. Caltech’s fame strives off its high-quality engineering and science educational programs.

#2 University of Oxford, UK

There are few of us who haven’t heard of the University of Oxford before and that’s for a good reason. It’s the oldest school in the English-speaking world and the second longest-surviving one in the world. In fact, studies show that teaching at Oxford started sometime in the 11th century. Plenty of Nobel winners were Oxford alumni, so that certainly says a lot.

#3 Stanford University, USA

Here’s another example of a university that needs no introduction. It was counted among the top 10 universities in the world for a very long time, with no one ever being able to contest it. Stanford gave 21 Nobel laureates and plenty of other famous and brilliant personalities studied between its walls.

#4 University of Cambridge, UK

Cambridge is the fourth longest-surviving university in the world and the second in the English-speaking world, having been founded all the way back in the early 1200’s. Over 90 Nobel laureates have been associated with the name of Cambridge and, even today, it continues to shape and form future brilliant minds.

#5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

The MIT, as it’s more commonly known, is responsible for plenty of Nobel Prize laureates but, above all, it stands true to its mission of offering scientific innovations. Over the years, its researchers and alumni have been responsible for a set of impressive technological and scientific discoveries and inventions.

#6 Harvard University, USA

Top 10 Universities


If prestige was instantly given by history, Harvard has all the reasons to be the most prestigious university in the USA, if only for the fact that it was founded all the way in 1636. Generally considered to be the best law school in the world, Harvard built for itself a truly heavy name.

#7 Princeton University, USA

Founded in 1746, initially under the name University of New Jersey, Princeton steadily started building a reputation for itself. In the 21st century, it’s considered one of the most illustrious institutions for superior education, mostly due to its excellent accommodations and involvement in discoveries and Nobel laureates.

#8 Imperial College London, UK

The Imperial College is regarded as one of UK’s top educational institutions, though some argue that it might be the very best in its area of expertise – science, engineering, business, and medicine. Its creation was the result of Prince Albert’s idea of offering people a high-class school.

#9 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland

The only non-British and non-American university on this list, ETH Zurich has a very famous graduate to back up the claim that it’s one of the elite teaching institutions of the world. Albert Einstein received his diploma here in 1901.

#10 University of Chicago, USA

Having its roots sometime in the 19th century, University of Chicago treads the same pattern of the previous entries on this list through its association with famous Nobel laureates. However, its trademark might just be its intensive involvement in the world of sports.

Top 10 Typical Hero Characteristics

Looking to create a traditional heroic archetype for your story? Then you must absolutely bless him or her with one of these hero characteristics that can be found in almost every protagonist that’s ever lived. Even though we all know that they say everybody is the hero of their own story, it’s safe to say that the task isn’t one that quite everybody can live up to. Get your pens out for this one. Be warned, though – you might be treading a cliché territory.

Hero Characteristics


#1 Courage

Perhaps the most common of them all, the courage displayed by our story heroes only reinforces the fact that no protagonist who runs away from danger to cower in a corner can be called a hero. Even if this bravery isn’t represented by picking up a sword and marching towards your foes to slash them, courage in any kind of form is what sets these heroes apart in a world where cowardice is the easy route picked by many.

#2 Dead Parents

Remember, we’re talking about hero characteristics, not just traits. And if DC or Marvel heroes are anything to go by, we can all conclude that it’s unacceptable for our protagonists to be anything but tragic. Somehow, it seems like living parents are considered some sort of burden on the journey of our hero. Understandable, we suppose. Saving the world would be pretty difficult when you’re pestered to do the dishes.

#3 Heart of Gold

Of course, in order to be a hero, you need to be a good guy. This implies that the character needs to be in possession of a pretty strict moral compass that discourages, along with other things, murder and mayhem, but encourages mercy. A hero will always fight for the weak ones and wish to protect them.

#4 Honesty

The honesty of a hero is reflected in much more than the mere act of not lying about what happened to your homework. In fact, these are situations when lies might actually slip through. When being honest, a hero speaks truthful about their own wrongdoings and admits to their mistakes.

Hero Characteristics


#5 Martyrdom

If there’s one thing that countless of forms of media have taught us, it’s that heroes aren’t afraid to toss their safety (and even lives) to the side for the sake of greater good. There are many heroes that are also martyrs, if not for the fact that we see so many of them ready to sacrifice themselves to save a population from impending doom.

#6 Humility

Let’s ignore Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne for a moment. Most heroes rise from nothing. They’ve either been poor or raised in dire conditions and, now, with their newfound calling, they’re able to save numerous lives without it getting to their head.

#7 Determination

A common trajectory for a traditional hero is to be faced with obstacles and hardships throughout their journey. Without a will of steel and determination, it’s impossible to overcome the challenges laid before you. Pick yourself no matter how many times you fail, that’s the motto of our heroes.

#8 Responsibility

“With great power, comes great…” You know the rest of it. Responsibility in a hero comes in many forms. However, in most cases, it’s forced upon the hero and it becomes a pivotal part in their personal development.

#9 Loyalty

Loyalty can come in several forms. Whether we’re talking about the fierce loyalty displayed for friends and the people they hold close or the faithfulness towards their own beliefs, there’s no denying that heroes are unshakeable in their attachment to a cause or person.

#10 Growth

Last but not least, heroes are always intended to be relatable. They manage to do so by being human and flawed and, in almost all instances, they grow throughout their journey and better themselves. Heroes are the people we wish we could be, and the fact that they learn from their flaws and mistakes makes them all the more relatable.

Top 10 Unique Wedding Venues To Consider

Your wedding day is said to be the most important day of your life, so why not make the best out of it? Future bridges spend copious amounts of hours (and money) on the dress of their dreams, and they want to ensure that everything is perfect to the smallest of details. However, if you truly want a unique and memorable experience that will get both you and your guests talking for years to come, then opt to tie the knot in one of these unique wedding venues.

#1 Treehouse Point, Issaquah, Washington

Unique Wedding Venues


Located only 30 minutes away from the urban buzz of Seattle, Treehouse Point manages to stand out by letting brides and grooms exchange vows in, you guessed, a treehouse. More than that, the landscape and nature that surround the treehouse do nothing but boost the magical vibes received at a ceremony hosted in such an environment. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be glad to know that you also get night accommodations!

#2 Union Hill Inn, Sonora, California

For those couples who wish to keep it all rustic, nice, and simple, Sonora’s Union Hill Inn is the best place to head for. The inn oozes of familiarity, warmth, and a certain coziness that are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re at home. You can exchange rings in front of a peacefully crackling fireplace and spend the next two days at the inn, visiting Yosemite and Lake Tahoe to complete the experience.

#3 Big Daddy’s Antiques, San Francisco & Los Angeles, California

Unique Wedding Venues


Antique shops have always had this particular appeal to them, always making you feel like you’re traveling in time the moment you step through the threshold. This one allows you to do more than purchase vintage clocks since it’s available for booking as a wedding venue.

#4 Dunfillan Ruins, Kunde Estate in Kenwood, California

There are many places you can get married at and be in the heart of nature, free of any urban and technological distractions. But the Dunfillan Ruins offer one of the most memorable experiences. Arrange a table, some seats, all the other required elements of your dream wedding in the heart of some historical ruins with lots of stories behind them.

#5 Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Unique Wedding Venues


The Thorncrown Chapel is an architectural beauty made of roughly 6.000 square feet of glass. The design of the venue, almost entirely composed of glass walls and windows, is enough to make your wedding day a breathtaking experience. It doesn’t hurt that it’s spacious enough to seat 100 people either.

#6 Mill City Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mill City Museum is the perfect location for brides and grooms who have a knack for industrial locations and fancy the idea of exchanging vows in a such-themed venue. The museum was built amid the rusty ruins of a flour factory, and now it makes for an amazing location for all urban lovers.

#7 Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami, Florida

Unique Wedding Venues


The location of Vizcaya Museum is the closest you can get to Venice without actually having to travel to Italy. The unique setting is located in the heart of Miami, and it’s considered to be a gem for all couples who aspire for that European-feel wedding.

#8 Beaulieu Garden, Rutherford, California

Weddings hosted among beautiful flowers and trees are always the epitome of classiness, but the Beaulieu Garden manages to stand out. The location is a green paradise, complete with serene-looking fountains and artsy sculptures.

#9 Bear Flag Farm, Winters, California

Unique Wedding Venues


Farmers everywhere, unite. Bear Flag Farm is everything that a lover of the rural could ever want. It’s located right next to a Ferris wheel, there are tall grain and vegetable crops to the side, and there is even a rusty truck parked nearby to complete the picturesque image.

#10 Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

For those of you who love camping, how about you do that for your wedding day too? Camp Wandawega is a resort that has its doors open for all outdoor enthusiasts who wish to exchange vows before heading to sleep the night away in a tent.

Best Youtubers Around For Every Viewer

So, you want to delve deeper into the world of YouTube and experience some of the entertainment provided by its creators? Finding a starting point in a situation like this might seem like a confusing task, if not even a little bit difficult. YouTube entertainment is no longer resumed solely to cat videos, high-pitched Fred-like impressions, and funny amateur skits. There are multiple communities, all of which have different experiences to offer to everyone. Without further ado, these are the best youtubers from every corner of YouTube entertainment.


Best Youtubers - PewDiePie

Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) – Source

To watch: PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Cryaotic

Undoubtedly, gaming truly exploded in the past few years and some of the biggest names on YouTube have built their Internet careers on this premise. The trend was arguably set by PewDiePie, who sits proudly at the top of the list of the most subscribed channels with an overwhelming 43 million.

During his ascension, several other youtubers followed the pattern with games such as Amnesia. Markiplier is thoroughly charming with his positivity and game diversity, jacksepticeye is for those who seek a lot of energy, and Cryaotic is a must-watch let’s-player for his calm demeanor, immersion, and dedication.


Best Youtubers - Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan – Source

To watch: Zoella, Michelle Phan, Tanya Burr, Bethany Mota

If numbers are anything to go, these beauty gurus are at the top of the game. Zoella may be the most widely recognized name of the domain, having won several awards, released two books, and her own beauty brands. But you must absolutely give a shot to veteran Michelle Phan, the ever so lively Tanya Burr, and Bethany Mota, one of the three lucky youtubers to interview President Obama.


Best Youtubers - danisnotonfire

danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) – Source

To watch: Tyler Oakley, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Jenna Marbles

Vloggers draw in huge audiences because of how relatable they are and because of their personal connection to viewers. If you wish an inter-personal connection with entertainers and enjoy mundane stories and fun activities, they are for you. Tyler Oakley is the best example for a vlogger, though he has the unfair advantage of being charmingly positive and enthusiastic.

In the case of danisnotonfire, each of his videos uniquely presents a particular theme, blended in with witty humor and dynamic sketches, while AmazingPhil prefers to enthrall audiences with stories of the strange events in his life. Finally, Jenna Marbles stands out from the crowd with her unfiltered and raw personality and her unwavering love for her dogs.

Movies & TV Shows

Best Youtubers - Nostalgia Critic

Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) – Source

To watch: Cinema Sins, The Film Theorists, Nostalgia Critic, Screen Junkies

You’re a movie/TV show junkie? These three channels are all about them and all three offer a different experience. If you want your movie watching to be completely ruined by nitpicking from now on, give Cinema Sins a try, the channel where all your favorite movies are deconstructed so their flaws can be pointed out in an eerily hilarious way. If you’re a fan of crazy theories and conspiracies, see if The Film Theorists can convince you that Movie X is hiding one in it.

Many of us know him as Nostalgia Critic, an old school movie reviewer who’s been around pretty much since forever. Today, his new reviews are released on Channel Awesome and League of Super Critics. Finally, for those who don’t have the time to watch 20-minute long reviews, get your spot-on and hilarious summary from Screen Junkies, the ones responsible for the famous Honest Trailers format.


Best Youtubers - IISuperwomanII

IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh) – Source

To watch: The Fine Brothers, NigaHiga, Smosh, IISuperwomanII

Finally, if you want some laughs or entertainment that only YouTube can provide, these are your go-to channels. The Fine Brothers and their second channel REACT are all about putting kids, teenagers, adults, and elders face-to-face with things that can draw the most interesting of reactions out of them.

As for the laughter part, NigaHiga is one of those youtubers who combine humor with creativity in an astounding part, while SMOSH vastly relies on familiar tropes and gags that can surpass the borders of the Internet. Lastly, IISuperwomanII manages to bring stand-up comedy in the form of a video and gives it a refreshing twist by making it much more natural.