Insane Cloud Formations to Take Your Breath Away

Have you ever looked up at the sky and had your breath taken away? Of course, you have. The sky is filled with amazing sights such as, well, clouds. You might not think that clouds are particularly exciting but the following insane cloud formations will change your mind.

The God Cloud

Cloud Formations

This photo recently caused a bit of a stir online recently, as it appears to show a face that some people claim is the face of God. Jeremy Fletcher is the chap who took this photo in England and certainly looks pretty awesome as well as a bit creepy.

The Bird Cloud

Insane Cloud Formations

This amazing cloud picture makes it look as though as some sort of giant bird taking off over the water. I have no idea what it all means. Is it some sort of harbinger of doom or is it a sign that we are about to set off on the journey to a brave new world? Or maybe it’s just a weird cloud formation.

The Lenticular Cloud

Amazing Cloud Formations

I don’t want to get all geeky and technical but this is what cloud experts call lenticular clouds. Personally, if I was in charge of naming clouds I would have called them “pancake clouds”, which is why I’m not trusted with important jobs like naming clouds. They tend to form near mountains such as, hey, Mount Fuji in Japan. People often mistake them for UFOs, although there is also the possibility that people also mistake UFOs for lenticular clouds, I guess.

Mammatus Clouds

Crazy Cloud Formations

It’s time for some more technical words now as we look at a spectacular mammatus cloud formation. This involves clouds with pouches hanging off the bottom of them and usually means that a thunderstorm is on the way. I have no idea why these ones are red, though.

Asperatus Cloud

Bizarre Cloud Formations

What the hell is happening to the sky in this picture? This is something known as an asperatus cloud formation to experts and as “a blooming weird big thing in the sky” to the rest of us. This type of insane cloud formation is so rare that it was only given its own classification in 2009. I bet you didn’t know that the world of cloud watching was as exciting and fast moving at this, did you?

Roll Cloud

Insane Cloud Formations

The roll cloud is another type of weird cloud formation that usually means that a massive thunderstorm will be along before too long.

The Shelf Cloud

Insane Cloud Formations

This stunning cloud formation is a shelf cloud and it is a variant of the previous type of cloud we just looked at. It looks kind of scary, huh? I get the feeling that a thunderstorm might be on the way.

The Rather Rude Cloud

Bizarre Cloud Formations

Who knew that the sky could flip the bird as well? This rather rude cloud was pictured in Scotland. Jeez, you don’t want to upset the clouds when you go there.

The Horse Cloud

Amazing Cloud Formations

I reckon this is a fake picture of a cloud. After all, when did you ever look up to the sky and see a giant horse up there? However, I think I will be keeping a closer eye on the clouds near me from now on.

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner

Here are 6 pieces of advice for a future winner as how to work more efficiently and turn whatever you have to do into pleasure. Well I’m talking about a real job, or a business that you wanted to get into in the first place.

#1. Start doing something

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner1

We all have friends who are constantly boasting about things like “I had the idea of creating something like Facebook first. Had I done something, I would have been rich by now.” This is a pathetic way of thinking. Not until you start doing something as a consequence of your initial idea, will your brilliant spark start shining. We’ve all got them, don’t we?

#2. Lack of time is never an excuse

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner2

This is the most common excuse people use. Even though most people claim they’d love to open up a new business, or learn how to play an instrument, write a book or whatever, they can never find the time to actually do that! Come on, now, are you for real?

You don’t have to give up your job, you just have to use your spare time wisely. No more Internet, Facebook or Game of Thrones. Your idea is much more important. A few hours a week are more than enough to advance in whatever you want to do.

Once you start investing in something new, you’ll also realise whether this effusion is for real or not. If you lose your enthuziasm on the way, it means it was never meant to be.  So stop making up excuses, will you? You are the only one responsible for your dreams.

Moreover, the perfect timning will never just pop out of the blue. You’ll always be too young, or too old, or too poor, or too fat to go after your dream, if you postpone all the time.

#3. Meetings are toxic

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner3

Meetings are a waste of time. They use abstract concepts insted of concrete ideas. They last too long and provide too little. They always deflect from the subject. There’s always someone present there who is keen on sharing his neverending opinions about subjects exterior to the business of the day.

Instead try applying something else: use a timer. When the alarm rings, the meeting is over. End of discussion. Also try calling less people to the meeting. Unfortunately the more the merrier rule doesn’t apply in this case. The meeting should always take place where the problem occured, not in an arid meeting room.

End with a solution and decide who’s in charge for implementing the solution.

#4. Sleep

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner4

This is not an article discussing the lack of sleep. Nevertheless, it is generally known to turn people into stubborn hatable individuals. Moreover it affects creativity, optimism and your temper. The most balanced individual can turn into a hysterical ill-natured person once he’s tired.  Your being tired will eventually turn against you.

#5. Hire people who can write

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner5

If you have to choose from several individuals, pick the one who can write. Despite  your working field, someone who can write is really useful. That’s because someone who’s got this talent has a clear had, and good communication skills. Nevermind the extrovert-introvert dihotomy. These people can just make things easier to understand. They can easily be in someone else’s shoes and they know what to ommit when carrying a message. What more coud you wish for?

#6. Don’t take your inspiration for granted

6 Pieces of Advice for a Future Winner6

We all have ideas. They are immortal by excelence. But inspiration on the other hand is as mortal as your 20-yar old dog.  So if you really want to do soemthing, do it now! Your ideea is not the kind of thing to preserve on a shelf until you find the time to develop it.

The coolest thing about inspiration is that it gives you the impetus of a 6-year old. Inspiration is like a time machine. It’s simply miraculos, it arises your productivity and it motivates you like never before. So start working and stop compalining.

7 Ugliest Shoes on the Planet

When it comes to ugly, shoes can have a horror impact, because an ugly shoe is definitely life changing. You will never forget such an experience. So here they are: the 7 ugliest shoes on the planet!

 Louis Vuitton – Daisy Half Boots

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet1

If a combination between oriental home slippers and UGGs are what you are looking for, well these comfy, yet horrible boots is the perfect match for you. The fringe in the back gives them the feminine touch any lady longs for in a shoe. They’re pink, they are cozy and they have golden hills for a confident walk through life. And the perfect thing as far as these Daisy Hallf Boots are concerned is the fact that none other than Louis Vuitton designed them. I definitely cannot appreciate style.

Mexican Boots

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet2

Let us not neglect our male fans. Here you have the famous, yet extremely ugly male Mexican boots, or botas vaqueras exoticas as they are called by their fans. This trend has apparently extended to Texas, Tennesse or Oklahoma, parts where one can usually run into a lot of Mexican immigrants.

Moreover there’s also a dance competition that has them in the spotlight. There’s one contest that rewards the Mexican with the longest and most beautified sharp boots. These exotic boots are enhanced with all sorts of glittering little stones. The most popular ones are provided with LEDs and mirrors. The longest end can reach 6 inches. And apparently, the ladies are drawn to the men who wear these like a magnet.

Iris Schieferstein’s Vegas Girl Heels

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet3

When goats are your passion, you should try these on. Taxidermy encountered fashion in the most stylish manner. They definitely have a dark side, goat hoof reminding everybody of bad old Satan. Lady Gaga is likely to have at least ten pairs of these. I’m not being rude here; it’s just that she seems to have a special connection with hoofed animals, that’s all. The model she ordered is actually a custom, heel-free version with pink laces. So back to nature, everybody and start wearing some good old animal style goat boots!

P.S. They are actually crafted from real horse hooves.

Doggy Style Shoes

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet4

If you’re fond of dogs and you know it, you should get a pair of these. They look like your dog, but they could be your absolute doggy high heels. They’re ugly, they have no style, no pleasant proportions and last but not least, they are provided with a tongue! Their hills are the dog’s ears and their edge is the dog’s nose. How amazing is that? Amazingly ugly I’d say…

Anna Korshun’s Gray Ankleboots

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet5

If you’ve always been fascinated by the shoebox and not the shoes inside, this is you chance to express yourself! These Belarusian designer’s ankleboots draw “from communist upbringing,” and the idea was that the austerity would eliminate fashions’ seasonal whims. It actually just looks like the model’s wearing a shoebox. But hey, who am I to judge?

Balenciaga Multicolored Plastic Techno-Sandal

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet6

At $4175, they seem the ugliest thing one can buy. They look like ski bindings, only more horribly looking and way more uncomfortable, that’s for sure. They were created in 2007, by Nicolas Ghesquiere, for a tribe of multicultural schoolgirls. Well, he definitely defied multiculturalism with these sandals.

Ahmet Baitar Bootbags


7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet7They were reportedly inspired by Mullholand Drive. Well any absurd thing can be sustained by this argument. The movie however, despite its shallow lack of meaning, is very coherent. But let’s not beat about the bush, here. These bootbags are the thing to wear. And if you’re looking for a more rustic walk, just hold them in your hand, or if you forget your bag for groceries at home, just use one of your boots, or better both! 

5 Strange Things You Did not Know About Hitler

Adolf Hitler (born on April 20, 1889), is the person responsible for the initiation of World War II. It is true that under his leadership millions of people died, but this doesn’t make people less interested in his person. It is a perverse interest in the unexpected and unknown that makes people want to know more about Hitler. A hundred years after his birth, people started to present him in photographic representations, Memes, funny gifs and more. Like Elvis, Hitler’s life is also shrouded in mystery. The following strange things you did not know about Hitler might humanize this tyrant (we are not arguing that he wasn’t human), but they were not collected for this end. We simply want to learn more about the person responsible for the pain and suffering of millions of people.


1. Time Magazine Announced him “The Man of the Year”

Interestingly enough, in 1938, Time Magazine made Hitler the Man of the Year (it was soon corrected to Person of the Year). The next year, Joseph Stalin got nominated. This makes you question Time Magazine’s choices, who had a habit of choosing Middle Americans, Baby Boomer, and of course, Hitler as their subjects. Nevertheless, to be nominated for Person of the Year you must have power (may it be political, social or economical). Hitler was a perfect example of what evil can come from too much power.

2. He was a Lady-Killer

Mustache aside, Hitler was one serious Don Juan. He had a number of girlfriends (one of them was also his niece). Besides their passion for the Fuhrer, they shared one more thing: a taste for suicide. His last lover committed suicide, and the one before attempted it twice. She finally managed to fulfill her wish in 1945, with her lover in her arms. There are other stories of Hitler’s women. But what is more interesting, is his sexual preferences. Psychological assessments of his personality concluded that he probably adored being beaten and urinated on. Reports from his women also say that he was extremely peculiar in the sack (example: he begged to be kicked repeatedly by a woman).

3. He Invented the Concept of Blow-up Dolls


I am positive you didn’t know this one. Hitler realized that his soldiers had needs just like everybody else (sleeping with one another – for which they would be executed, or sleeping with the locals – and if they were Jewish, again, they would be executed). So what could he do in this situation? He came up with an excellent idea: the blow-up doll. The proposal was constructed, and if recorded, it would have made for a hilarious moment.

4. He slept A LOT

Hitler often woke up after 11 o’Clock. Next time your parents nag you about your sleeping schedule tell them Hitler did the same. In second case, maybe you shouldn’t. But why did Hitler sleep so much? Reports say that he was suffering from insomnia. This means that he would usually pace up and down his room until 3-4 A.M. in the morning. This is surprising, considering the success of his missions. When he would finally fall asleep, he would take at least 8 hours to wake up.

5. He was Afraid of Blades


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Hitler was so afraid of blades that he couldn’t even stand a haircut. He was mortified when someone else held a blade near him, and this usually made him feel extremely comfortable when going to the barber shop. This fear probably comes from his idea that many people want to take his life. This is the main reason why he would usually shave himself.

These are the 5 strange things you did not know about Hitler, or did you? Other interesting facts include the fact that he was a vegetarian, that he would never take his jacket off in public and that he was a high-school drop-out. But you probably already knew these ones.

4 Morbidly Fascinating True Crime Documentaries

The human mind is eternally fascinating. Every person on this world wants to know what the others are thinking about them, or about life. They want to know what their buddy is doing when nobody is watching, and let’s face it, they want to know more about what goes on in the dark underbelly of society. Criminal minds have fascinated humanity for centuries. Some criminals are so perfect that you never even realize what they are doing (heck, it could be your next-door neighbor and you might never find out).

We can definitely say that most master-minds are affected by criminality. They do not share the same emotions that regular people do, yet they manage to hide their true intentions. With the following 4 documentaries you will be able to dive into the morbidly fascinating true crime world.

Crime file Feb 13_0_0_0_0_0

Disclaimer: Some videos linked below are extremely brutal and graphic.

1. Just Melvin: Just Evil

This movie is incredibly difficult to watch. It re-tells the cruel story of a family that tries to come to terms with the legacy left by their patriarch, a pedophile (and murderer), Melvin Just. Each generation struggles with abuse and the total abandonment of maternal figures. There is one case when an oblivious mother says that a mentally ill daughter is suffering for attention. It is a proven fact that the things we experience in our childhood, we reflect to future generations without realizing it. Therefore, family members that were affected by the abuse, will pass on the same thing to their children in a eerily calm manner. The final effect will send chills down your spine.

Video: Just Melvin: Just Evil

2. The Cheshire Murders

This documentary will have you at the edge of your seat during its entire duration. It tackles the subject of a horrific outbreak of violence in Cheshire, Connecticut, and its aftermath. A family is targeted by two crooks. They do not find as much money as they wanted so they take the mother to the bank to withdraw 15.000 dollars. The family thought that this would be enough to save them, but the situation soon escalates to torture, rape, and finally, murder.

One survivor is left. Unlike other documentaries on the list, this one is done with considerable compassion. It presents the struggle of the community to help the family (or what is left of it), find closure. What makes this documentary particularly unsettling is the probability of the case happening anywhere.

Video: The Cheshire Murders

3. There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

Another morbidly fascinating true crime documentary that you might not want to watch with your family is ‘There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane’. This one is a real eye-opener which shows the extent of our inability to understand and deal with tragedy. A suburban mom is implicated in a head-on collision where she dies, and takes four children with her (+3 adults from the other vehicle).

The toxicity report proves that she was driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, but her family refuses to believe it to this day. They fight to clear her name, and the fight continues to this day.

Video: There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

4. The House of Suh

The last mention on our list of morbidly fascinating true crime documentaries is the award-winning, House of Suh, which inspires a lot of compassion. A second-generation Korean-American Andrew Suh (charismatic high-school athlete) migrates to America with his family to start a better life. Her sister, a rebellious lady, is not accepted by the family but turns out to be a successful business owner.

In the end she becomes Andrew’s guardian. Their mother dies from a tragic accident (an attack on the store owned by them). Catherine, the sister, convinces Andrews that it is all a conspiracy theory and their theory leads to a second homicide orchestrated by Catherine and carried out by Andrew. Andrew was convicted for his crime (with a life-sentence). The Documentary debates whether he is a result of a dysfunctional family, or if he had the blood of a killer all along.

Video: The House of Suh