Seven Things You Can do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Alone

As if Christmas and New Year’s weren’t already enough of a reminder to how horribly lonely and hopeless we are, Valentine’s day decided to come along and make it even more clear. While I do not believe that there is anything wrong with being single, the truth is that cheesy celebrations of love seem to have a negative effect on them. Besides the fact that Valentine’s day was invented for the sale purpose too boost chocolate, gift and flower sales, it is also the most prolific time of the year for hotline and video-chat industries. So how can partner-less people cope with it? Here are a few things that will help you have a total blast:

7. Don’t Celebrate it


You might ask us how not celebrating Valentine’s is going to be fun. Well, it’s simple: there is actually nothing special about this day. It was invented for sales purposes, so there is no reason not to make the 15th of February, or any other day a special one. Besides the fact that you don’t need a special day to reassure your partner of your feelings towards him, but if you are single you should not feel bad in any way. Also, without trying to make it sound like an anti-valentine fact, you are probably happier then the woman next to you, who’s lover is too busy/indifferent to send her flowers.

6. Watch Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is such a complete and utter fail of a movie, that it will actually make you happy that you have no lover for Valentine’s. I mean, isn’t it kind of pathetic that you need a predetermined day of love? You will definitely have a blast if you decided to watch Valentine’s Day, for Valentine’s Day.

5. Share the Non-Romantic Feels

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In the end, Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, in all its forms, even it has become more popular for couples. So just because you don’t have that special someone, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t more special someones (like family or friends) who deserve your love. Send some flowers to your mum, or take your sister out for dinner, and you will be shooting two birds with one stone: making your loved ones happy, while also blending in with the romantic fools.

4. Organize a Great Night In


Most people I know live with the misconception that staying in is lame. Sure, it may not be as glamorous as clubbing, and drinking ’till the break of dawn, then coming home in shambles, but who am I to judge. I believe that you can totally rock Valentine’s day by lounging the entire day, or calling friends over for some board games. Treat yourself to something nice, like a bottle of wine, and if you get lonely, you can always hug your friends.

3. Spoil Yourself a Bit


Most people spend so much time thinking about others, that they totally neglect themselves. Probably the best thing about not having a partner for Valentine’s day is the fact that you don’t have to waste your cash for nothing. Instead, why not treat yourself? I am positive that there is something that you’ve been craving for for a long time, so maybe it’s finally the time to buy it.

2. Party ‘Till the Break of Dawn


Instead of wallowing in self-pity, why have the time of your life? What you are probably not considering right now, is the fact that you are not the only single person for Valentine’s night. Go out, party, it doesn’t even matter if there are mostly couples going, because there’s bound to be someone just as lonely as you, maybe the hottie that you could never talk to before. Another idea would be to host your very own party, with an appropriate theme. Nobody would dare judge the host, right?

1. Volunteer

multi-ethnic volunteer group hands together

Volunteer, on Valentine’s Day? It sounds a bit outrageous, granted, but there is no better way to feel better on this day than by realizing just how insignificant this event is. Volunteering is not only extremely rewarding, but it will also help you put things in perspective.

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30 Events, Moments and Tragedies of 2013 in Photos

This year was an incredible one. It was filled with happiness, beautiful moments, but also tragedy and sadness. Much has happened across the Globe, and we can only thank photographers for being there to capture these heart-moving moments. Some of them are too much to endure, while others prove that there is still hope for humanity. Suddenly, all of my problems seem less important. The following photos really put things in perspective, and while some of them are sad, the message is positive. Live every day with all your might, do not be sad, because somewhere, out there, someone is having a harder time than you, also, never turn away from the problems of other people. We hope these pictures will give you an idea of the world you live in.

1. Twelve year old Nicholas is embraced by his father C.O. Vaudin of the Signal Regiment, on his return from Afghanistan

2. Demonstrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is shot with rubber bullets by the police force, during a protest against corruption and price hikes.

20Image Credits: Cristophe Simon -AFP – Getty Images

3. Female topless activist from the Ukraine feminist movement is kicked by a man in front of the Great Mosque of Paris, when she raises her fist in protest against Islamists.

Image Credits – AFP – Getty Images

4. Losing the Battle With Fire: A man from Pakistan falls from the burning LDA Building right after the photo was taken. 


Image Credits: Damir Sagolj – Photographer

A man wearing traditional white Pakistani clothes disappeared from the window back into the burning building. A minute later, a different man wearing black emerged from inside, but it looked like someone was holding his lifeless body. The body was slowly pushed over the edge of the window and then released. Twenty seconds later the man in white came out again. He sat calmly for a few seconds in the open window with his back turned outwards and then just fell. Source: WiderImage Reuters

5. Burning Man 2013: More than 60.000 people gather together for a week of art, and music, in the great outdoors.


6. Little Boy Cries Out and Holds Mother’s Leg in front of their House, after a 6.6 Earthquake Hit.


Image Credits: Jason Lee, Reuters

April 21, 2013: Rescuers poured into a remote corner of southwestern China on Sunday as the death toll climbed to 164, and number of injured to 6.700. (Longmen village, Lushan County in Ya’an, Sichuan)

7. Rescue Officials Near the Crash of Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 Plane on July 6,2013. Two people were killed, and 130 hospitalized.



Image Credits: Jed Jacobsohn – Reuters

8. A child is rescued from the rubble of a collapsed residential building from Mumbai, India.


9. Two Engineers lose their life when a windmill they were working on catches fire. This is the last photo taken of them alive, on October 29th 2013. 


10. Bearer Party Carries Margaret Thatcher’s Coffin to her Funeral Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral


Image Credits: Stefan Wermuth, Reuters

11. Man Without Arms and Feet, Swimming with Sharks in Singapore

Image Credits: Edgar Su

12. Alexander Bragg Falling of his Horse During the Bramham International Horse Trials


Image Credits: Anthony Chepel-Ross / The Press, York

13. Dog Keeping Worm in Somebody’s Jacket, on London Pavement


Image Credits: Stefan Wermuth – Reuters

14. Free Syrian Army Fighter Being Treated at Mah’sareen field Hospital.

4Image Credits: Jack Hill – The Times

15. Man Walking through the Rubble of the Great Mosque of Aleppo in Syria


Image Credits: Jack Hill, The Times

16. Awesome Image of World Economic Forum Attendees, as they Check Their Phones (Davos, Switzerland)


Image Credits:  Jeson Alden – Bloomberg

17. A Bahraini Anti-Government Protester Catches Flames After his Gasoline Bomb is Hit by Bullet Fired from Police Officials

Image Credits: Hasen Jamall – AP

18. Protester With Anonymus Mask Holding Brazilian Flag in Front of the Burning Barricade, Rio de Janeiro


19. Firefighter Trying to Extinguish Rim Fire on a Hillside near Groveland, California. 

Image Credits: Justin Sullivan – Getty Images

Over 2000 firefighters are battling with the flames that threaten to destroy 4500 homes near the Yosemite National Park.

20. The Embrace of Death: Unknown Couple Trying to Save Each Other from the Death Trap of Savar Rana Plaza.


Image Credits: Tasuma Akhter, Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh

21. Bolt of Lightning Hits St. Peter’s Dome on the day that Pope Benedict Announces he Will be Stepping Down.


Image Credits: ABC News

22. Terrorist Attack at the Boston Marathon: First Explosion Knocks Down Runner at the Finish Line. Police Officers draw their Guns and Attempt to Protect Contestants.


Image Credits: John Tlumachi – Boston Globe, Getty Images

23. Indian youth tries to save his life by hanging on to the power line before diving in the flood waters of the Overflowing Ganges River.


Image Credits: Sanjay Janjia – AFP – Getty Images

24. Grandmother Tammy Holmes tries to protect her grandchildren from a Wildfire in Dunalley, Australia


25. Daughter Renata Teodoro holds hands through bars of border fence with her mother, that was deported 6 years ago from the U.S. 


26. Unknown Woman Tries to Protect a Wounded Person from a Military Bulldozer during the Clashes Between security Forces and Opposition Groups in Cairo.


Image Credits: Mohammed Abdei Monelm – AFP – Getty Images

27. Young Man Jumps from the Yangtze River Bridge, Following Another Person That Committed Suicide a Few Minutes Earlier. 


STR – AFP – Getty Images

28. Chinese Tourists Run Away from Tidal Waves that Broke Along the Qiangtang River in Haining, China. 


Image Credits: Getty Images

29. Pope Francis Blessing and Praying with a Severely Disfigured Man


Image Credits: Claudio Peri – Epa – Landov

30. Mother Gives Birth to Bea Joy in a Makeshift Clinic after a Typhoon Devastated Tacloban. 


Image Credits: Erik de Castro – Reuters

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