The 13 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours

Potato chips… our supreme guilty pleasure. Few can resist them. Because they are probably the unhealthiest food on the planet, no one can doubt the fact that they are absolutely delicious. It takes courage to say no to them, that’s why this post is all about the 13 strangest potato chips flavours that will either leave you drooling, or hopelessly disgusted.

1. Lays Blueberry, Kiwi, Mango, Lychee or Plums


What more could you ask for if a healthy diet is what you are looking for? Fruit and a veggie skilfully combined in the same bag. Nevertheless I wonder who usually eats potatoes with kiwi? Or with any other fruit? Am I missing something?

2. Walkers Chilli and chocolate

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours2

Chilli and chocolate work well together, we already know that. But what’s with the potatoes in this combination? It’s simply not worth the sacrifice. Than again, chocolate and chips? They were actually created as a public request for a Do us a Flavour competition.

3. Pringles Seaweed

seaweed pringles?

This sounds better if you ask me, but nevertheless one has to travel all the way to Japan in order to taste these. They do seem less disgusting, anyway.

4. Walkers Cajun Squirrel

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours4

What’s that? Squirrel? Cajun Squirrel was just one of the six flavors that the British company selected for its Do Us a Flavour campaign in which customers were asked to vote on the flavor they most wanted to come to fruition. The other contenders? Fish and Chips, Chili and Chocolate, Crispy Duck and Hoisin, Onion Bhaji, and Builder’s Breakfast, a mix of egg, bacon, sausage and beans which took home the gold. We’ll talk about this one next.

5. Walkers Builder’s Breakfast

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours5

Modeled after the traditional English breakfast of eggs, bacon, buttered toast, and tomato sauce, it’s still hard for me to believe they’re for real. Such complexity is overwhelming for me. Keep it simple, everybody!

6. Walkers Lamb and Mint

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours6

When an oriental dish is what you are yearning for, and you’re on the other side of the planet with no money in our pocket, the alternative for a fancy dinner is represented by this outrageous lamb and mint flavor. The mint is probably here to aid digestion, and enrich the genuine taste.

7. Lay’s Salmon flavored chips

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours7

Why not?

8. Lay’s Caviar flavored chips

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours8

For the times when you feel posh. One of the most expensive foods on Earth with one of the cheapest. Meet you half way! Where??

9. Lay’s Hot and Sour Fish Soup

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours9

If you’re really in the mood for a bowl of hot and sour soup with fish in it, won’t the actual soup work? This flavor is definitely for the obsessed consumers that would kill for intense and stimulating” hot and sour soup with fish in it any time anywhere.

10. Jiminy Chips Chocolate Marshmallow

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours10

Sweet potato chips… de-li-ci-ous! You can have them for dessert, after the hot and sour fish soup ones.

11. Lay’s Cucumber

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours11

Cucumber-flavored potato chips? Cucumber-flavored potato chips.

12. Walkers 2010 World Cup Chips

The 13 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours12

In honor of the 2010 World Cup, Walkers made a limited-edition line of truly strange chips, apparently in order to celebrate all the different teams competing. What they ended up with was Spanish Chicken Paella, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, French Garlic Baguette, Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and Australian BBQ Kangaroo. LOL! I wonder how the Australian kangaroo type tasted like.

13. Walkers Marmite

The 13 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours13

This is basically a sticky, brown, salty yeast extract from the U.K. But some chips with this flavor are loaded with umami; therefore once you open the bag, no one could ever stop you.


Here’s all the proof you need that potato chips are insanely unhealthy. But who am I to tell you what to eat and when to eat? I think I’m going to get a bag of salmon chips as soon as possible.

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth

Some don’t care so much about privacy and are either forced, or choose to live in overwhelmingly crowded neighbourhoods. In the following post we’ll have a look at the 6 most crowded neighbourhoods on Earth.

The inspiration for this article comes from Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, which was demolished back in 1993. Its population increased dramatically following the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II. In 1987, the Walled City contained 33,000 residents within its 0.010 square miles borders. From the 1950s to the 1970s, it was controlled by Triads and had high rates of prostitution, gambling, and drug use. According to a government survey in 1987 an estimated 33,000 people resided within the Walled City. Based on this survey, the Walled City had a population density of approximately 3,250,000 per square mile in 1987.

1.     Mathare slum, Nairobi, Kenya

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth1

Mathare Slum is one of the oldest and the worst slums in Africa. Situated three miles east of Nairobi city’s central business district, Mathare slum is home to over 700,000 people occupying an area of two miles long by one mile wide. Because of congestion, survival is a daily battle for the resident’s against the backdrop of diseases, crime, prostitution and lawlessness.

2.     Rocinha favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth2

It is widely considered to be one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest, most densely populated and urbanized slums. The community has a population estimated at 69,161, according to a 2010 survey, who live crammed into a steep and rugged landscape of only 0.80 square miles. Compared to simple slums, Rocinha has a better-developed infrastructure and hundreds of businesses such as banks, medicine stores, bus lines or cable television.

3.     Santa Cruz del Islote, Island, Colombia

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth3

Santa Cruz del Islote is a small Colombian island of only 2.4 acres, but it’s home to over 1200 people. There is currently no electricity on Santa Cruz and the Colombian navy ships bring drinking water to the island, once every three weeks. Moreover there are no locked doors here, and at night, dozens of people gather in their neighbors’ homes to watch popular soap operas.

4.     Marine Lines, Mumbai, India

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth4

The name Marine Lines is derived from the Marine Battalion Lines, a military establishment built by the British in the 1800s. It does not have a large residential population but it has an enormous floating population consisting of office-workers, traders and shopkeepers. It is claimed to be the most densely populated areas in the world, with 291,981 people per square mile.

5.     Mong Kok, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth5

With its extremely high population density of 340,000 per square mile, Mong Kok was described as probably the busiest district in the world. Mong Kok preserves its traditional characteristics with an array of markets, small shops, and food stalls that have already disappeared from other areas during the past several decades of economic developments. As such, a few of these streets in Mong Kok have acquired interesting nicknames reflecting their own characteristics

6.     Dharavi slums, Mumbai, India

The 6 Most Crowded Neighbourhoods on Earth6

You might know Dharavi from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Dharavi is the name given to an area of over 50 neighborhoods east of Mahim and Bandra. It’s estimated that these neighborhoods of Dharavi contribute anything from US$500 million to US$1 billion to Mumbai’s economy. In these slums you’ll find a variety of well documented, ingenious recycling programs as well as a thriving textile and tanning industry. The slum grew in part because of expulsion of factories and residents from peninsular city center by colonial government, and from rural poor migrating into urban Mumbai, at that time called Bombay. Dharavi’s total population estimates vary between 300,000 to about 1 million. It currently covers an area of 535 acres.

So consider yourself lucky for not having to live in such crowded areas where one has to basically live shoulder to shoulder with accidental strangers and be constrained to treat them as family.

Hallelujah! It’s Raining Weird Stuff

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why weird things were falling out of it? This is something that people all over the world have done or are doing right now.


Weird Stuff and Raining Fish

Lluvia de peces, they said. Who the hell are you talking to? I said. The Honduran city of Yoro is famous for not many things but one of them is the fish that rain there. That’s right; every single year during the last century the start of the rainy season has seen a shower of small fish fall from the sky here. There’s even an annual festival to celebrate the fact, so it must be true.


Raining Spiders

If you hate spiders then don’t go to Salta in Argentina. Ever. A guy who was taking a trip to the mountains there got caught in a storm and was amazed to see the ground covered with Incy Wincys of different colours. How did this happen? I have no idea and don’t know why you think I would.

A Meteorite

Meteorite and Raining Weird Things

If you hate fish and spiders then I guess you might prefer a whopping great meteorite to fall from outer space and smack you about the place. The first known person to have been hit by a meteorite was Ann Elizabeth Hodges. This happened in 1954 and she was lucky to only receive a nasty bruise after a chunk of the rock when through her roof, hit a radio and rebounded onto her.


Raining Money

What would you do if a lot of cash suddenly started falling from the sky? If you aren’t sure then can I humbly suggest scooping up as much of the filthy lucre as possible while screaming in a high pitched, demented way? That’s certainly what I would do. This actually happened in Russia in 1940, although I can’t be sure about the demented screaming bit. The only catch was that the coins were from the 16th century. The most plausible explanation was that an old treasure has been uncovered by the elements and then thrown up into the air in a storm. Actually, that’s not really very plausible at all.


Raining Frogs

If there is one thing I would really hate to fall from the sky onto my head it is a bunch of slimy frogs or toads. What’s the difference between these two different types of horrible amphibians anyway? Is it that frogs have better tasting legs and are slightly less ugly? Back in 1794 a group of French soldiers were in a place called Lalain when heavy rain began. In with the conventional type of precipitation there were loads of toads. The strange thing is that this is a relatively common occurrence across the world.

Dead Birds

Raining Dead Birds

Thousands of dead birds fell from the skies above Arkansas and Louisiana a while back. Poor little things.

Red Rain

Weird Things and Red Rain

After all that weird stuff it is nice to talk about good old fashioned rain for a change. Except that it is red rain. Like blood, or the watery kind of ketchup you buy from a cheap supermarket in the week before you get paid. It fell in Kerala in India in a bizarre rainy season with other colours of rain as well. Scientists think that it might be due to the presence of red algae spores but personally I think that it might be a sign that the world is finally about to end.

The Strangest Stuff People Have Found in Their Food

There are few things better in life than biting into a tasty bit of food. Sadly, there are few things worse than biting into food and finding something you didn’t expect to be there.

The Swastika Sandwich

The Strangest Stuff People Have Found in Their Food

This is a bit of a strange story that has been in the news lately. A lady from North Carolina bought a chicken sandwich from McDonalds. Bizarrely, she found a swastika symbol on the bun. Hang on a second; I’m not generally in the habit of opening my sandwiches to see the potentially provocative designs on the interior of the bun but maybe I should start doing so. Do other people already do this? In fact, after seeing the rest of the strange stuff found in food we will probably all start doing that from now on.

The Glove Loaf

Strange Stuff People Have Found in Their Food

If there’s one thing you don’t expect to find in a loaf of bread it is, well, an oven glove baked into it. Yet, this is exactly what a lady from Northern Ireland discovered one weird day. The shredded glove was spread throughout the loaf and looks rather horrible if we are being honest.

The Wire Brush Sandwich

Strange Stuff Found in Food

When a young chap from England unexpectedly found a wire brush in his chicken sandwich the staff apparently just laughed and offered him an exchange. It isn’t clear whether this meant a new chicken sandwich or a different type of cleaning implement.

The Frog and Vegetables Mix

Strange Stuff Found in Food

When you rip open a bag of frozen vegetable there is usually very little to get excited about. Sure, there will be frozen peas, rock solid carrots and other vegetables that have been, frankly, frozen. However, what if a frozen amphibian popped out as well? Sure, that would be fun and would add a frisson of excitement to your day. The lucky old Hoffman family got a frog-based treat like this one day.

The Knife Sandwich

Strange Stuff Found in Food

You’re kind of used to all those vaguely annoying questions in Subway by now, aren’t you? Do you want cheese? What kind of cheese do you want? Would you like a weird sauce with it? Now it seems as though they need to ask what kind of knife you want in there too. Do you want a bread knife, a cleaver or a dagger with that? This guy went for the 6 inch serrated option. Nice choice.

The Chicken Head

Strange Stuff Found in Food

You have probably already heard about this one but I included it anyway, because that’s the kind of thing I do just to annoy you. In this case, the weird aspect is that it is the only of the strange things found in food on this list that shouldn’t be revolting, yet it is the most famous. Let’s face it; if you ate the rest of old Foghorn Leghorn you might as well scoff his freaking head as well.

The Screw Cornbread

Strange Stuff Found in Food

I’m going to come right out here and brazenly admit that I have no idea what a jalapeno cornbread is meant to taste like. Hot, I guess. Kind of cornbready too, if my instincts haven’t failed me. However, one thing I can guarantee you is that it isn’t really meant to have a screw in it. Yet, this woman went to a restaurant chain called Luby’s and that is what she got. At first, she thought it was a really tough bit of jalapeno.

The Real Names That Famous People Didn’t Want You to Know About

If you were incredibly famous the last thing you would want is for the whole world to know that you had a real name you didn’t like or didn’t want to use. In fact, you would do what these smart people did and change the blooming thing as soon as you could.

John Wayne –Marion Robert Morrison

Real Names of Famous People

The strangest thing about John Wayne’s parents isn’t the fact that that called their son Marion. Oh no, it was the fact that they decided to change his name after he was born but left in the stupid Marion bit. He went from Marion Robert Morrison to Marion Mitchell Morrison in the blink of an eye. You can just imagine his parents sitting up at night looking at the little cowboy sleeping like an angel. “There’s something about that name that ain’t right but I just can’t put my darned finger on it. Hell, let’s lose the Robert. That ought to make it better”.

Elton John – Reginald Kenneth Dwight

Real Names of Famous People

I need to start off by apologizing to anyone out there who has a name anything like Elton’s real name. Come on though; it just sucks, doesn’t it? To be fair, his bizarre use of wigs and hats has ensured that you couldn’t take him too seriously even if he was called Big Daddy or John Wayne.

MC Hammer – Stanley Kirk Burrell

Real Names of Famous People

For about 2 days in 1990 I wanted to be MC Hammer and wear pants that had enough room to fit a couple of dozen live chickens in them. Stop! Hammer Time I would have said to everyone while looking astonishingly cool and not at all like a guy who ripping off some other dude’s funky song.

Vanilla Ice – Robert Matthew Van Winkle

Real Names of Famous People

You can’t have Hammer without Ice. Mr Van Winkle sang about ice and he sang about turtles. I liked him.

Big Daddy – Shirley Crabtree

Real Names of Famous People

Unless you led a sad life watching Saturday daytime TV in the UK in the 1970s and 80s you might not have ever heard of Big Daddy. That’s a shame because…actually, I can’t think of any good reason why that would be a shame. He started his life as Shirley Crabtree, which is a name even Johnny Cash would have struggled to sing about. The good news for young Shirley is that he turned into a hulking young man and become a wrestler known to the world as (drum roll please) Blond Adonis Shirley Crabtree. Hang on; wouldn’t changing his name to Big Daddy be a better move?

Stevie Wonder – Steveland Judkins

Real Names of Famous People

I know absolutely no one who is called Steveland. The surname Judkins is also a new one to me, although I have to admit that I have never come across any other members of the Wonder clan over the years either. What does all of this prove? Sweet Fanny Adams, to be honest.

Dido – Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong

Real Names of Famous People

I always thought that Dido was her real name. Now it turns out that she’s got a name that sounds like a gothic church in Ireland that was founded by French monks on acid.

Martin Sheen – Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez

Real Names of Famous People

I genuinely had no idea that Martin’s parents were Spanish and Irish. I also didn’t know that his left arm was 3 inches shorter than his right due to being crushed by the forceps when he was born. That’s the power of Wikipedia, people.

Fred Astaire – Frederick Austerlitz

Real Names of Famous People

Having a surname that sounds like a famous battle won by Napoleon in 1805 that changed the world obviously didn’t appeal to Fred (jeez, this Wikipedia stuff is addictive).