Which Are The Best Perfumes for Women According to Men

Perfumes for Women

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, likewise, scent is in the nose of the smeller. The pleasant industry of perfumes is one of the most subjective ones. A fashionista may be able, with some training, to get over her hatred for crocs or denim jackets if the hottest trend at the moment dictates it. After all, it’s all about aesthetic. Perfumes, on the other hand? It’s very difficult to get over the subjectivity of wearing a scent that you dislike and that makes you want to take fifty showers to get off. And don’t think that’s an exaggeration either. We can’t control our reactions when we encounter an odor that we just don’t like, which is why we can find them so repulsive.

When something like this happens, can we really risk shunning our beloved ones away from us by wearing a perfume they absolutely hate? You might be really fond of your magnolia and peony Gucci fragrance, but if those around you are this close to filing a restraining order because of it, is it really worth it?

Most of the time, this is the case of boyfriends and husbands. As the stereotype has it, there are some men that truly don’t pay much attention to tedious little details, like subtle hairstyle changes or a change in nail polish color. Sometimes they may not even notice you’ve traded your Gucci flagrance for a Versace, but the moment a scent that doesn’t resonate with them reaches their noses, they can definitely notice that.

Surely, all men are different and just how much attention to detail they possess varies from one case to another. But generally speaking, there are some perfumes for women that most of them can agree on.

Perfumes For Women

The “Girl Next Door” Fragrance

Just like attires and accessories, perfumes need to be matched to the situation. When making a run to the grocery store or when meeting up with your significant other at the park, you can’t be wearing the luxurious Body by Burberry, for example. When several researchers started a quest dedicated to the discovery of male preferences in terms of perfumes for women, they concluded that many like a scent that oozes clean simplicity.

Don’t we all like the feeling of having just taken a shower? It doesn’t only feel good, it smells good too. The interviewed gentlemen all gave a big thumbs–up to the natural and refreshing scents. Top examples for this particular odor include Dior’s famed orchid-infused J’adore and the Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, which soothes our senses with its blend of freesia and dewy greens.

Perfumes For Women

Don’t Wear Your Desserts

As far as scents that are at the bottom of the preference list go, many men have agreed that anything that resembles the smell of food isn’t exactly the epitome of sensuality. In this instance, strangely enough, chocolate is one of the least preferred fragrances. It’s something that we can easily agree with, given the fact that it’s a fairly tricky odor that requires a certain level of mastery to get right. However, its eternal ice-cream rival vanilla is actually one of the best exceptions to the rule.

It’s understandable why vanilla would be a hit among men and women alike. It’s of exotic origins and it’s a scent that can be recognized from a mile away. Moreover, its incredible versatility leaves room for plenty of combinations and fusions. Clean Skin experimented with this versatility, offering us a fragrance that took the mellifluous scent of vanilla and melded it with musk and amber.

Perfumes For Women

Sex Appeal via Woods and Florals

This might come off as a surprise, but wearing a spicy and woody fragrance can make a huge impact during a first meeting. Men who had come in contact with the musky scents said that a woman wearing this perfume leaves the impression of outgoingness and independence. In fact, some of them were completely won over by the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy, whose soft wood scents, pepper, and vanilla orchid combination really lives up to the name.

But an even bigger surprise is the fact that the smell behind some of the most popular perfumes for women wasn’t all that appreciated. Flowers are the foundation of essentially every fragrance, we know that, but it seems like many of these classics have become outdated. Some men have stated that perfumes that reek too strongly of flowers remind them of “an old lady.” That obviously doesn’t mean flowers should become the pariahs of the perfume industry. It’s all narrowed down to the right balance of flowery scents, like in the case of Dior Addict 2, which is a classy lily of the valley flagrance that was a huge hit among the gentlemen who partook in the research.

Perfumes For Women

The Scent of Luxury

This, right here, explains why some sweet flowery perfumes flopped during the experiment. Although the majority of men generally prefer their lifelong partners to be younger, they don’t seem to want them to smell according to their age. When asked why, they simply said that they don’t want the fragrance to make them feel like they’re going out with a high school girl. This is why sophisticated and mature perfumes of the likes of Si Lolita and Daisy Marc Jacobs managed to appeal to the senses of the men who tried them.

Perfumes like the famous Burberry Body fragrance smell like luxury, which instantly give a boost of femininity. Funnily, this isn’t the best part. The conductor of the research also concluded that these scents make men estimate the woman wearing them as twelve pounds thinner than her actual weight. That being said, don’t avoid spicy floral scents because they can turn you into a walking goddess of sophistication.

The moral of this story is simple: have courage and experiment. Naturally, don’t lose grip on your identity when choosing to pursue one of these vibes mentioned above. Perfumes do more than shroud us in a pleasant scent. They tell a story, something about who we are, and they can often be incredibly influential factors in a first-time meeting.

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The Seinfeld Cast – Their Best Moments on the Show

Seinfeld Cast

During the 90’s, the sitcom genre was at the peak of its glory. Being a field with harsh competition, many productions were lost in the sea of content that came with the genre’s popularity. They all probably need to thank Seinfeld for that since it was, quite literally, the TV show that defined last millennium’s whole decade. Statistics can easily back up that statement, given how many records and superlatives were part of the Seinfeld brand. Record audiences and an advertising profit that was second only to the Super Bowl itself made the show a titan and gave Jerry Seinfeld a net worth that many can only dream of.

I’ve always had this theory that great stories can be easily summed up in one sentence – their premises, at least. But then again, going into greater detail would mean to give away some twists and turns. In Seinfeld, we get to follow stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld through his escapades with friend George, ex-girlfriend Elaine, and neighbor Kramer.

As expected, it’s likely difficult for someone who’s seen the show to associate the Seinfeld cast with any other characters than their show parts. Being the iconic show that it is, plenty of quotes and memorable scenes have managed to live on beyond the sitcom’s ending in 1998. Once we begin reminiscing about the best ones, it will be easy to easy to see why the mark of Seinfeld is always going to follow those who partook in it.

How to Respond to Telemarketers

Seinfeld Cast

Here’s something that I’m sure many of us can relate to. There was a time when every time the phone rang, I’d dread that at the other end of the line was a poor soul whose job was to sell something via phone. In ninety percent of the cases, nothing was actually sold since most conversations ended with the customer being annoyed – if they ever got that far to begin with.

In this particular scene, Jerry deals with a pesky telemarketer in a traditional Seinfeld way – with ingenious and quirky humor, to be exact. Jerry asks for the telemarketer's phone number and, when being denied, asks why. The telemarketer promptly responds that he doesn't want to be disturbed at home. ‘Now you know how I feel' – is Seinfeld's outstanding answer. It’s not unnecessarily rude and it invoked a little bit of guilt tripping too. Naturally, that’s not going to stop the telemarketer from ever making any phone calls again. It’s their job, after all.

Elaine’s Leg Dance

Seinfeld Cast

No other dance moves have been as questionable as these ones (until Drake came along, at least). Elaine holds a pretty great toast which is grandly ended with the Patsy Cline saying, “Here’s to those who wish us well and those who don’t can go to hell.” Of course, this is Elaine we’re talking about, so something bad needs to happen to ruin the moment. In this particular case, she shuffles to the dance floor and starts busting some moves that can only be defined as “spastic.” And speaking of the previously mentioned Drake, it was so bad that there have been remixes of this scene where Elaine is swaying to the beats of Hotline Bling. Never go full Hotline Bling, man.

“These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty”

Seinfeld Cast

Elaine, George, and Kramer are Jerry’s friends, sure, but their whole lives don’t revolve around him. The show’s creators have made sure to properly develop them into characters of their own with subplots and worries that, together, can perfectly fill up the thirty-minute runtime. But whenever our favorite characters are united by a common element, it’s always a delight.

In Season 3, Episode 11, Kramer manages to land a role in an upcoming Woody Allen flick, where all he has to do is deliver the now memorable “These pretzels are making me thirsty” line. All four of them consequently use the phrase throughout the episode, trying to figure out the best way that it’s supposed to be delivered. The downside of this episode, though, has to be the fact that Jerry Seinfeld admitted in 2012 that The Alternate Side was his least favorite episode. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the pretzels, but rather with the fact that the “patient who suffered a stroke” storyline from Elaine’s subplot made him uncomfortable.

Kramer at the Dojo

Seinfeld Cast

Every Seinfeld character brings its own spice to the show, by providing different types of humor. In Kramer’s case, this humor strongly relied on excess, extravagance, and lots of zany physical movements. He was definitely a tiny bit loony, but that was his biggest charm. This hilarious scene comes after Kramer states that he is the undefeated champion at his dojo. And if you thought that there was something fishy going on, you were absolutely right, as it turns out that Kramer was the only adult at that course. It’s a typical Kramer thing to do, which is why this moment is almost definitive of his character.

The Soup Nazi

Seinfeld Cast

No one has been able to make soup look as threatening as the infamous Soup Nazi. His first encounter with George in Season 7, Episode 6 is one of the most memorable moments of the show, one that made critics and viewers alike consider this as one of the best episodes of the series. As the name suggests, there is nothing good that can come out of a person whose nickname ends in “Nazi” and this is perfectly played out in the scene of the first meeting between the Larry Thomas character, George, and Jerry.

Consequently, pretty much all characters go to order a soup at the stand and end up doing something that ticks the Soup Nazi off. And every time that happens, he takes the order back and delivers the infamous “No soup for you” line. Let’s be honest – he’s one of those characters that you are glad to see because you just know the upcoming scene is going to be excellent.

All of these scenes are, in my opinion, the most memorable scenes of each of the Seinfeld cast. Naturally, even though they are definite trademarks for the type of humor all of them manage to bring, Seinfeld excels precisely at being more than just a typical sitcom. It’s multi-faceted, it’s engaging, and it makes you care about these characters.

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10 Most Haunted Castles In The World

Here is a question to think about: if you were a character in a horror movie, which trope do you think you would fall into? Ideally, we would all be the one character who makes it through all the way to the end, but in order to do that, I'm thinking we would need to put any hints of curiosity behind us. I mean, yes, I know that protagonists tend to eventually come face to face with the serial killer/ghost/doll tormenting them, usually because they can't help sticking their noses in places they should normally run away from.

But, realistically, your survival odds are basically proportional to how much you want to keep away from any strange occurrences. My point is, I've always liked to believe that I was a person with enough common sense to avoid uncomfortable situations, but compiling this list of the 10 Most Haunted Castles In The World, I'm kind of starting to doubt everything. I definitely feel the unnatural urge to go and explore most of them, but, actually, I think this is just in theory. In reality, I would probably make sure to not be in a one thousand mile radius with them.

1. Beaumaris Castle, Wales

Most Haunted Castles In The World - Beaumaris

The Beaumaris Castle was built in 1330 and today it looks like the ruin of an ancient fortress from Lord of the Rings. But don't let the picturesque landscape surrounding it trick you; the castle's chambers echo with the tune of mysterious chants, captured in recordings by the various guests who stepped through its doors. More than that, you might want to stray off from this place if you get squeamish at the idea of being haunted by the dreadful feeling of someone watching you.

2. Erasmus Castle, South Africa

Erasmus - Most Haunted Castles In The World

Not all haunted places have to look like they're haunted. Some can look new, like a peaceful church-resembling building that's commonly used for cultural gatherings. With so many people passing through Erasmus' threshold, there's no wonder that there are plenty of claims that support its alleged paranormal nature. Among some of the most common occurrences witnessed by visitors, we count windows that are lit in inaccessible areas of the castle and strange human noises.

3. Franklin Castle, Ohio

Franklin, One Of TheMost Haunted Castles In The World

Speaking of places that are so blatantly obviously haunted, that you might as well rename them to “Ghosts Inside, Don't Enter.” The Franklin Castle is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the USA. Within its walls, you can find many secret passages, strange trap doors and a basement tunnel that goes on for miles. Although, what really made this building's fame spread is the fact that a chamber filled with children's skeletons was discovered. This place basically sounds like it would make a fantastic filming set for American Horror Story: Castle.

4. Charleville Castle, Ireland

Most Haunted Castles In The World Include Charleville

This castle is more famous than I will ever be. It's already well known for being one of the most haunted locations in Ireland, and it was featured in a multitude of TV shows that explore the paranormal. It's said that within the walls of the Charleville Castle lurks the ghost of Harriet, the eight-year-old daughter of the third Earl, who died after she fell down the stairs.

5. Akershus Castle, Norway

Akershus, Among The Most Haunted Castles In The World

A fortification that originates from the 13th century, it was initially built in order to protect Oslo, Norway's capital. In the 20th century, though, it was converted into a prison that became the home of countless of horrible deeds done by the Nazis during World War II. Akershus is said to be so haunted, that even the dog that used to guard the gate is now a ghost roaming the grounds of the castle.

6. Himeji Castle, Japan

Most Haunted Castles In The World - Himeji

Japanese architecture is truly a thing of beauty, but the Himeji Castle is a rose that also has its thorns. It's thought to house many eerie happenings, but the spotlight goes towards its well, believed to be bound to the ghost of Okiku, a character from Japanese mythology. At night, the spirit rises from the well, counts to nine, then returns to its depths after letting out a gut-knotting shriek.

7. Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland

Ballygally - Most Haunted Castles In The World

So, say you have a castle that's pretty creepy looking and almost one hundred percent filled with ghosts. What should you do? Turn it into a hotel, of course! The star of the cast of spirits roaming the hallways of Ballygally Castle is Madam Nixon, the former tenant herself. She allegedly wears a silk dress and is often seen in a room from the corner turret.

8. Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Houska, One Of The Most Haunted Castles In The World

Most haunted places are tied to the death of some kind of inhabitant of the respective household, but Houska Castle is something different entirely. It's one of the most famed haunted sites in Europe, but also one of the most mysterious. The castle has no fortifications, which indicates that it wasn't built to house a ruler or defend the surroundings. Instead, it's said that it was built over a hole that was a portal to hell, and the castle's construction was meant to put a stop to the terrifying creatures crawling out of it.

9. Castle Of Bardi, Italy

Most Haunted Castles In The World Include Castle Of Bardi

The Castle of Bardi has a romantic tragedy tied to its name. A man by the name Moroello, who was an army captain, committed suicide within the castle's walls after he found out that his love, Soleste, had ended her life because she believed he had died on the battlefield. Moroello's ghost is said to roam the hallways of the castle, not being able to find peace until he finds Soleste again.

10. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

Dragsholm, Among The Most Haunted Castles In The World

Many ghosts have been reported to lurk around Dragsholm Castle, but most notable is that of a so called White Lady. She is allegedly the ghost of a girl who'd been locked by her father in her own room, because she had fallen in love with a commoner. This theory was supported when a group of construction workers uncovered in the 20th century a recess, where they found a small skeleton wearing a dress.

What do you say? Would you be willing to book tickets to one of these destinations and pay a visit to one of the castles mentioned above? If it's of any comfort, most of the reported happenings show that there is no real malevolence in the ghosts present between the walls of their respective castles. Except for the Houska Castle; a gate to hell built underneath it? Even I have my limits. Whether these 10 Most Haunted Castles In The World give you chills or raise your adrenaline, there is definitely something spooky going on with them, regardless of its nature.

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Top 10 Earth Faces Rarely Seen

The Earth faces are many and complex, the green-blue image is terribly nice, but it is seen so often that we are tired of it. Fortunately, NASA and other similar organizations are regularly thinking up new methods to imagine the plenty of terrestrial procedures taken for granted.

 1. Earth’s Plasma Sphere


The plasma sphere is the inner part of Earth’s magnetic field and it is fantastic. Recently, astronomers have seen a continuous flux of particles between these magnetic charged areas, developing a terrestrial model of the solar winds.

 2. Earth Magnetism


Even if NASA mostly observes the space, in 2004 the organization turned its eye toward Terra. And, with some help from the US Geological Study, they created the model of magnetic fields across the world. The lithosphere magnetism flaws can expose many things, such as water tanks, earthquake risks and even the Earth’s geological progress.

 3. Earth in False Colors


The overview was made by the Mercury Double Picture System’s wide-angle, 10 wavelength–spanning ultra-camera. It is like a true-color (blue, green and red), yet it trades in infrared for the blue shades because our environment scatters all blue light. Infrared gets through unencumbered and is a much clearer picture. Plant-life shows near infrared waves and since this wavelength is allocated to noticeable red in the picture, we see this unusually shaded Earth.

4. Earth Breathing


The Environmental Infrared Observer is the greatest unsung idol of meteorology and accountable for single-handedly enhancing predicting precision more than all other tools in the past several years. Its partner in “criminal activities”, the Average Quality Spectroradiometer), contradicts traditional theories and watches plants and carbon oxides while making the pole-to-pole transportation over the low-Earth orbit.

 5. Earth Lightnings


You will want to avoid the darkish red areas, which signify electric hot regions, but the violet and grayish areas are much more secure and relatively without any dangerous phenomenon.

Thanks to the attractive maps, a couple of models are noticeable. Huge swaths of sea stay lightning-free. Large systems of water are relatively cool because the water is more resistant against Sun’s heating touch.

 6. Earth Wind Map


It is completely entertaining, and you can muck around with features by simply clicking “earth” in the low left area of the image. Wind speed is calculated across a shade range, with blue and green comprising the gentlest of winds. As you zoom in, a wider range of colors is exposed, and moving your pointer along this range shows accurate numbers.

7. Earth's Rainfalls


We can see a year’s worth of international rainfall in moments and it is proof of the masterdom in orbital studies. NASA and JAXA have joined up to make the most extensive rainfall map up to now, and the Global Precipitation Statistic objective efficiently created its first international map of rainfall and snow.

8. Earth's Oceans Currents


NASA’s Image Creation Studio room compacted plenty of satellite-hours and more than a decade of findings into a 10-minute-long film, the Everlasting Sea. It includes an interval from July 2004 to Dec 2014, and an even more cut down edition of the video is available hereon the Internet. It is an excellent mixture of technology and art, and NASA wants that similar animations will make this work available to the public

9. Earth's Radiations


NASA’s CERES (Clouds and the Earth’s Radiation Energy System) is a program for calculating Earth’s solar range, a sensitive balance between all solar rays consumed and shifted back into space. The system paths shortwave rays, or reflected sunshine, as well as long wave rays, or warm radiations created by Earth.

10. Earth's Outer Space Trash Map

space junk

We people are fairly bad with contamination, and in the past decades, we have converted Earth orbit into dirty cosmic junkyard. Over 500,000 items of space detritus are going around the world right now, at absolutely terrifying speed of up to 15,000 miles per hour.

Top 10 Scary Short Movies

Our list of top 10 scary short movies  represents the best of the best when it comes to creepy sensations over just a few minutes of online video streaming.

10. Blinky

The short movie Blinky, created by Irish movie writer and director Ruairi Robinson, is taking place in our not-so-distant future, when automatic family assistants are everywhere.


The film is probably a comment on the versatility of the brilliant and emotional human thoughts, from the viewpoint of a robot’s mindset. So, a truly synthetic intellect, capable of emotional or social connections, can be suffering from emotional and physical stress as a person would be.

9. Thresher


“Thresher” is quite a scary thriller made for the Guillermo Del Toro & Legendary Pictures' “House of Horrors” contest. The movie follows the challenges of a man in a chained up space. He discovers the combination of a lock not knowing what is on the other side, and time is running out.

8. Unwind


Using only a small budget, this movie was shot in just one room with filming techniques that are at the claustrophobia edge. Actually, the girl’s eyes are the most interesting part of the film, but the motion of the camera insists of them, while the bone saws and ripping skin can haunt you long time after you have finished it.

7. The Gift


Design and filming are The Gift's most powerful traits; from its Half-Life-esque security officers to the snootiest robots, it is obvious that this short movie has plenty of style to spare. Nevertheless, what is most impressive there is the quantity of atmosphere building that occurs in such a short period, creating energy and effort.

6. Vacuity


Even if it has its issues (the character recites an impressive countdown to connect both of his own hands), the scenario has conversation so hokey, it will make you wonder if they created a Sci-fi movie or a never ending monologue. It is good to notice that the voice-acting casting from Resident Evil has now another piece of art under its belt.

5. Ruin


This one stunning and specific movie you can see, and it is a five-minute continuous sci-fi story on the Internet. The scenario of the film will seem a bit general at first – it is just gray colors and damaged roadways – but that is not always bad. Sure, the whole apocalypse environment has been explored before, and now it is truly creepy.

4. Rosa


If you like only one scary sci-fi battle in high-definition, then Rosa is where the action is. You can really see the cracking skin on the skeletons, and it completely offers an entertainment value. Maybe the show biz industry is just behind the independent movies, but this short movie is an example of how the audience can be totally captivated, and in a good way.

3. Abe


The movie looks a bit simple and inexpensive for the first moments, but at least have patience and you will immerge slowly into it. Do not let the most gratuitous critics either frighten you away or have unrealistic expectations from a short film created on a tight budget. Keep with it, since it begins as a pretty general story, it easily gets better into a bunch of sci-fi assault bullets.

2. Perfect Drug

perfect drug

“Perfect Drug” is an unusual mix of twisted humor, sci-fi and unique visuals all turned into an amazingly consistent story of a man who unintentionally drinks from a radiant vial that he has stolen from a drugstore for his manager. It was written by Belgian movie maker Toon Aerts, produced by Czar Films, a firm which makes ads, especially for cars.

1. Paralyzed


Showcases and darkness, playful lighting and funny music – if the components of scary movies came together and thrown without any logic into your face, the outcome would be “Paralyzed.” The brief story gives a strange feeling that many individuals have actually experienced – sleep paralysis – and develops a slinking and featureless appearance under the intangible fear.