10 Amazing Facts About Daniel Radcliffe

Nicknamed The Boy Who Lived, Daniel Radcliffe has reached stardom through his role as the beloved wizard Harry Potter. However, he managed to approach other roles and leave behind the character that was his trademark for so many years. Most recently we saw him in Victor Frankenstein, Kill Your Darlings and The Woman in Black. Radcliffe has also been involved in various other projects like musicals, and he has been known to do charity work.

It can be hard to imagine that there’s much left to find out about such a popular actor, but somehow there are 10 amazing facts about Daniel Radcliffe that you might have not heard about.

1. The alcohol problems

Among the 10 amazing facts about Daniel Radcliffe is his talent for poetry.

Daniel has struggled with alcohol, as he has stated on a WTF podcast of Marc Maron. This happened right at the end of the Harry Potter filming period, when he was living alone. However, he managed to get rid of his addiction and has been free of it for about two years. It seems that living in the U.S. has greatly helped with his recovery.

2. The waxing

The actor admitted to the Empire Magazine that he endured the painful process of waxing his bum for the stage production named Equus. The stage show did include some nudity and Daniel was very conscious about this.

3. The poisoning

The fact that Daniel poisoned himself is one of the 10 amazing facts about Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel managed to get really ill on the set of the Horns movie. The motion picture was filmed in Canada under very low temperatures. As a result, anti-freeze was used to keep some pipes from freezing. However, the actor wasn’t aware of this fact as he drank a glass of water with anti-freeze. What a bummer.

4. The Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a disorder of neurological type which affects the coordination between your hands and your eyes. The disorder was however one of the reasons Daniel pursued acting, since it seems it influenced his capabilities in school.

5. The Portrait at the National Portrait Gallery

Daniel Radcliffe has a portrait at the National Portrait Gallery.

The National Portrait Gallery in London houses the portraits of many historical figures and British royalty, as well as Daniel Radcliffe’s. The actor is the youngest person not related to royalty to have his portrait displayed in the famed gallery, at only 16 years old.

6. The Bullying

According to Daniel, he has been bullied by his colleagues in school. It seems being a very popular child actor can cause trouble with classmates. He had reportedly gotten in a fight with someone 5 years older than him and was punched in the face.

7. The First Role

Daniel almost didn't get the role of Harry Potter.

This might come as a surprise to some, but Daniel’s first acting role was not Harry Potter, but the young David Copperfield in the movie with the same name from 1999. The movie was part of a series on BBC. This role was followed by another one in 2001 in The Tailor Of Panama, where he acted alongside Brendan Gleeson, Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis.

8. The Refusal

Apparently Daniel’s parents were not as excited as the rest of us about the Harry Potter movies. At least, not in the beginning. The reason was that all the movies were supposed to be filmed in Los Angeles. However, Chris Columbus decided that there was only one Harry, and that was Daniel. As a result, the movies were shot in the UK.

9. The Poetry

The design for the bed is one of the 10 amazing facts about Daniel Radcliffe.

Under the name of Jacob Gershon, Daniel published poems in 2007 in the Rubbish magazine. Even though he took another name to hide his identity, it was found later on that was the true author, and his talent was appreciated.

10. The Bed

Apart from his skills as an actor and poet, Daniel also has creativity for design. He designed a bed in order to donate the royalties to the Demelza House Children’s Hospice, his favorite charity. The bed looks a cube and was intended for the VIP kid’s range at Habitat.

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