10 Animal Videos That Will Make You Cry

Christian The Lion

1. The true story (we checked on Snopes!) from Christian the Lion. The story (video quality shows it was clearly from the 1970’s and early 1980’s) of the domesticated Lion released to the wild and his last meeting with his owners.

Bella the Elephant and Tarra

2. The story of Tarra and Bella and how friendship can overcome any differences. Unfortunately, Tarra has died. Insert crying here.

Dog Welcomes Home Soldier from Afghanistan

3. I’m assuming the wife greeted her husband earlier, othewise, this one is both touching and . . .divorce worthy.

Cop Surprised by Dog

4. Dog surprises cop when he is rescued from being trapped in a fence.

Baby is adopted by Dog.

5. Dog takes abandoned baby as one of her pups. Awww.

Dog Traffic Rescue Video

6. Dog rescues dog from highway traffic. Roadkill averted.

Mama Gorilla saves toddler Brookfield Zoo

7. Mama Gorilla saves human toddler at Brookfield Zoo. And this isn’t the only time. Wonder if we can toss the parents in too next time.


Dolphin saves drowning Dog

8. Another cross species animal story!

Cat disapproves of babysitter

9. Cats aren’t always the smartest, but in this case. . .

Dog Won’t Leave Dead Owner

10. Seems that dogs really are more loyal than people. This one lays in front of the casket while others won’t leave the gravesite.

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