10 Best Longboard Brands

There are plenty of shades of grey when talking about longboard manufacturing. Every product has its strong and weak points, but the ratio between those is what determines which are the best longboard brands. In the world of this activity growing in popularity, plenty of companies are lining up to provide to buyers the highest-quality longboards. And, trust us, it’s important that we get something as great as possible. So, whether you’re a newcomer or an old-time fan of longboarding, we’re here to provide a guide with the best longboard brands that you can pick from.

Best Longboard Brands


#1 Sector 9

Arguably one of the most known longboard brands worldwide, Sector 9 is known for how welcoming it is for newbies and how easily their products adapt to the level of the user. Their longboards are affordable, they’re stylish, and all of this stands as solid proof that there is a good reason why they’re the most commercialized longboard brand in the world.

#2 Famous Riviera

The recipe for success in any time of marketing environment is a good price – quality relationship, which is something that Famous Riviera abides by as well. They’re a company with a lot of tradition in the world of skating and, thus, they’ve amassed enough experience to be able to craft sturdy and professional longboards. No wonder they’re one of the best longboard brands.

#3 Quest

Those at Quest follow a principle that has turned over the years into a trademark for the brand. They don’t produce longboards solely for the money. This is proven by the fact that, rather than releasing model after model, they release new longboards once a while. This ensures that they’re packed with quality production, all coming for a great price.

#4 Atom

Atom dominated 2015 as not just one of the best longboard brands, but the best longboard brand. Their particularity is that they find a middle ground between their prices while also being able to provide longboards that can suit the skating style of anyone.

#5 Yocaher

A brand with history behind it, Yocaher has been around the industry for about four decades, building prestige behind their name. Their longboards can be a bit pricey, but this is wholly justifiable given the durability and flexibility of their longboards. They’re particularly suitable for carving all thanks to their capacity to be bended and maneuvered to anyone’s desire.

#6 EightBit

Best Longboard Brands


 EightBit doesn’t really align with the best longboard brands presented so far, mostly because they’re not that famous. Moreover, they specialize in skateboards, rather, but they transfer this creativity into their longboards too, making the final products unique and elegant.

#7 Loaded Longboards

You may say that Loaded Longboards are the kings of luxury longboarding, not just because of the spicy prices, but because of the fact that they’re very confident in the quality of their products – enough to vouch for them. Their high-quality and resistant longboards come with a one year insurance and a collaborative customer support as a warranty for their dedication.

#8 Mindless Boards

To ensure that your longboarding experience is as appropriate as possible, Mindless Boards invested time and effort in a crafting system that, in time, resulted in a process that spawned very unique-looking longboards. The Voodoo boards are their trademark and they are the result of quality materials, advanced knowledge, and excellent technique.

#9 Gravity Longboards

The Gravity longboards are ideal for anyone who wishes to protect the environment while they’re out in the world having fun. The company uses V-LAM instead of bamboo for the creation of their longboards, which are embellished with water-proof ink that will keep the streets clean.

#10 Gold Coast Longboards

Gold Coast provides their customers classily designed longboards, crafted from special materials and a particular type of care for the wheels. The unique material used for the wheels allow for smooth rides and an immersive experience, ideal for first-timers and those seeking adventures alike.

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