10 Best Scenes from Game of Thrones Season 4


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Whether you watch the Game of Thrones series on HBO, DVD or you’re streaming it online for free (naughty, naughty) this show, beloved by most, has some of the most memorable scenes in the history of television. It’s mostly because of the amazing cast but also because the writing is exceptional and the places where the action takes places are beautiful. The series can put you in a great mood even though some of the characters are hated by all; it’s that powerful. If you are an old fan of Game of Thrones, all the seasons are amazing and most of us demand more from the show. However, if you didn’t watch Game of Thrones until now, it’s time to do so. Stream it, buy it on blu ray or DVD, make it appear right out of thin air into your home, do something. You will most likely ask yourself how you didn’t watch this amazing show until now.

This is our list of our favorite 10 best scenes from Game of Thrones season 4. In our opinion, season 4 was one of the best seasons so far with many memorable scenes worthy of going back to.

1. Every chicken in the room

The season premiere of the Game of Thrones show was really impressive. The Hound and Arya started the fourth season from Game of Thrones with a huge appetite for roasted chickens. What followed is proof without any lack of certainty that it’s a great day in Westeros when you kill an army of Lannister soldiers and afterwards you eat all their food.

2. White Walkers

This is one of the most awesome and coolest surprises we got this past season of Game of Thrones. We got to see something in the likes of a council of White Walkers transforming a baby donated from Craster into their kind with the use of magic.

This was the first time we saw the White Walkers assemble as well as their transforming magic. Also, that horned White Walker may be the king. We finally got to see what they do with the babies.

3. Purple Wedding

If Game of Thrones has taught us something is that everybody dies. And what a way to start the season with a death as important as this one.  Joffrey, the king of the realm, married the “love of his life” just so he could gruesomely die right after. Joffrey died the way he lived. Surrounded by numerous people who hated his very being who more than a few times dreamt about his demise.

This has been called by fans of the Game of Thrones show “The Purple Wedding” as the color purple is associated with royalty. Also, it was the color of his skin while he was choking.

4. Tyrion’s trial

Tyrion got the shortest end of the stick this season when he was pushed to stand trial for the murder of Joffrey only to be betrayed by all witnesses. By the end of the trial he really couldn’t stand it and gave everyone an amazing and long overdue speech.

“I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you” he said, basically coming to condemn himself for death right there and then. This was a very therapeutic scene for both the viewers and Tyrion. The only way in which this speech could have been better is if Tyrion would have addressed it to George R. R. Martin.

5. Jorah gets banished from Meereen

This was the ultimate friendzone. The season 4 of Game of Thrones brought many eras to an end but none was as time tested as Jorah and Daenerys. Jorah initially came close to Daenerys because he was spying on behalf of King Robert. However, he gave up being a spy the moment he discovered that Daenerys was a beautiful, invulnerable woman who had the power of waking up dragons from dead eggs.

However, his past eventually caught up with Jorah when Tywin sent a pardon note to Meereen. Tywin deprived Daenerys of Jorah, her trusted consultant, by doing so. Jorah was sent very far away from Daenerys, the woman he loved so much.

6. Brienne versus The Hound

After the perfect scene of Oberyn versus The Mountain, most of us were sure we would never get a scene as amazing as that one. However, the writers decided to ignore the book and top the battle in three episodes. Brienne versus The Hound did not only become the most amazing battle but also became one of the most awesome modifications from the book ever done on the show.

Brienne and The Hound fought with rocks, swords and their bare fists. Brienne really had to go all in to beat The Hound’s fury. But by knocking over Sandor Clegane over a very steep mound, optimism managed to triumph over pessimism in this very short moment.

7. Mag the Mighty

The episode 9 from Game of Thrones called “The Watchers on the Wall” was full of amazing moments. However, destructions and a lot of deaths were also present as the warriors of Mance Rayder tried with all their might to conquer Night’s Watch by climbing on The Wall.

We chose as our favorite moment the time the soldiers and Grenn started to say their oath while being charge by Mag the Mighty. This moment had us in tears even though we didn’t really know Grenn all that well. Although it is very easy to mock the pledge of protecting the continent from threats no one else but them seems to care or know about, it’s these kinds of moments that make us very proud.

8. Oberyn Martell battles Gregor Clegance

This is one of the best and most action packed battle scenes in the history of the Game of Thrones series. Oberyn battled Ser Gregor to not let Tyrion die. Oberyn, however was not only fighting for Tyrion as he had another reason of his own for fighting Gregor. A reason that made him take his eyes off the prize for a small moment and the one that cause him to lose those eyes.

This scene when Clegance squeezes Oberyn’s head was the most unexpected moment the non-book readers have received this year. While it wasn’t as upsetting as the Red Wedding, the moment really took everyone by surprise. And this is just another proof that revenge doesn’t really go well in the Game of Thrones universe.

9. Tywin death scene

After being granted freedom, Tyrion felt he needed to have one last moment with his dear father. And, lucky, he found his cruel father in probably one of the most vulnerable places a man could find himself into, on the toilet with his pants down.

Tywin really tried to save himself but without any success. This wasn’t what Tyrion wanted or needed to hear from him. Therefore, Tyrion killed his father right on the toilet with a couple of extremely well placed crossbow arrows. This was truly the kind of “Iron Throne” Tywin deserved.

10. Arya and The Hound

Arya was really all in this year. Almost every scene of hers with The Hound ended up being very satisfying.  And her look in the finale was cutting through our very soul.

The Hound was trying to make her kill him, like Arya promised to him last season of the show. Arya, however, learned that the world was a very unforgiving and cruel world from her mentor. She also learned that death inflicted by her own hands sometimes isn’t the best kind of revenge and also that she was really out of any mercy.

The release date for the new season is set on 5 April 2015 so be sure to clear your schedule on that day.

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