10 Cartoon Characters Who Would Make Better Presidents

There are a lot of people who are not content at all with the candidates for the next presidential elections in 2016. The whole state of the American politics can be considered as truly ridiculous. Neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump managed to convince us that they could lead the United States for the next four years or even more. But there are better options out there which we don’t even think about, such as fictional characters from movies, books or even cartoons. Here are 10 cartoon characters who would make better presidents than the current candidates.

1. Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is among the 10 cartoon characters who would make better presidents.

You have to admit Johnny Bravo has the charm to convince millions to vote for him. However, he is quite similar to actual candidates, as he isn’t exactly famous for being bright. In today’s society that chooses looks over intelligence, we have to say he would be quite successful.

2. Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin could be the first dog president.

At the opposite pole we have Brian Griffin. Not quite the most beautiful candidate, but still a cute dog, Brian has the smartness necessary for running as president. The White House is in need of more diversity, and maybe a dog president is the change we all need.

3. Samurai Jack

The top 10 cartoon characters who would make better presidents includes Samurai Jack.

Discipline and courage, you have them both in the person of Samurai Jack. Who could better lead us than a honorable person who sticks to his goals? Not to mention that he would defend us from all evil threats.

4. Kim Possible

Kim Possible could make anything possible in the U.S.

However, maybe we need someone who is able of doing anything in the world. That would be Kim Possible, the brave teenager who fights against crime. Since our elected officials do not get many things done, perhaps this is the change we need. Who knows what it is like when too many things get done?

5. The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls are included in the top 10 cartoon characters who would make better presidents.

Another perfect option would be the Powerpuff girls. No, not Blossom, Buttercup or Bubbles, but all three of them! What one man cannot achieve, maybe three little girls will be able to do. They do have important ideals, as always fighting for evil, so what are we waiting for? We wouldn’t want to end up with a leader who loves evil.

6. Dexter

Dexter would make a fine president with his rare intelligence.

Since we have gone through some various presidents who represented different archetypes, why not continue with a total nerd, who also happens to be a genius? Dexter would surely revolutionize everything, from technology to medicine and science.

7. Elsa

One of the 10 cartoon characters who would make better presidents is Elsa from Frozen.

Elsa would be the perfect president who would continuously vouch for freedom and democracy. We can include here the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression, and most of all the freedom of being yourself and not be constrained by society. However, we would probably have to endlessly listen to the “Let It Go” song, so that is a disadvantage.

8. Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez would do well as a president, despite being a notorious drunk.

Similar to Dexter, Rick Sanchez would surely make the country a better place. Who can do it better than a guy who has access to all the secrets of the universe? Unless of course he would follow his own selfish interests and ruin it all, as many leaders of the world have done in the past.

9. Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher is one of the 10 cartoon characters who would make better presidents.

Another great option to take into consideration is America’s Dad. If we were to choose one of the many characters voiced by H. Jon Benjamin we would go with Bob Belcher. Bob would surely impress many with his wonderful family and small business of burgers.

10. Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson is probably the best option for a president.

Last but not least, Lisa Simpson is probably the best choice. She embodies many valuable traits: she is reasonable, opinionated, smart and educated. While she could be a smaller version of Hillary Clinton, we bet she would do a much better job.

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