10 Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

If you like periodically revamping your house, you’ll love this list with 10 cheap things to spice up your kitchen. Whether you spend a few minutes a day in your kitchen, or if you enjoy cooking and baking for hours, I’m sure you’ll welcome these budget friendly ideas that will not only make your life easier, but will make your kitchen look brighter and warmer. Even more, if you’ve had the same furniture and appliances for years now, these suggestions will do wonders on your worn out kitchen. Don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank or cross the state to get them. You’ll surely find them in a supermarket next to you for cheap.

1. A pair of scissor-tongs

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

Planning a big party and you want to serve lots of veggies and fruit? Or do you simply want to be more efficient making breakfast in the morning? This cheap investment will make your life easier. It’s safe even for kids, if you feel like delegating.

2. Decorative stickers

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

If you’ve been keeping away from decals, you should know you can use them to your advantage to spruce up any room or any old thing. Take for example this cute fridge that has been brought to life. It’s quirky and will surely won’t go unnoticed by your friends.

3. Pineapple slicer

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

We all love pineapple but we all also dread chopping it up. This slicer will change your pineapple game for ever. The method is foolproof, so you’re bound to get the hang of it on the spot. All that remains to be done is decorate your favorite cocktail with a slice of pineapple.

4. Tea infuser

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

For all tea lovers out there, here’s a great way to add cuteness to your cup of tea. This sloth infuser is funny but efficient. Simply put your favorite tea leaves inside it, prop it on the side of your mug and pour the hot water. The head of the sloth will stick out, so you can fish it out when the tea is ready.

5. Cake divider

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

Problems cutting up your cake? This ingenious tool has your back. No more upsetting guests by handing out unequal slices of cake. This divider will help you cut up precise amounts, so everyone is content with what they get.

6. Smart ice cube tray

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

We’ve all been waiting for someone to invent this thing, and it’s finally here. Applause, please, for this ice cube tray that will keep your floors from being soaked each time you head over to your freezer.

7. Nut cracker

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

This insanely cute nut cracker will add a lot of personality to your kitchen and will make for an awesome gift. The squirrel shaped rose gold tool will help you crack open nuts in no time.

8. Temperature cup

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

Ever wished you don’t have to burn your tongue to see if your coffee has cooled down? Or do you dread taking a big gulp of tea only to discover it’s cold? Then this cup will fit perfectly in your kitchen. The heart on the mug will glow blue if your beverage has cooled down, letting you know you should reheat it. And if the heart is hot red, you’d better wait a few minutes before taking the first sip.

9. Fast grilled cheese

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

I can’t be the only one who makes grilled cheese in her toaster, covering everything in melted cheese right? If you do that too, you’ll love these bags that allow you to keep your toaster clean when making delicious grilled cheese.

10. Salad spinner

Cheap Things To Spice Up Your Kitchen

How else can you squeeze out excess water from your freshly rinsed salad? This salad spinner will get you on your road to a quicker dinner. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean.

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