10 Cool Things to do in Chicago during Winter

Although Chicago’s nickname is “the windy city”, it is still a very enjoyable destination all year round. Every season has its own beauty, especially when it comes to a big and lively city such as Chicago.

Many people tend to spend their winters snuggling under a blanket, streaming movies on Netflix and ordering take-out, but there is so much more out there to discover. To convince you of this fact, here is a list of some of the best cool things to do in Chicago during winter season.

1. Chicago sports teams

cool things to do in ChicagoOne of the most fun things to do in Chicago is to attend a sports game. Chicago Bears and Chicago Wolves are two of the major sports teams that play in the name of the city – the bears play football, while the Wolves play hockey. Experience life in sub-zero temperature while cheering for your favorite team and feel as alive as ever!

2. McCormick Tribune Skating Rink

cool things to do in ChicagoIn terms of free things to do in Chicago during winter, the McCormick Ice Skating Rink is one of your best choices. Be amazed by the stunning sculpture of Millenium Park while ice skating on one of the most beautiful rinks in the States. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Chicago with kids, as everyone can learn to enjoy skates. Take note however about the fact that the admission fee is free of charge, but you have to pay for skates’ rental, if you don’t already own a pair.

3. The Rosebud

cool things to do in ChicagoExperience an authentic and delicious Italian dinner at the Rosebud restaurant, situated on W. Taylor Street. Imagine that this restaurant was Frank Sinatra’s favorite, so you should definitely consider visiting it!

4. Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

cool things to do in ChicagoThis festival is another great idea when it comes to free thing to do in Chicago. Visit Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo while watching a spectacular light show and several demonstrations which include ice carving or carolers.

5. Museums

cool things to do in Chicago  5If you are looking for different things to see in Chicago, two of the best museums that you can check out are The Field Museum and The Museum of Science & Industry. You can either choose to meet “Sue”, a giant dinosaur fossil at the Field or take a plunge back in history at the Science Museum, either case, you will definitely have something to talk about after this Chicago experience.

6. Hershey Kisses from Chicago

cool things to do in ChicagoOn Michigan Avenue you can find a fancy little shop where you can enjoy an amazing cup of Hershey’s Hot Chocolate, among other treats and candy from the same popular producer.

7. Dave and Busters

cool things to do in ChicagoThings to do in Chicago today? If you travel 30 minutes away from downtown, into the suburb you will find a new location of Dave and Busters – a popular restaurant, bar and gaming arena, which is definitely one of the top places you need to check out during a cold Chicago winter day.

8. Winter activities

cool things to do in ChicagoWhen it comes to things to do in Chicago this weekend, given the fact that the weather is starting to get colder and snow is going to be abundant pretty soon, enjoy some winter activities. The parks and forests around the city are perfect for any kind of winter activity such as skiing, snowboarding or even sledding with your kids.

9. Take pictures with “The Bean”

cool things to do in ChicagoThe Cloud Gate sculpture or simply The Bean in the Millennium Park has received both international and local attention as it is a beautiful sculpture that stuns people due to its reflective nature.

10. Go Shopping!

cool things to do in ChicagoAt last, another one of the best and easiest tasks that you can complete when it comes to Chicago: things to do is just go shopping. Whether you just want to enjoy the window displays or seek for Christmas presents for you and your loved ones, Chicago offers a variety of small shops or huge shopping centers that can please even the pickiest of people. Oakbrook Center is one of the prettiest shopping centers in Chicago and it is actually situated outdoors.

Even though the beauty of a big city is in the fact that it offers a large range of possibilities and choices to different categories of people, you should always take in consideration the fact that big city = big crowds. If you want to avoid the busy traffic or large crowds of tourists, try to reach your objectives during early or quite late hours and try to plan ahead your trip.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas about the things to do Chicago edition.


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