10 Epic Guitar Solos in Jimi Hendrix Songs


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Jimi Hendrix is definitely one of the most influential artists that ever lived. His chords and lyrics stand tall even to this day. Hendrix was one of the most famous and popular artists of his time and is still very well-known. His lyrics are full of deep meanings and his albums are some of the greatest ones that ever existed. Whether you take Hendrix slow and easy or go at it at once, his blues chords, psychedelic songs and powerful guitar riffs will impress even the most skeptic person. These ten titles are great songs and have given birth to a lot of quotes that have since their release traveled across the globe. This is our list of 10 epic guitar solos in Jimi Hendrix songs.

1. Villanova Junction from “Live at Woodstock”

This is the last song Hendrix played at Woodstock and even though he died a year later, it seems like this song was the last one he ever played. The song is incredibly powerful and Jimi’s guitar solo is simply amazing.

2. Midnight from “War Heroes”

This song is filled with great riffs and a bass groove in mid-tempo that makes Black Sabbath sound like little children. When the song is over you will feel like it was recorded in a very dark environment with not even a single crack of light passing through.

3. Bold as Love from “Axis: Bold as Love”

The lyrics on this piece alone are worth an arm and a leg. As for the instrumental, Hendrix goes full in and his powerful solos and chords sound like they come from another, more divine, world.

4. All Along the Watchtower from “Electric Ladyland”

Even though this song was written by Bob Dylan, Hendrix was the one that perfected it. This piece is so powerful that even Dylan sings the way Hendrix did when he was alive as homage to the incredible artist.

5. Red House from “Hendrix in the West”

This song is like a bipolar experience. It offers a glimpse in Jimi’s shoes as both a comedian and a wounded animal. The lyrics are incredibly powerful as well, but it is Jimi’s guitar that stands out the most.

6. Machine Gun from “Band of Gypsys”

This song is a 12 minute long phantasmagoria about the human’s inhumanity towards other humans. This Vietnam protest song is even more infernal than Coppola’s movie “Apocalypse Now” and probably offers the best portrayal of a war from an artist’s point of view.

7. Star Spangled Banner from “Live at Woodstock”

This is Jimi’s own version of the national anthem and it is undoubtedly musically profound. The version played at Woodstock is probably the most used one in documentaries of the ‘60s along with “Machine Gun”.

8. Have You Ever Been from “Electric Ladyland”

This shows off exactly how sublime and melodic Jimi Hendrix was by just using simple naked chords. This song comes as a pleasant breeze and it has become a classic over the years.

9. Voodoo Chile from “Electric Ladyland”

This is the most covered song from Jimi Hendrix and it’s not very difficult to see why. It’s one of the easiest songs to learn from Jimi’s repertoire and will make any guitarist feel like a God when playing it.

10. Are You Experienced? from “Are You Experienced?”

Jimi’s backwards voices on this song sound like a black hole is trying to swallow a supernova. This piece is filled with freaky sounds and they work incredibly well in creating a very tense atmosphere.

So there you have it. This was our list of 10 epic guitar solos in Jimi Hendrix songs. We are aware that there are many more out there but these were our absolute favorites.

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