10 Funny Animal Videos that Will Make you Laugh

Who would have imagined 20 years ago that the internet, a pinnacle of technological progress and creativity, will be dominated by funny cats? Few, probably. But looking at funny animals on Youtube is incredibly soothing. They can easily brighten your day, so have a laughter break while enjoying these 10 funny animal videos.

1. Golden retriever mocks your silly rules

Golden retrievers are widely known for their insatiable appetite. This golden retriever takes matters into his own paws for he is a master of his own fate. “Oh my God, all these goodies here just for me to eat, what a treat! I must eat each and every one of them!”

2. Queso teaches us a lesson on how to overcome fears

This dog is truly resourceful. He clearly identified the problem and came up with a very creative solution. He is an example that there is always an answer for every challenging situations. He seems to say “Hey, this is me, this is my problem and this is how I chose to solve it. Deal with it!” You have my respect!

3. Dolphins laugh at gymnast

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals. With a critical eye towards social settings, these guys clearly understood that doing your physical routine at an aquarium is laughably inappropriate. It’s almost like their talking to each other, “Hey, come see this weird human!”

4. Cat ‘licks’ at the sound of tape

Cats are the overlords of funny animal videos. What is she thinking? Could it be a bag of goodies about to be opened up? It just might be. This cat stands ready for any incoming food.

5. Barry the pug receives royal treatment

Admit it, you wish you were Barry right now. He enjoys the bath in the comfort of his home with conspicuously intense pleasure. Really, how human get you get, Barry?

6. The cat trap

Look at her, she is so skillful in avoiding the stick, but eventually falls prey to the evil red dot. Its irresistible attraction makes the cat loose her temper. One wrong move and that is it, the cute cat is trapped! But things are not that bad, fortunately.

7. The dizzy turkey

The couple displays a spectacularly relevant commentary on the human condition. This video is just as funny as it is sad. One cannot but notice that we often act similarly. In the same time, the turkey shows one great example of how simplistic perseverance can easily lead to a dizzy end. Next time they should try a more complex mating ritual.

8. Failed ferret jump

It’s not the first video of an animal failing to jump, but this poor funny ferret tried so hard. He did his best, almost measured the distance, but did not take into account a simple thing, that the table is slippery.

9. Ferret literally falls asleep

It’s super funny cause it happened to you as well, admit it!

10. Dog teaches baby to jump

We showed you some of the latest funny animal videos, but the last one is more like aww and wow in the same time. Dogs are caring animals, especially with kids, but this one clearly notices that the baby human needs to learn how to use his skills. He just takes matters into his own paws and patiently shows the baby how it should be done. Truly impressive! Or is he just jumping at the shadow? Neah, we’ll stick with the first story.

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