10 Good Prank Calls To Pull When Feeling Bored

We’ve all had something to do with a prank call at some point in our lives. Whether we partook ourselves in this act of mischief or heard of someone else doing it, it was the hottest deal of our childhoods. But when was the last time you heard of any good prank calls? It’s easy to fall into ridicule and people are getting more and more skeptical as time goes by, so it’s gotten increasingly difficult to trick them.


But what really makes good prank calls stand out is not their likelihood to trick the receptor. Rather, it’s just how funny they can be without hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. See underneath for some examples to understand what we mean.

#1 Idea: Pretend The Other Person Called You First

You and I both know that the person at the other end of the line didn’t lift a single finger to ring you up first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim otherwise! Call your victim up and then act as if you merely picked up the phone. Iconic quotes include “Who is this?” or “Why did you call me?” Most of the cases, the person will hang up at the first chance. Once in a while, though, you might end up with someone who will argue to great lengths that YOU were the one who called first. A true test of wills and strength.

#2 Idea: Call Pizza Hut And Ask For Domino’s Number

It’s safe to say that no Pizza Hut order-taking employee lives and breathes for the restaurant chain, so you won’t be hurting any feelings with good prank calls like these. Ring up your local Pizza Hut. Start describing your favorite pizza on the Domino’s menu. When the employee eventually points out this pizza is nowhere to be found on their menu, ask for Domino’s number. For extra points, repeat the process and call Domino’s.

#3 Idea: Call Subway And Ask When The Next Train Is Leaving

We’re one hundred percent certain this must have happened at least once in Subway’s history – unironically. Can you blame your Average Joe who is just trying to book an urgent train trip for misunderstanding the real purpose of the company? Become this Average Joe and vehemently insist on getting an answer for that trip that you REALLY need to take tomorrow.

#4 Idea: Call Petsmart And Convince Them Your Fish Drowned

Alright, this might be jumping into “torture poor store employees” territory, but if you make sure to mention at the end that it was all a joke, you may have given said employees some great memories. Ring up a local Petsmart and ask for their counseling. When you get down to the problem, start talking about how you’re certain that your fish drowned. Counter any attempts they may make at trying to put the blame on something else.

#5 Idea: Conduct A Survey With Really Weird Questions

This is one of the good prank calls that will also let your imagination flow wildly. People are generally reluctant to answer surveys, so you might have trouble finding someone willing to listen to you. But when the miracle DOES happen, just reel them into the weirdest survey you can think of. Here are some fun examples you can use:

  • Which endangered species do you enjoy eating most?
  • How many times have you binge-watched Cory In The House?
  • Have you ever wished to steal candy from an infant in a crib?
  • Did you ever think that if Will Smith were to travel in the past his name might become Was Smith?

#6 Idea: Call Walmart And Try To Reserve A Shopping Cart

Let’s go back to terrorizing employees for a moment. How many of you had the misfortune of being unable to shop only when the store is the most crowded? Sometimes it can be a hassle to find the products you want, let alone to find a free shopping cart. Use these as your main arguments when you dial up the number of a local Walmart, insisting to book a shopping cart for your next spree.

#7 Idea: Call A Restaurant And Tell Them You’re Trapped In Their Bathroom

There are actually two ways you can go about this idea since it’s two good prank calls mushed into one. The first variant is the one expressed above. For example, ring up McDonald’s and convince them that you’re trapped in their bathroom and then hang up. If you want an extra dose of hilarity and surrealism, call them to instead ask them to bring you two toilet paper rolls since you ran out.

#8 Idea: Call Various Businesses And Ask For A Sick Day Off Jobs You Don’t Have

Credit for this particular prank goes to YouTube creator Jenna Marbles, who made a couple of hilarious videos on this idea. It’s as simple as it sounds. Choose any business and then call in pretending to be an employee requesting a day off. It’s even easier if the company has over one hundred employees since it would make it likely for the other person to not think anything is suspicious. Go wild with the story behind your request!

#9 Idea: Ring A Pizza Place And Ask To Rent One

You can tweak this idea and turn into other good prank calls with the same theme. Decide that you don’t have enough money to BUY a pizza, so you’re reaching out to the renting system instead to save some money. Try to rent pizzas, hamburgers, sodas, spaghetti, garlic bread – anything you can think of!

#10 Idea: Ask If Their Refrigerator Is Running

In this era of Bee Movie memes (but every time someone mentions this trend you take a shot), it’s never been a better time for the good ole fridge joke to shine. If you’re lucky enough to reach someone who has no clue what this prank is all about, just carry it out to the end! Congratulations, you actually managed to prank someone by asking them if their refrigerator is running! But if the other person is away, you can totally get away by turning it into an irony.

“Is your refrigerator running?”

“Yes, I should catch it. Ha, ha, very funny.”