10 Great LED Christmas Lights Ideas

Christians around the world celebrate Christmas on December 25, by going to church, exchanging gifts and decorating their trees, houses and gardens. One of the most common ways of expressing one’s love for the holiday season is putting up LED Christmas lights for you and your family to enjoy and others to admire. If this year you’re feeling a bit uninspired, we’ve got just the thing for you! 10 great LED Christmas light ideas to inspire and motivate you!

10. Old School CharmLED Christmas Lights old school neon sign

Bring the real Christmas magic with some old school Christmas lights. Your vintage lit house will be the envy of the neighborhood and every other house in the neighborhood will pale in comparison to it. Get programmable lights, if you really want to make a good impression.

9. LED TreesLED Christmas Lights tree

How can you warm up the outdoor scene? Get some LED lights in a tree and make it festive. In the evening, all the trees are going to look pretty magical and you’ll really get to experience the wonderful Christmas spirit!

8. Reindeer Have All the FunLED Christmas Lights reindeer

No reindeer, no Christmas! Put those artificial lights to good use and bring some twinkling reindeer on the block. If you’re on a tight budget, then we recommend you make your own reindeer; take a look at our number 2 position.

7. Not Insane, Just Passionate about LED LightsLED Christmas Lights not insane just passionate

Do it! Look at all these pretty colors and tell us that’s not crazy, but also very appealing. Put up as many LED lights as you can; get some red, blue and green one, hell, get every color in the world! You’ll find wholesale colored lights at Target or on the world wide net.

6. Geeky ChristmasLED Christmas Lights let the Geek inside shine

Feed the geek inside with a Pac Mac LED Christmas tree. Go all the way and make it solar powered! The great thing about such a tree is that you can change it every year and no tree has to die!

5. Half a Million LightsLED Christmas Lights half a million LED lights

This picture above is of the house of a person who has put up half a million lights. If you’re planning to go near that, you should get clearance from your neighbors, have a massive battery ready in case your fuses blow and have a huge manual of troubleshooting. Or you could just relax and not put up half a million lights on your lawn and house.

4. Twinkle Up Your CarLED Christmas Lights jingle cars

Who said that LED Christmas lights are just for your tree, house and lawn? Go wild and decorate your car! Just don’t go as wild as this person did, or you’re going to give people an epilepsy attack when you drive by.

3. Keep it Simple LED Christmas Lights keep it simple

Minimalism is the key when it comes to having a classy Christmas. Keep it simple with a few white lights, one or two dripping icicle and some clear decorations. Why follow the mainstream folk when you can be special?

2. DYI LED Christmas LightsLED Christmas Lights get creative

If you’re on a tight budget, or you’re just cheap and have lots of time on our hands, you should make your own LED Christmas lights. Get some Phillips GE LED, some light wire (it’s always on sale during the winter season, or at least at a discount price) and get busy. The best thing about this is that you can create pretty much anything you like!

1. Whatever You Do, Remember that Pets are Off Limits LED Christmas Lights pets are off limits

Changing anything about your pet to get them or you in the Christmas spirit is simply off limits. Some dogs and no cats will seem to enjoy themselves, but they’re just trying to please you. Do them a favor and let them chill this Christmas and don’t put any C9 LED Christmas lights on them.

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