10 Homemade Face Masks

History shows us that cosmetics have been around since ancient Egypt and Greece. Castor oil was used in the ancient Egypt as a lip balm, Romans developed skin care products made of beeswax, olive oil and rosewater, and reportedly, the ancient Chinese people used Tremella fuciformis fungus which they discovered it increased moisture retention in the skin, reduced wrinkles and smoothed fine lines.


Somewhere along the line, with the development of pharmaceuticals and modern cosmetics, we lost touch with nature. I think it’s high time we connected again. And what better way to start other than our skin. Pampering sure feels nice, but spending a fortune on skin care products will sometimes leave you exhausted and disappointed.

So here is our top ten choices of homemade facemasks you can make, using products from around the house.

10. Honey, you look good! You’re bananas!

Make your face even sweeter than it already is, using this banana and honey paste. It will leave your skins smooth and radiant.

You will need half banana, 2 tbsp raw honey and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon. The cinnamon is optional, so you have very sensitive skin or allergies, best skip it.

9.Fresh OJ

Don’t you just love the radiant, glowing look on your face? Use a rich mask made from freshly squeezed oranges and yoghurt and you will never grab a self bronzer again.

You will need 1/2 cup steel-cut oatmeal , juice from 1 whole orange, 3 tablespoons plain yogurt , 2 tablespoons honey and 2 teaspoons dried orange peel .

8. Advocate of avocado

Avocados are great. They are delicious and rich in high fats. What’s good for your body, is even better for your skin. The avocado will moisturize your skin so deeply, like no other fancy drugstore cream will ever be able to.

You will need 1 Ripe Avocado,1 Egg White,1 Tsp Lemon Juice. Mix them all together, apply the paste to your face and let it dry for 30 minutes. Rinse it well with lukewarm water and enjoy your new and improved skin.

7. Spice it up with honey, nutmeg and cinnamon

You’ve been spicing up your latte with these ingredients for a while now, but have you ever considering spicing up your skin?

You will need 2 tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of nutmeg. The mix should be a thick paste, which looks tasty, and it is. Apply the mask to your face, let it sink in for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Your face is now glowing, fresh and also, smelling delicious.

6. C-c-coconut

One of nature’s wonders is coconut oil. Highly hydrating and rich moisturizer, coconut oil has many uses. Coconut oil’s small molecular structure allows it to penetrate skin pores to soften rough skin from within, which makes it really popular in skincare products. A great way to brighten you skin is using a face mask made with only coconut oil, honey and lemon juice.

You will need 1 tablespoon coconut oil,2 teaspoons raw honey,1/2 teaspoon lemon juice.

Make a paste and apply it to your face. Prior to this, make sure you are not allergic to coconut oil, by applying it to a small area. If you have any irritations, go for another mask.

5. Baking soda and mineral water

As simple as it sounds, this recipe is an absolute wonder for sensitive skin. You may already know this, but exfoliation is big when it comes to having a clear skin. However, for those of you with sensitive skins, this could an issue, as you are prone to irritation and redness and you do not wish to do any harm to your face. This baking soda and mineral water is the simplest way to achieve a soft exfoliation.

You will need one table spoon of Baking Soda and some water, just to get a consistency suitable for applying. Then massage gently on the skin and wash away with cold water.

Simple as that!

4. Strawberry Shortcake

 Strawberries are one of the best products Mother Nature created for us. They contain essential fruit acids (AHA’s), including salicylic acid, which is commercially sold with success for acne treatment. Instead of paying for a strawberry-based cream, why not pick some from the farmers’ market and make your own? Coupled with lemon juice, this strawberry face mask removes excess sebum on the skin’s surface and clean skin pores from within.

You will need 2 – 3 mashed strawberries, 1teaspoon lemon juice.

Stir them in a small mixing bowl and apply them to your face. Sit for 15 minutes and rinse it with washcloth. Rinse again with cold water to make sure you got it all off and to close your pores.

3.  Vinegar

Instead of purchasing a high-end face toner, have you ever considered making one in the comfort in your own house? Go to the pantry, get your hands on the vinegar bottle and do it!

You will need ¼ cup cider vinegar and ¼ cup water. Mix them and gently apply the solution to your face. True, it smells a bit, but need not worry, as you only need to keep it on for a few minutes, until it dries. Then, rinse your face and off you go!

2. Cleopatra style

Cleopatra used milk in her beauty routine, and she is famously known to be one of the most beautiful women throughout history. Give yourself a fancy spa facial at home for almost no money.

You will need ¼ cup of powdered milk. Pour enough water so it forms a thick face which you will apply to your face. Thoroughly coat your face with the mixture, let it dry and then rinse with warm water. Your face will now feel fresh and rejuvenated.

1. No more blackheads

We saved this for last for a good reason. No matter how good and fresh your skins feels, having blackheads can do some serious damage to your look. Sure, you can find blackhead removal products or strips at your local drugstore, but why not try this simple and effective recipe that will guarantee you a fresh clean looking face.

You will need one egg white and a two-ply paper sheet.

Separate the yolk from the white, stir the white into a mixing bowl, gently apply it to your face, insisting on the trouble areas. Now, take a paper sheet or a napkin, and put it on your face, covering the egg and leave it on for 15 minutes or however long it takes it to dry. This will act like a strip, as once it dries, all you have to do is rip it off. This will leave you with a clear face. Rinse with cold water to close the pores and dry your face with a soft towel. Voila!

We hope you enjoy our tutorial and hope you can find one that will be the most suitable for you!

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