10 Money Saving Tips for a Vacation

We can’t seem to let pay day roll on. Pay day seems barely here and we’ve got credit card bills, debts,and monthly mortgage to pay off. This list can be endless and before we know it we’re left with a few pennies for saving. And then there is the all-important much awaited, much needed family vacation. We would need quite an amount for vacation expenses. Small changes in daily living can lead to big savings in the long run, helping create holiday money.

Our homes are by far the most expensive things we would ever buy. Decisions about mortgages have to be taken wisely and with extreme caution. If your monthly pay packet would let you pay a good amount each month towards your mortgage, hunt for better deals. You will be surprised at what mortgage financers have to offer in the market. Don’t use a mortgage that eats up all your money each month, leaving you with hardly anything for grocery, utility bills and the like.

Always clear your debts. Credit cards are brilliant when it comes to having that extra to spend on something you fancy but isn’t matching your pay. Clear your credit card debts each month as much as possible. Delayed payments only add to a pile of interest money.

Save on fuel. Today’s market is a very competitive one and you always get better deals from suppliers waiting to grab customers. Make best use of this competition and cut out on your monthly fuel costs.

Always install a water meter. We tend to use more water than needed. From using your garden hose pipes for watering your plants to washing your cars to filing your large family paddling pool in the summer summer, we surely take water for granted. Installing a water meter can help you keep check on your water usage, reducing your water bills in the process.

Consider a pay as you go mobile deal. Most of us won’t even use the million texts and minutes you get on offer. Pay as you go so that you pay only for what you use and not what you are offered.

Sign up for survey sites online.  You can earn money simply by participating in surveys picked specifically for you based on demographics and interests.  Some users have managed to make substantial amounts of money, especially by following the advice of blogs online.

If you love Bingo and want best deals and promotions, log on to paypal bingo on “wink” and play safely while you can save any penny you earn.

Never enter a supermarket or a grocery store without a list. With no list you are sure to end up buying goods you fancy rather than what you really need.

Log online to comparison sites and compare prices of various goods in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, the Co-operative, Aldi etc. to get the best deals.

Try your hand at DIY. You never know what you can do unless you really try. You’ll save loads of cash on hiring a handyman for minor random repairs around the house.

If you’ve got a talent, love singing or playing the guitar; use it to make money. Teach a student privately or get a job at a local pub that would need some good live music for a Saturday evening.

These simple tips can help you save a lot of money for your annual family vacation. Don’t hesitate to employ as many as you can.


  1. This a really good money saving tips! I really want to go on vacation this year! My favorite would be to go somwhere during christmas time where it is hot and sunny! Winter is long enough anyways!

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