10 Most Beloved Tennis Shoe Brands In The World

We actually pondered for a moment what kind of tennis shoe brands we should list up, mostly because there are so many possible adjectives that can go with them. Should it be the most popular tennis shoe brands? The most expensive? The most famous? The most renowned for their quality? We decided on ‘beloved,’ a way to describe these brands that manage to incorporate all of these elements into one wondrous pair.

Tennis Shoe Brands


Since you’re here, we can only assume something about tennis shoe brands must have sparked your interest. Whatever it is, it won’t hurt to know what the topping brands are in terms of popularity, reputation, and quality alike. Without further ado, let’s kick off the top 10 Most Beloved Tennis Shoe Brands In The World.

#10 Onitsuka Tiger

Established as a brand in 1949 by former Japanese military officer Kihachiro Onitsuka, Onitsuka Tiger was intended to be a way for post-war youth to see a boost in their own self-esteem. He thought that the best way to do it was by promoting the practice of sports, emphasized by designing sneakers. Today, Onitsuka Tiger is the most reliable brand on the Nippon land and it’s striped design can be easily recognized among Japanese.

#9 Li-Ning

Chinese brand Li-Ning has been around the market since 1990 and it managed to create quite the buzz on several occasions. It wasn’t necessarily for good reasons, though. One example for an episode of this sort is the year 2006 when the company signed the ever so famous Shaquille O’Neal to a contract. That definitely wasn’t the end of promotional deals for Li-Ning, who struck a product endorsement contract with Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade.

#8 K-Swiss

One of the tennis shoe brands that proudly reference the roots of the founders, K-Swiss is the result of the investment of Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner. They founded the company in the year 1966 – sadly (we suppose), in Los Angeles and not in Switzerland. At the time, the brand revolutionized the tennis shoe industry by manufacturing one of the first leather-bound pairs. Its striped design became a definite trademark, allowing the company to lead a brilliant marketing campaign that allowed people to design their own stripes’ colors.

#7 Asics

When this brand was first established in 1949, it happened on Nippon grounds. At the time, the company carried the name Panmure Co. Ltd. Today, it’s known as Asics, which is an abbreviation of the famous Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano.” It means “a healthy soul in healthy body.” We suppose “Msics” wouldn’t have had the same sound. The brand is endorsed by big sports teams such as Newcastle, Sunderland, and Leeds.

#6 New Balance

Having been around the market since 1906, it seems only fitting that New Balance is one of the most renowned tennis shoes brands today. They certainly know it as they do some things some may call eccentric. For starters, their manufacturing plants in the US and the UK makes their shoes slightly more expensive than others’. But perhaps the most interesting aspect is their choice to not name their shoes, so that wouldn’t draw attention from the New Balance name.

#5 Fila

The Italian company has been producing high-quality shoes since 1911 and it definitely went through a rollercoaster of ups and downs throughout its existence. It crashed and burned in 2003 and the heads of the brand were forced to sell it to a hedge fund company. A separate entity entirely, Fila Korea decided to buy all the rights in 2007.

#4 Puma

The one thing that Puma is more known for than for the quality of their products is the company’s eternal warfare with Adidas. Both companies were founded by two brothers who eventually grew apart, turning their respective businesses into bitter rivals that torn their town apart. Regardless, though, we think Puma hardly needs any further introductions.

#3 Converse

A man named Marquis Mills Converse set in 1908 the foundation for one of the most iconic tennis shoe brands around. Since then, Converse continued to grow, literally sneaking its way into the big leagues. It was, for a long time, the official footwear face of the NBA. Unfortunately, though, Converse eventually fell into a steady decline, forcing the heads to sell it over under Nike’s shield in 2003.

#2 Adidas

The other half of the company known as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, Adidas became Adidas when Adolf Dassler broke away from his brother and made a company of his own. The company is well-known for its logo, the three diagonal stripes that are also present on the design of the shoes.

#1 Nike

When it was first founded in 1964, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The transition to the renowned name happened in 1978 and it sought inspiration from Greek mythology, where Nike is the goddess of victory. There are few logos as recognizable as the swoosh mark present on nearly every Nike product, especially on tennis shoes.

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