10 Rare PS3 Games You Need to Find and Play

What do you typically imagine when you think of a collection? Usually it’s things like stamps, seashells, vinyl, tokens of a failed romance that you can use to start a museum for the broken hearts (it’s a real thing, by the way). But, no, not really – collections known no boundaries or judgments. People collect whatever they want to preserve over the years, including rare PS3 games. In fact, put some accent on the word “rare” for a second because this is one of the most important basis for collections.

Rare PS3 Games

Photo Courtesy of Naughty Dog

They come in limited editions, they’re valuable, and they’re something you can definitely be proud of if you’re lucky enough to own them. Here are 10 Rare PS3 Games You Need to Find and Play.

#1 Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Collector’s Edition

For a game considered to be a masterpiece with plenty of critical accolades being flung its way, it’s a bit surprising to see that there are so few copies available for purchase. The special edition for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was basically a gaming paradise for fans of the series curtsy of its incredible bonus content and gifts. Now, because it’s one of the rare PS3 games, the value for a piece is estimated at $5,000.

#2 NBA Elite 11

Don’t be surprised that you didn’t get to play this game. EA had plans to release it sometime in 2011, but various reasons and interventions had them cancel their development in late 2010. However, they’d already sent some samples to retail stores, some of which kept them. So far, there are only eight known copies floating around.

#3 Fallout 3: Survival Edition

Although it included all of the items that could be found in the Collector’s Edition, Fallout 3: Survival Edition had a few additions that made it so special and valuable. One of them was an alarm clock replica of the Pip-Boy 300. But the truly puzzling thing was how it was sold exclusively on Amazon.

#4 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Black Chest Edition

It’s not that Black Flag is one of the rare PS3 games in itself – it’s not. It’s this special and ultra-limited, overpriced edition that’s the special contender. The Black Chest Edition featured a statuette of Edward Kenway, a black flag, and a treasure map among other goodies that made it worth over $850.

#5 The Last of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition

What’s better than owning critically acclaimed games to be proud of? Owning rare PS3 games that can do as much as triple their prices. The Last of Us’ Post-Pandemic Edition gave buyers figurines and some exclusive multiplayer versions and DLC’s.

#6 SOCOM 4: Full Deployment Edition

Unlike some of the other rare PS3 games on this list, this one doesn’t come packed with a bunch of fun features and gifts. Aside from the game, you only get a sharp shooter gun. But you know what? It’s incredibly awesome and that’s because it tracks player movements.

#7 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm – Limited Edition

It’s right there in the title, folks. This popular 3D fighting game adapted from the even more popular anime series is the guilty pleasure we all need in our lives. When first released, this goodie-packed game was only $10, but now it costs around $230.

#8 Demon’s Souls: Deluxe Edition

Brought by the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition went on a copy shortage after reprints were halted. We imagine people were exhausting the stock because of the strategy guide. Who can blame them?

#9 Assassin’s Creed II: Master Assassin’s Edition

Aside from the game, you get a unique assassin experience which includes two in-game maps, an Ezio statuette, and the rights to brag about owning some rare PS3 games. This edition was sold only in GameStops for $80.

#10 Bioshock Infinite: Ultimate Songbird Edition

Would you be willing to spend $250 for a copy and an awesome-looking Songbird figure? Don’t worry, you also get a bunch of goodies. For the PS3 edition, there are even less copies than in the case of the Xbox one, so consider yourself lucky… kind of.

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