10 reasons why Goats are the most awesome animals

10.  A goat can rock an emo haircut and be cool. So what, goats can listen to emo rock and have cool profile pictures on myspace, can’t they?


9.  The goat’s eye – the biggest bad ass eye of them all. The slits give the goats 340 degrees of vision without moving. People have 210 degree at most


8.  Strange nap time. Nope, the goat has not passed away, it’s just pretending. This is how the goat takes afternoon naps, and it’s probably even having nice dreams while others are worried for its condition.


7. The goat is breaking the rules. It doesn’t care whether the gate is open or not, it enters wherever it wants.


6.  Goats love bikes! Why should the goat bother walking when it can choose the easy way and rather ride a bike with a friend?


5. Goats on a tree. Isn’t that something you see every day? It’s pretty cool that they can chill wherever they want with their other goat friends. They probably have a great view from up there.


4. Egyptians loved goats. They attribute the strongest copulation drive to these animals and consider the member, which all living thing owe their existence , to be worry of veneration . Not everyone can be on hieroglyphics inside Pyramids


3. Movie star. The goat is a talented actor as well. Not everyone can be in the same big Hollywood movie with George Clooney.


2. Peeking is OK. Nobody minds when a goat is peeking under a girl’s skirt and it just never gets in trouble.


1. Goat can climb on cliffs that are steeper than you ever can imagine. Only the goat itself knows how it got up there, and just being on the top of a cliff like that must be pretty awesome.


  1. Goats are Fab! I love the fact that they can climb trees like that lol

  2. #6 is a lie.
    As you can clearly see, neither the man or the goat is on the bike.
    Even a goat could see that.

  3. at DD.
    there is a difference b/w a sheep & a goat. your link is to a picture of a sheep

  4. I absolutely love goats & these are some really cool pics! I’m sharing with my kid’s ’cause they think I’m “nuts about goats.” Now I can show them that I’m not the only one!

  5. Ha ha ha :)) You made my day. Thanks to StumbleUpon Toolbar for that. And thank you for creating this amazing article!

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