Not a Laughing Matter: 10 Strangest Phobias in the World

Except perhaps for Chuck Norris, every person in the world has at least one phobia. It is that moment when we feel extreme (and sometimes irrational) fear, often morbid fear, due to various reasons. People suffering from phobias are usually afraid of things that do not actually pose any threat to their physical integrity. Nevertheless, as hilarious as the following phobias may sound, they are certainly not a laughing matter, especially considering that certain people are actually suffering from them.

Phobias are horrible and debilitating and they could severely damage one’s mental health. Imagine that you cannot descend the stairs each morning because you are too afraid, or that you cannot take telephones because your mind is too terrified to react. Still, they exist, and although some of them seem plain crazy and mind-boggling, they are a reality. Here are ten of the weirdest phobias in the world.

10. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia 

We have started the list with one of the weirdest phobia name: hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. It’s not a joke. This word describes the fear of the number 666, a number which is usually associated with bad luck and negativity, but it is not only this. According to the Book of Revelations, it is the number of the Devil. Also, if you have seen horror movies like “The Omen” you probably are already aware that Hollywood tried to perpetuate the fear of it.


9. Caligynephobia

Most men I know desire young, beautiful, attractive ladies. But this rule does not apply to people suffering from Caligynephobia. This phobia refers to an illogical fear of beautiful women, and it is common among adolescents and gay men. Symptoms include panic attacks, anxiety and damages social interactions.


8. Cathisophobia

Joining our list of bizarre phobias, is Cathisophobia, or the fear of sitting down. If you experience heavy breathing, sweating and sudden panic attacks when sitting down, it means you are suffering from it. This phobia is usually associated with a traumatic event where you have been inflicted torture or punishment while sitting. It is more frequent among people who have been kid-napped or treated as hostages.


7. Decidophobia

I think I’ve just found my phobia: the fear of making decisions. (joking). While some people are afraid when it comes to decision making, others simply can’t handle reality. They are terrified of it. This reminds me of the movie “Mr. Nobody”: the story of a boy faced with an impossible decision. Granted, he may not have been suffering from decidophobia, but at least it puts this fear in perspective.


6. Phagophobia

This is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous phobias of all. It refers to the fear of swallowing, and its detrimental effects are quite obvious: malnutrition, weight-loss and health problems. People suffering from it should definitely look for ways of solving it before severe problems occur.


5. Spectrophobia

Spectrophobia is the fear of mirrors or one’s own reflection. Girls, try to imagine this one: not being able to look in the mirror when you want to put on make-up or check your hair. Terrifying indeed. This phobia is usually related to one’s refusal to accept imperfections of the face or body. It also means that people suffering from it will try to avoid any type of things that reflect; shiny cars, puddles of water, mirrors, glasses etc.


4. Chorophobia

Chorophobia is actually a very common phobia, and it is usually encountered among men. Dancing is a popular form of exercise and a display of social skills, and people have universally embraced it as a means of expressing culture and affection. Nevertheless, there are some who are mortified when it comes to dancing, either because they are too uncomfortable or simply embarrassed. Individuals suffering from it will probably avoid dancing and social events at all costs.


3. Anthophobia

For most, Spring is a reason for joy, colors, and beautiful flowers. For others, it is the perfect excuse to remain behind locked doors. Anthophobia, refers to the fear of flowers. People are actually afraid of flowers. Of course, they pose no threat to their physical health, but they would probably not understand this.


2. Chrometophobia

We live in a world that is obsessed with money. Everywhere you look, you see money, and it seems that all the good things in life can only be obtained with the help of money. While others desperately try to earn as much as possible, others want to have nothing to do with it. Chrometophobia represents the inexplicable fear of money, and it is suggested that it comes from an obsessive-compulsive disorder generated by the fear of germs. People who suffer from it usually prefer to use credit cards for their daily purchases.


1. Genophobia 

Probably the most common topic of discussion nowadays is sex, and Justin Bieber. Let’s face it, sex is among the most exhilarating human experiences. It’s the best. Everything else comes second. Still, as incredible as it may seem, there are people who are terrified of intimacy or sexual relations. This is not a laughing matter. People suffering from it have probably been abused in their childhood, they are victims of molestation, or they are ashamed of their body. In the end, it can lead to loneliness and depression.


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