Top 10 Theories about the Next Avengers Movie

Part of the fun of watching a movie of a TV show these days is coming up with all sorts of fan theories and placing bets on which ones are going to come true. In a sense, however, these kinds of theories tend to ruin the immersion by bringing a certain level of predictability to the table. You just can’t win, though. Our primal desire to be able to shout out, “I called it!” when that one thing happens is just too much to resist. Now that the next Avengers movie is coming up ahead soon-ish, it’s not safe from all the speculations either.

Next Avengers Movie

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Out of all them, there are some that just sound too juicy and amazing for us not to wish they will actually come true. Here are the Top 10 Theories about the Next Avengers Movie.

#1 Captain America’s Early Demise

Fans of the comics are thoroughly familiar with the saddening conclusion to the Civil War story arc, where Steve Rogers lies lifelessly on the ground after crossing paths with Crossbones and a brainwashed Sharon Carter. This theory suggests the crazy, but shocking, possibility that this scene will be recreated at the start of Infinity War and will trigger the rest of the events.

#2 Thanos Will Reunite Them

There isn’t really anything crazy or off the hook about this theory, which might just mean that it will become a reality in the next Avengers movie. After being separated at the end of Captain America: Civil War, it’s likely that the only way for the team to assemble again will be through the impending doom coming with Thanos.

#3 Return of Red Skull

What supports this theory is the fact that he met his demise at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger after coming in contact with an Infinity Stone. The thing is, though, that we never actually saw him die. Could he have been transported somewhere else instead?

#4 Captain Marvel Will be the Link

The link between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, to be precise. Given that her solo movie is due to be released in-between the two parts of Infinity War, it’s not difficult to determine she could play a big role. Some fans theorize she’ll be the director of S.W.O.R.D, the space version of S.H.I.E.L.D, and that she will be the bridge between the Guardians and the Avengers.

#5 Thanos Will Resurrect Villains

All of the villains we’ve seen get absorbed or otherwise annihilated by an Infinity Stone might return in the next Avengers movie according to this theory. The line-up of possible returns include the aforementioned Red Skull, Malekith, Ronan, and Ultron himself.

#6 Race for the Infinity Stones

The confirmation that there are, in fact, two Infinity Gauntlets led fans to speculate that the next Avengers movie will give us a race where the forces of good and evil are rushing to collect the Infinity Stones. This leads to the possibility of a Stone VS Stone conclusion, which is as exciting as it gets.

#7 Superhero Genocide by the End of Part I

The Marvel universe is huge and filled with incredible superheroes. Given how both Infinity War movies will feature 67 characters spanned across them, it almost looks like it’s about time they’ll start making some cuts. This theory assumes it will be half of the Avengers biting the dust.

#8 Loki will Die for Thor

Loki is, by far, the most popular villain the MCU has given us, so it’s almost a given that he’ll return to the next Avengers movie. Surprisingly, some fans theorize this will be the last of him, as he will finally complete the villain – anti-hero – hero transition by sacrificing himself for his brother.

#9 A Terrigen Bomb Will Go Off

It would certainly explain why they have chosen to place the Inhumans movie at the end of phase three for apparently no reason. This theory brings the possibility of the Terrigen Mist being released as a result of an attempt to annihilate Thanos, which will give the titular Inhumans their powers.

#10 The Hulk is the Key Player

Nothing is more speculation-worthy than the ending of a story. Some people assume that it would make sense for the Hulk to be the one to take down Thanos, given how he’s the only truly invincible Avenger. A god-like battle between two titans in the next Avengers movie? We’re so down for it!

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