10 Tricks on How to Persuade People

Being able to know tricks on hot to persuade people, influence someone has become very important nowadays and not just only for the likes of power. Being able to persuade people is of course, another way of manipulation but this does not necessarily involve making people do what you want them to do in a negative way.

To be a persuasive person means to be confident enough to see yourself capable of doing things other cannot do. However, you should not consider using your persuasive power to harm others. These tricks can be used to either win people over or to influence people using basic means of psychology, without harming others or making people feel bad.

Here are 10 tricks on how to persuade people without causing them any harm or blowing away their self-esteem.

1. Be confident and talk fast

how to persuade people

By picking up the pace when it comes to your speed of speech, you can make people who are inclined to not agree with you, take you more seriously. Depending on how fast you talk, you can make people understand you actually know what you are talking about.

2. Start with something people agree with

how to persuade people

Begin your speech with something easy and understandable by all people. When you want to make a point or express your opinion, you might find yourself in a situation where you have lost your audience or your credibility. Try speaking about something people can agree with, at least at the beginning, this will boost your persuasive power.

3. The Benjamin Franklin syndrome

how to persuade people

The Benjamin Franklin syndrome refers to the fact that if you ask someone for a favor and smile, they are more likely to help you out next time you ask for their help. Franklin borrowed a book from some who was not actually fond of him and while returning it, Franklin smiled and thanked the owner of the book. That person started using a softer approach with Franklin and they eventually became friends.

4. Use names

how to persuade people

You are more likely to convince someone to do something if you approach them using their names. Starting a conversation with “Hello Michael” rather than just “Hello” sounds more real.

5. Swear words for the win

how to persuade people

Using a couple of mild swear words while giving a speech makes people feel more comfortable with you and gives your speech a first step into reality. Be careful though, swearing too much might end up with the loss of all your credibility.

6. Value strengths and appreciate them

how to persuade people

When talking to a person with high or low self-esteem, tell them what their strengths are before you note their weak points. That way, they will be more likely to understand where they need improvement.

7. Observe gestures and body language

how to persuade people

“Reading” someone’s gestures and body language without starring or making harmful remarks is a great way to figure out how you need to approach the other person.

8. Paraphrase people to make them feel more confident

how to persuade peoplehow to persuade people

By repeating stuff you have just heard from another person makes them feel like you are showing empathy and that you really listened and understood their point of view.

9. Do not correct people

how to persuade people

Even if you are someone who really values the correct use of either words or pieces of machinery or simply know a lot of stuff, do not correct people especially if there are other people around as well. The best way to handle someone being wrong is to listen to what they have to say and then use what you think of as “common ground” to start a conversation in which you explain your point of view. This method is called the Ransberger Pivot.

10. Reverse Psychology

how to persuade people

Reverse psychology is something you need to master if you want to be able to deal with any type of person. You can trick someone into doing something if you actually make them believe they want to do it or if you convince them you don’t want them to do it.

These were our 10 tricks on how to persuade people. Would you ever resort to influencing people to get what you want?

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