10 Unusual & Cool Mens Wedding Bands

Not many people choose “normal” or “ordinary” anymore and they look for everything that looks cool and unusual. You can find it anywhere, from food menus to places you need to visit or even something as “simple” as choosing the right wedding band for a man.

The era in which couples chose just a simple golden ring as a wedding symbol has slowly started to warp so people now are more likely to spend more and more money on wedding band which have something different. Some may choose to replace gold with white gold or even titanium while others want their wedding rings to be statements so they choose various precious stones such as diamond or tungsten.

Here you will find 10 unusual and cool wedding bands for men and you will most likely fall in love with at least one of them. The prices range from fairly cheap to expensive so you will surely find something to fit your budget. Prices also vary depending on the size of the ring so make sure you have the right fit before checking out the price for men wedding bands.


There are a variety of metals that you can choose from when you are looking for the perfect mens wedding band and this ring comes in ceramic. An all-black ceramic wedding band with beveled edges which promises to be durable, comfortable and safe to wear in every environment – what more can you ask for?

Product available here.


For those of you looking for unique mends wedding bands, you should definitely check out this wedding band. The ring is made out of sterling silver and comes with a screw instead of a large and expensive rock and you can even choose the color you want your screw to come in.

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Another great choice when it comes to cool and unique mens wedding bands is certainly this gemstone band. You have a variety of choices for what gems you want the wedding band to have including diamond, ruby, emerald or blue sapphire. Who says only women can rock a neat gemstone wedding band?

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This wedding band has a variety of materials that you can choose from so you can make it work even on a low budget, if you like the design of it. You can choose the ring to be made out of Platinum, 18K White Gold, 14K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver or different karats of Rose Gold.

Product available here.


If you want something that combines uniqueness with a simple look, this is the right ring for you. A deep message that only you know about is hidden on the inside of the wedding band while on the outside you have a simple sterling silver ring. The wedding band is 4mm and can even be scaled down to a woman’s finger size. This ring is certainly a great take on mens white gold wedding bands.

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In a world where everyone wants something unique, going back to something traditional might actually be very special. This wedding band combines a traditional look with an eco-friendly take, by using recycled 14k gold as a manufacture material.

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There is probably nothing more unique than mens black wedding bands. This wedding band comes with crisp and clean lines and mixes a vintage look with hi-tech edges. The ring is durable and promises to maintain its color and shape throughout the years. Tungsten affinity is a great website if you want to check out more mens tungsten wedding bands.

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Mens diamond wedding bands are starting to be more popular so we had to include one of them on the list. This wedding band is unique and beautiful and mixes rose gold with palladium and a princess cut diamond in the center.

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Another cool and unique wedding band which is meant to impress is this ring. It is entirely handmade and uses silver and brass as materials. This ring does not only look good and manly but it is also one of a kind.

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Last but not least we will be talking about mens titanium wedding bands. This ring is made entirely out of titanium and has a small inset gemstone of your choice.

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What is great about wedding bands is the fact that they can be customized to your own taste and personalized so you can make sure your loved one has a unique ring on his or her finger.

This was our top 10 unique mens wedding bands. Which one is your favorite?

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