10 Weird Uncomfortable Designs to Try

We are all used to nice furniture and really comfortable objects that we can use in our everyday life like kitchen appliances, chairs, sofas, shoes or tables. We have a clear idea of how a house should look like, or how our beds should feel like. But sometimes these objects are not so well designed, making utility seem a secondary purpose. So here are 10 weird uncomfortable designs that will definitely raise an eyebrow.

1. This fat house

weird uncomfortable designs

This is designed by Austrian-born artist Erwin Wurm. His humorous projects are known all over the world. The fat house is one obese house, which, because of its puffy looks, wonders if she is really a house. The culturally shaped ideas of normalcy are obviously criticized here and for this the fat house sculpture is an ingenious move.

2. This wine glass

weird uncomfortable designs

How uncomfortable does that look like? A lot, we may say. In her The Uncomfortable series, artist Katerina Kamprani makes a clear statement about how taken for granted are all the objects that surround us. Her mental and visual experiments are extremely creative.

3.  This telephone

weird uncomfortable designs

This won’t make you want to call your friends, unless you’re a fitness freak. This uncomfortable telephone is the work of Gabriel Cifarelli, an Italian artist. On the second thought, this is exactly what it looks like, an artsy piece you would probably only use to decorate your bohemian interior, but never to use.

4.  This depressing bowl

weird uncomfortable designs

This is another design you can use to joke around at the expense of your friends. Unless they have a very lousy sense of humor. This one is designed also by Katerina Kamprani.


5. These cigarettes

weird uncomfortable designs

A must item in our list of weird uncomfortable designs are these cigarettes. Whoever did that is either a very sadistic human being, or just a good anti-smoking designer. We would very much like to cure our smoker friends using them. We’re sure we will not succeed, but at least we’ll have a good a laugh.

6. This clock

weird uncomfortable designs

Sometimes designers have a way of making their created objects all about visuals and almost nothing about functionality. The whole point of looking at a watch is to rapidly assess you time. But this designer clock is far from this. This piece is called Obligatory Designer Clock, by artist Saikat Biswas. We still don’t know how it works, but apparently is a piece to have and stare at it in blunt admiration.

7.  This alarm clock

weird uncomfortable designs

This looks like our worst nightmare. If this doesn’t give you a heart attack, it will definitely be the most unpleasant start for your day. As many other artists, its creator, artist Dominic Wilcox, tries to make ordinary safe objects look uncomfortable to test the limit of how we perceive the normality of useful appliances.

8.  This salt & pepper set

weird uncomfortable designs

The set is actually something Boston Warehouse sells, and it also looks a little bit gross. We don’t know why, but we feel like you’re going to eat those ants as well, not only the salt and pepper.  Imagine uncovering the blanket from over your picnic basket and seeing those little creatures laying there, aside your food. That sounds quite fun, actually, almost like a good prank.

9.  This toothbrush

weird uncomfortable designs

That would easily become number one cause for teeth decay. This design from Dominic Wilcox is so funny and hard to handle for quite few reasons: hard to grab, hard to deposit, easy to be mistaken with a toy. But if you look closer, this is actually fun: they are maracas as well, so you can remove your plaque and sing as well.

10. This bottle

weird uncomfortable designs

Coming again from Dominic Wilcox, this booze bottle looks like is taken straight from an AAA document guide.  That or it might as well be your strategy to safeguard your precious drink.

With that we end our list of weird uncomfortable designs. Can you think of any other similar objects?






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