$100,000 On Walls of The Museum Room

What do you see in these marvelous photos? You see a room in the Guggenheim Museum that is filled to the brim with 100,000 $1 bills. The money is actually a honorarium that artist Hans-Peter_Feldmann won for for significant achievement in contemporary art. This is known as the Biennal Hugo Boss Prize. He thought it would be a unique gesture for the museum to actually see how much money that is.

The 70-year-old Feldmann said that this amount of money was special to him because art never was connected to money in the 1950’s when he started making art, and now art has become far too commercialized. It took 13 days for the museum workers to pin up the one dollar bills, and it took up so much space that the dollars had to overlap each other on the walls.

One dollar bills have also been used to create teddy bears, piggy banks and wondrous furniture

Is your money working for you? Does anyone else besides me think that this exhibit is a waste of $1 dollar bills. I hope I’m not alone in thinking this.

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