11 Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

For those of you who love giving out presents for Christmas but don’t have a budget as big as your hearts, this list of inexpensive homemade Christmas gift ideas is made to come to your aid.

There is nothing more valuable than a gift from the heart and some of the most precious gifts can be made in the comfort of your own home. There is not much preparation needed for them either, especially if you want to surprise someone with something small but joyful and sometimes, last minute.

Spread the holiday cheer and offer the special people in your life, a cute and unique Christmas present.

1. Paper clip and Thread Earrings

inexpensive christmas giftsAll you need for the making of these cool earrings is two paperclips, thread in different colors and two earring clips. These earrings are certainly one of the best ideas for homemade Christmas gifts and there are really easy to make. Click here for the tutorial.

2. Bracelets out of old Jerseys

inexpensive christmas giftsHave you ever wondered what else you can do with those couple of old jerseys that have been lying around in your closet? Well, you will be surprised by the answer but, bracelets! Simply cut off a large and wide enough strand from your jersey and knit it into a cool bracelet! Full tutorial here.

3. Clock out of paper plate

inexpensive christmas giftsIf you want to choose a really cool homemade Christmas gift idea, use paper plates with a significant meaning or just a colorful motif and transform them into wall clocks. Get the full tutorial here.

4. Bath Soak and Spa Scrub

inexpensive christmas giftsOne of the most unique homemade gift ideas for Christmas is to actually create a spa scrub and bath soak for someone you love and who deserves a proper bath time. Get the full instructions here and don’t hesitate to add your own favorite scents or flavors.

 5. Watch out, here comes the candy sleigh!

inexpensive christmas giftsWhen it comes to kids, any colorful thing can bring a bit of joy in their life. If you want the kids in your family to have a fun surprise under the Christmas tree, simply turn their regular candy into an awesome Christmas sleigh! You can not go wrong with this  homemade Christmas gift ideas for kids. Get the instructions here.

6. Popcorn with a twist

inexpensive christmas giftsIn order to add a bit of Christmas flavor to your usual snack, chop up some candy canes and melt them along marshmallows and butter, then add regular popcorn to the mixture. The end result is sure to stun any sort of crowd! Tasteful, easy and part of the greatest homemade Christmas gift ideas, the candy cane popcorn should surely be tried out. The full recipe can be found here.

 7. Oven mittens

inexpensive christmas giftsImpress your grandma this Christmas by offering her a new pair of oven mittens that you can actually make yourself. Simply use an old pair of mittens and freshen them up a bit, by adding different types of material to the old design or simply add some new accessories to them. One of the ideas on how to do it can be found here.

8. Get your ‘Spa day’ in a jar

inexpensive christmas giftsWho does not love a day at a spa? You get to relax reading a book or doing something else that you really enjoy, while sensing loads of flavors and tingling in your whole body. Have been trying to convince your husband that he should try out a spa treatment so that he can see what’s he missing out on? Nothing simpler! With this simple DIY idea, you get to recreate an entire spa session in a jar.

9. DIY Christmas basket for Him

inexpensive christmas giftsOne of the most inexpensive homemade Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend is to create a basket for him, with different types of personal hygiene items such as shaving cream or scented soap. For recipes on how to make your own shaving cream, you can check out this link.

10. DIY Christmas basket for Her

inexpensive christmas giftsNot all baskets should contain food so when it comes to homemade Christmas gift basket ideas, the choices are countless. If you want to really impress the women in your life, simply create a basket filled with the stuff she loves, from homemade body scrubs to candles or bath puffs. Find some of the easiest recipes for homemade sugar scrubs here.

 11. Funny Christmas Gifts

inexpensive christmas giftsIf you want to impress the prankster in your family with an original gag Christmas gift, purchase some of these hilarious stickers that you can find on amazon.


For more homemade Christmas gift ideas on Pinterest, follow this link.

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