12 Facts About Going to Therapy

Therapy. To some of you it might sound scary, to others it has become a routine. Each experience is unique in its own way, and you are sure to have a couple of surprises along the way. However, there are some things that happen quite often and even though they are not spectacular, they do leave a strong impact. If you wish to find out what it’s like to go through therapy, or just want to see to how many aspects you can relate to, take a look at our list of 12 facts about going to therapy.

1. The First Appointment

You will most probably not lay on a couch.

Before starting your therapy, you are going to be really nervous and imagine all sorts of scenarios you have seen in movies. Like laying down on a couch as you talk about your problems talking to a bald guy. However, you will discover with surprise that in reality you will be sitting on an armchair or a couch.

2. The Awkwardness

The facts about going to therapy include the awkwardness of some moments.

You will also find out that before you manage to start talking, you will be awkwardly sitting in silence for a couple of minutes. Avoiding all sort of eye contact, of course. However, there will also be other weird moments, as it takes your therapist quite some time to start analyzing what you just said, and you will be left staring at each other for a couple of minutes.

3. The Crying

There will be some crying during therapy.

After a couple of sessions, you will find yourself often crying about your past, be it your childhood or what you did just a week ago. As bad as it might sound to cry in front of a stranger, it is good to let it go every now and then.

4. The Explanations

Your therapist will tend to ask you to explain things that you simply can’t, or you are trying to find out yourself with their help. On the other hand, he or she will also explain facts in such a way you can’t understand.

5. The Timing

The top facts about going to therapy include that moment when your time is up.

You will also be faced with inopportune moments, like when you are in the middle of a scene of emotional distress, but your time is over and you need to leave looking like a total wreck.

6. The Boredom

Don’t be surprised if your therapist will try to stifle a yawn every now and then. They are trying their best to hide their boredom, but not everyone is an expert on the matter.

7. The Family and Friends

You will become very secretive about your therapy.

You will realize that you don’t want just anyone to know you are going through therapy. As a result, there will be several moments when you will need to come up with false explanations for your friends. You wouldn’t want them to nag you about the matter, would you?

8. The Socializing

You will keep asking yourself whether your therapist has any other patients that are similar to you. Always trying to make new friends, aren’t we? However, this might turn into a fierce competition as you will surely want to be your therapist’s favorite patient.

9. The Decor

Knowing all pieces of decor in the office is one of the facts about going to therapy.

You will come to know every single piece of furniture in their office because you shall endlessly stare at them while avoiding eye contact. As a result, you will become accustomed to the usual plant or an abstract picture.

10. The Importance of What You Say

You will find out that your therapist writes down all the bad stuff as well.

We can all remember the moment when we finally said something meaningful, but they didn’t bother to write it down. However, they did note whatever nasty things you said about your family. Ouch.

11. The Therapist

The top facts about going to therapy include none other than your therapist himself.

You will put a lot of thought in the personal life of your therapist. Furthermore, you will also worry whether they talk to their friends about you. If you have the chance to meet them in public, you shall have an awkward moment of spotting each other and then moving on in different directions.

12. The Conclusion

In the end, you will be doing a good thing for yourself, even if you won’t always hear what you want to or you have to go through some truly emotional moments. We all need our methods to cope with life.

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