13 Food Inspired Funny Hats

Food is so awesome that people like to wear it on their heads. There are plenty of funny hats around, but food-inspired hats are some of the funniest. Due to the sweet Internet, you can basically have any kind of weird or funny hat your heart desires in just a couple of hours. Whether you’re going to a party or a food festival, a food-inspired hat can never go wrong. Don’t wear it a a classical funeral though. And watch out for hungry people, they might attempt to bite you if your hat looks too delicious. Check out these 13 pictures of food-inspired funny hats!

1. Hot dog hat

If you are a true American, you will choose the hot dog hat, the international symbol of American staple food. It inspires confidence and wackiness in the same time. Can’t go wrong! Depending on the context, of course.

2. Pizza hat

We know you enjoy pizza, you could eat it all day long. Why not take your culinary passion to the next level and wear it all around? Then at least take it to the pizza party.

3. Turkey hat

This one is more specific, you would probably wear it only during Thanksgiving day. But, hey, with a little creativity, you could easily pull this out at a college party as well. What’s up with this cringy face anyway? You are wearing the crown of a true emperor!

4. Pie hat

Nothing says you are a dessert enthusiasts more than the pie hat. You can make it classy or you can make it funny, depends how you want to go.

5. Breakfast hat

Breakfast hat is funny during the evening. If you wear it in a bus at 7 AM, some sleepy heads might bite it off. However, nothing says you love mornings more than the breakfast hat.

6. Salad hat

Vegetarians will love the salad hat, but meat lovers as well. This is the safe choice if you want a funny hat, but not an overly weird one.

7. Banana hat

The banana hat is kinda funny. You might send the signal that you are a slippery guy/girl. Take a decision when you wear it, you might use the joke as an icebreaker.

8. Cheese hat

The cheese hat is rather dull. But if you want to pull it out, you need a certain charm to goo beyond the obvious “Why would you wear that? Oh, because you’re cheesy, I see.” In fact, you could wear this hat around and pass it on to the next person you think is cheesy enough to deserve it.

9. Pepper hat

The pepper hat can only be used to send one signal: you are a spicy fella! If you can’t play this along, don’t bother wearing it unless you are a die hard pepper fan. Now what would you pair this funny hat with?

10. Sushi hat.

Fans of the raw fish dish should be ecstatic about this lovely little hat. Would you wear it to a sushi place?

11. Cookie hat.

Actually the cookie hat goes really well with the scout girl costume. So next time you plan on going to a costume party, you might as well choose this gutsy costume, topped with a lovely cookie hat.

12. Lobster hat

Ok, this guy went over the top, but there are some funny hats with simple lobster shapes. But you know, whatever grinds your gears.

13. Doughnut hat

Not only that this is a funny hat, but this hat is the sweetest hat of all. You could actually wear this as a regular hat without any problems. What would you pair it with? If you know of any other food-inspired hats, let us know!




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