The 13 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours

Potato chips… our supreme guilty pleasure. Few can resist them. Because they are probably the unhealthiest food on the planet, no one can doubt the fact that they are absolutely delicious. It takes courage to say no to them, that’s why this post is all about the 13 strangest potato chips flavours that will either leave you drooling, or hopelessly disgusted.

1. Lays Blueberry, Kiwi, Mango, Lychee or Plums


What more could you ask for if a healthy diet is what you are looking for? Fruit and a veggie skilfully combined in the same bag. Nevertheless I wonder who usually eats potatoes with kiwi? Or with any other fruit? Am I missing something?

2. Walkers Chilli and chocolate

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours2

Chilli and chocolate work well together, we already know that. But what’s with the potatoes in this combination? It’s simply not worth the sacrifice. Than again, chocolate and chips? They were actually created as a public request for a Do us a Flavour competition.

3. Pringles Seaweed

seaweed pringles?

This sounds better if you ask me, but nevertheless one has to travel all the way to Japan in order to taste these. They do seem less disgusting, anyway.

4. Walkers Cajun Squirrel

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours4

What’s that? Squirrel? Cajun Squirrel was just one of the six flavors that the British company selected for its Do Us a Flavour campaign in which customers were asked to vote on the flavor they most wanted to come to fruition. The other contenders? Fish and Chips, Chili and Chocolate, Crispy Duck and Hoisin, Onion Bhaji, and Builder’s Breakfast, a mix of egg, bacon, sausage and beans which took home the gold. We’ll talk about this one next.

5. Walkers Builder’s Breakfast

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours5

Modeled after the traditional English breakfast of eggs, bacon, buttered toast, and tomato sauce, it’s still hard for me to believe they’re for real. Such complexity is overwhelming for me. Keep it simple, everybody!

6. Walkers Lamb and Mint

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours6

When an oriental dish is what you are yearning for, and you’re on the other side of the planet with no money in our pocket, the alternative for a fancy dinner is represented by this outrageous lamb and mint flavor. The mint is probably here to aid digestion, and enrich the genuine taste.

7. Lay’s Salmon flavored chips

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours7

Why not?

8. Lay’s Caviar flavored chips

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours8

For the times when you feel posh. One of the most expensive foods on Earth with one of the cheapest. Meet you half way! Where??

9. Lay’s Hot and Sour Fish Soup

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours9

If you’re really in the mood for a bowl of hot and sour soup with fish in it, won’t the actual soup work? This flavor is definitely for the obsessed consumers that would kill for intense and stimulating” hot and sour soup with fish in it any time anywhere.

10. Jiminy Chips Chocolate Marshmallow

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours10

Sweet potato chips… de-li-ci-ous! You can have them for dessert, after the hot and sour fish soup ones.

11. Lay’s Cucumber

The 14 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours11

Cucumber-flavored potato chips? Cucumber-flavored potato chips.

12. Walkers 2010 World Cup Chips

The 13 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours12

In honor of the 2010 World Cup, Walkers made a limited-edition line of truly strange chips, apparently in order to celebrate all the different teams competing. What they ended up with was Spanish Chicken Paella, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, French Garlic Baguette, Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and Australian BBQ Kangaroo. LOL! I wonder how the Australian kangaroo type tasted like.

13. Walkers Marmite

The 13 Strangest Potato Chips Flavours13

This is basically a sticky, brown, salty yeast extract from the U.K. But some chips with this flavor are loaded with umami; therefore once you open the bag, no one could ever stop you.


Here’s all the proof you need that potato chips are insanely unhealthy. But who am I to tell you what to eat and when to eat? I think I’m going to get a bag of salmon chips as soon as possible.

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