13 Things You Need to Know About Final Fantasy 14

There has been a mass hysteria around the Final Fantasy game series since they first came out and now, fans of this MMO RPG can happily enjoy Final Fantasy 14.

After the release of Final Fantasy XI, group play is no longer considered hugely important so you can be equally rewarded even if you enjoy playing solo rather than in a team. Choose your character, choose your job and prepare to live a Fantasy life in a massive game world.

Although the game has been released in 2010, here are 13 things that you might not know about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

1. Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV is a very badass MMO player himself, who can show off with over 20 years of experience in multiplayer games of the same genre as Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14

2. The Crystal Tower you can see in Final Fantasy III will reappear in Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn and it will be featured as a dungeon with a 24-man instance.

3. To save up some storage space and retainer, you can use the Armoite in the Inn to store untradeable items. An example of an Untradeable item is the bikinis from the Faire.

4. You can party with pretty much any level players without any penalty. Most developers of MMOs have tried to “force” lower level players to party with players with a higher level in order to make low levels reach max level faster but even if you hang out with better players, bosses can still kill you with one shot and you find yourself struggling even more to reach a higher level. However, the developers of Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn have taken that into consideration so you don’t have to party only with higher level players, but with anyone you want.

5. Having loads and loads of storage space is a huge deal when it comes to most MMOs but since the release of Final Fantasy X, the game does not give you a limited inventory system. In Final Fantasy 14, you do not need to buy or make bags at all and you have access to over 100 inventory slots as soon as you start playing. This number of slots is set to upgrade as you go through the game and complete different tasks.

Final Fantasy 14

6. There are plenty of callbacks to previous Final Fantasy games in Final Fantasy 14. U I’dah is almost the same as Rabanstre from Final Fantasy XII and the Glean Empire looks pretty much the same as the Empire in Final Fantasy VI. The developers have also confirmed that the Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy 7 will also reappear in a future version of the game.

7. All the Chocobos in the game jump while holding their beaks open.

8. If you see the game more as a challenge than as a means of fun you will be pleased to know that there is an extremely difficult version of Final Fantasy 14 which will make all the tasks required in the game insanely challenging.

9. Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 will appear in Final Fantasy 14 as part of a special FATE. She will be battling alongside other players.

Final Fantasy 14

10. Final Fantasy XIV will bring the holiday cheer to the game so if you find yourself logging in around Christmas period, for example, you will find everything with a Christmas vibe and you can even put your hands on a snowman costume.

11. The Chocobos in Final Fantasy 14 can not only be used as mounts but also as battle companions, so be sure to check that out as well.

12. Most Final Fantasy players are already accustomed with the character named “Cid” and will be pleased to see that Cid nan Garlond is now the leader of the group of magitek engineer called Garlond Ironworks. Cid, along with the moogles and the chocobos is a trademark of the Final Fantasy game series and can easily be spotted throughout the game. Moogles, everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy mascots will continue to make sure all your mail will get to the right place.

Final Fantasy 14

13. There have also been a lot of people interested in creating porn scenes using the characters from the Final Fantasy game series. If you want t check out some Final Fantasy XIV hentai, here you can find it on tumblr.

A lot of work is still in progress for Final Fantasy 15. The developers of the new game part of the Final Fantasy game series have yet to announce a release date for Final Fantasy XV but gamers everywhere should expect something big. In an announcement made at the Comic Fiesta event, the developers have given some insight on the new game which includes the fact that Lestallum will resemble the city of Kuala Lumpur and the game will be based very much on Malaysian culture. You will even be able to choose different Malaysian meals from menus. A demo version of Final Fantasy XV is expected to come out on March 17. The demo will be available for PS4 and Xbox One.


These were 13 interesting facts about Final Fantasy XIV that you needed to know. What other interesting facts have you found out about the Final Fantasy game series?

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