14 Clever Print Ads

Advertising has to convince you to buy a product, act in one particular way or bear a message in mind whenever you encounter a certain situation. Posters are the classical advertising form, but while there are various other forms to convey a message, posters retain their distinct charm. What better way to ensure your message has reached the target? Shake the people’s sense of safety and certainty. Here are 14 clever print ads convincing you that important events take place right under your eyes, but you did not notice them.


1. The Frontier Post – Drive Safe

Did you know your car is a weapon? Cars probably kill more people than weapons, at least in the US.

The Frontier Post

2. Volkswagen – Please don’t text and drive

In a similar vein, Volkswagen warns us that texting and driving is a dangerous combo. This time it’s about you, so please use your headset when you drive and take a call!


3. Save the Children – First World Garbage Bin

“A man’s trash is another men’s treasure” never made more sense. Only that it’s about children who can’t provide for themselves. Rethink the way you spend money on food and donate to Save the Children.

Garbage bin

4. Keloptic

Nothing strikes you more than being said that what you knew for sure and cherished is a distortion of reality. The ad agency managed to produce a stunning piece of meta-art.

5. Berge Tattoo – Job ad

Who uses QR codes anyway? Bergge Tatto is looking for a talented tattoo artist. What better way to save everybody’s time than having a an almost effortless pre-selection? Effortless if you are talented enough, of course.

Tattoo parlor

6. IBM – Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

IBM bets on a simple, yet highly effective concept: we are the company that sees connections where there was none; we come up with these simple ideas that once applied, they will make you think that what once existed is a part of the premodern era.


7. Mercedes-Benz – Christmas Ad

Adapting the logo so naturally to the holiday spirit will probably make you think that a Mercedes will naturally adapt to your lifestyle and needs.


8. UNICEF – Facebook Likes

UNICEF made a bold statement. In a time when slacktivism is at its height, the organization reminds us that changing the ugly parts of the status quo require money.


9. Audi – Nothing to Prove

Well, of course there is something to prove, but it’s not that. Why would you buy an expensive powerful car if you are not planning on racing? As a status marker, naturally. Note the cheetah’s defiant gaze.


10. Gold’s Gym – Fat, Fat, Fit

Clearly this is not the best execution, but the concept is so good that we can forgive a final sketchy form. You literally slim down if you come to Gold’s Gym.

Gold's Gym

11. Innocent – The latest in apple technology

First of all, who buys paper anymore? Innocent decided to cleverly take advantage of the recent Apple hype, stretching puns to their limits, but without tearing them apart.


12. BBC – See Both Sides of the Story

BBC will offer you multiple perspectives on current events, while the statement is an indirect hit to the rest of the media.


13. World Wide Fund – Horrifying / More horrifying

World Wide Fund uses this simple trick: you know the thing that scares you? This is what keeps you alive, you need your nemesis to survive.


14. The Lung Society – Antismoking Ad

No one wants to know too much information about cancer treatments, unless they work in the medical field. But you may end up knowing too much info if you don’t listen to this one simple trick. This is more than one of those clever print ads, as the message is strikingly direct.

Lung cancerImages from Reddit/r/Adporn.


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