14 Facts About Home Improvement

Home improvement was a 1990s TV sitcom that documented the Life of Tim the “Toolman” Taylor. This sitcom launched Tim Allen’s career and had a good run for almost 10 years. The series centers on comedian Tim and his family. It was one of the highest rated sitcoms for almost an entire decade.

If you love Tim Allen then you can’t miss our 14 facts about Home Improvement. The 90s were crazy, but I didn’t thought they were that crazy for Hollywood.

Tim Allen Turned Down Roles

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Tim Allen

Tim admitted to New York Times that he turned down iconic roles such as the ones in Dead Poets Society and the TV version of Turner and Hooch because he wanted his own sitcom. Disney made the magic happen by hiring Matt Williams, the creator of Roseanne, to produce it.

Jill Was Played by Frances Fisher

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Frances Fisher

In the pilot, Jill was played by none other than Frances Fisher. She is well known for her dramatic roles in Unforgiven and Titanic.  Frances was casted as Tim’s wife Jill but after shooting the pilot she was replaced. Since the crowd did not like her, Patricia Richardson took her part.

Stephen Tobolowsky Was Al

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen was casted as Al, Tim’s Tool Time partner. While everybody was waiting for ABC to give the green lights for the sitcom, Stephen dropped out. He wanted to financially secure his family so he was looking for movie roles. While he could have had a good run with Home Improvement, Stephen got to star in Groundhog Day.

Richard Karn’s Part

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Richard Kran

Richard was sent to traffic school because he did not halt at a stop sign. This is where he met the agent who told him about Home Improvement, securing an audition and eventually his role.

Ashley Judd Got Rejected

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Ashley Judd

She auditioned for the Tool Time girl but she got rejected because she was way too gifted for such a tiny roll. The producer came up with the perfect role for Ashley which was as Tim’s sister. Judd’s agent refused his proposal as the actress decided she wanted to appear in movies.

Randy Was The Oldest

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Jonathan Taylor

Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was older than his other two on set brothers. He was born on September 8th 1981, which made him one month older then Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan).

Tool Time Audience

14 Facts About Home Improvement - The Tool Time Audience was a hit

People wanted to go to Home Improvement tapings because Tim Allen was a true comedian. Oh, yes and the fact that some got the chance to appear on episodes.

Allen’s Clothes

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Allen's Clothes

There was a rule on the set that all Tim’s clothes would be only from schools and universities from his home state of Michigan. There was one accident in the episode “Al’s Video” where Tim wears Wofford College sweatshirt, which is in South Carolina.

An airport runway got shutdown

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Burbank Airport

In “The Great Race II” a Burbank Airport runway was closed to shoot the climactic scene.

Wilson’s full name was Wilson W. Wilson

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Wilson’s full name was Wilson W. Wilson

In the series final episode, Wilsons’s full face was revealed.

Hillary Clinton

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s press secretary reached out to the studio with the idea of having the First-Lady on the show. This was not meant to be in the end.

Super Nintendo Game

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Super Nintendo Game

As Home Improvement gained popularity, Super Nintendo released “Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit”. The gameplay consists of Tim searching for missing tools and fighting actors dressed as dinosaurs and other creatures.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Thomas left the show during the final season to concentrate on his school life. In 2013 he guest starred in Tim Allen’s latest sitcom called Last Man Standing

Ninth season

14 Facts About Home Improvement - The Ninth Season was the last

There was a plan for a ninth season but both Allen and Richardson turned down very generous offers. Richardson was offered $25 million and Allen was offered $50 million. Home Improvement ended with 8 seasons and 203 episodes.

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