15 Albino Animals That Will Leave you Breathless

Albinism is not something that only affects human beings and while we may not see beauty in this genetic abnormality that causes our skin to not be able to produce melanin (the pigment responsible for our different skin tones), several photographers have managed to capture breathtaking pictures of animals suffering from the same condition. These pictures display such delicate magnificence that many of us have found the creatures that were captured exquisitely beautiful and one of a kind. Here are fifteen of the world’s rarest albino specimens:

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15. Albino Peacock


Peacocks use their plume as a way to attract mates, and the richer and more beautifully colored feathers they display, the higher their chances of finding a better mate are. This peacock is so much more beautiful because of its lack of colors.

14. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird


Native to North America, this hummingbird made such a splash in the media when it was photographed in a garden. Normally, albinos are sought after by predators but in this case, the hummingbird may be way too fast for those trying to catch it. Instead it made this awe-inspiring picture possible.

13. Smily-face Bat


This sweet, sweet baby bat looks as if he were smiling in the picture. Cuteness overload.

12. Bengal Albino Tiger


Living across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, the Bengal tiger has been classified as endangered as of 2010 and is one of the most beautiful wild animals that man can witness. And this albino representative is that much more special, in spite of the fact that it would have an extremely difficult time in the wild.

11. White Crow


We’re all familiar with crows being the omen of death, the black birds flying around and over homes were people are on the brink of death, so it is quite uncommon to come across an albino crow that is 100% percent white.

10. Zebra


Zebras are meant to be black and white, so when they lack the melanin for the black stripes, albino zebras have light brown stripes instead. The clear blue eyes are also a welcome bonus to this already unique animal.

9. Humpback Whale


Ranging in length from 12 to 16 meters and weighing approximately 36 thousand kilograms, humpback whales are acrobatic animals, breaching and slapping the water, are easily recognized due to their black dorsal coloring. This whale would be more difficult for whale watchers to identify due to it being completely white.

8. Rattlesnake


This picture is beyond description. Such beauty, and this in the case of one of the most dangerous reptiles on the face of the planet.

7. Squirrel


Imagine you’re walking through the forest and suddenly, you look at a tree where a completely white squirrel is jumping from tree to tree- quite unlikely, granted, since they would be easy targets for any predators trying to savor a dinner, but this squirrel is absolutely breathtaking.

6. Eagle


This guy would encounter serious issues when trying to fly over its prey.

5. Hedgehog


The internet is full of hedgehog pictures and gifs of them falling asleep, simply falling or playing around the house, but how much sweeter is this all-white hedgehog?

4. Iguana


Another albino reptile that made our list is this spine-tingling iguana that has the posture of a proud eagle and the conviction of a mother lion about to go hunting.

3. Ladybug


The conventional black dotted red ladybugs are put to shame by this magnificent picture of an albino ladybug.

2. Alligator


Steve Irwin would have been so proud to have seen such a marvelous alligator standing in front of him.

1. Lion


It would seem that even lions can come in all-white. And what beauty!

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