15 American Foods All Americans Miss While Living Abroad

Have you ever wondered how life is like in other countries when it comes to food? Do you consider yourself fond of American food? How fond?

Here are 15 American foods all Americans miss while living abroad. Are you planning going on a vacation or moving out of the U.S. and don’t know what to expect food-wise? Prepare to be surprised.

Grab a box of tissues as you might start crying at some point. You have been warned!

1. Peanut Butter


What? I cannot have peanut butter on my peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? A jelly sandwich does not sound good enough.

Yes, unfortunately, even though peanut butter is available in other countries as well you will find out that the taste is probably not even close to your favorite American brand of PB.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms and other cereal brands


Apparently, most Europeans do not take cereals for granted. Not a smart move Europe! Be sure to pack a lot of your favorite brands of cereal before setting foot outside the continent.

3. Mac and Cheese


In the United States you can find Mac and Cheese pretty much anywhere and everywhere (out of a box, a can or a casserole) but Mac and Cheese is not actually common in other countries.

4. Tacos


Tacos are not easy to get around Europe or Asia and especially not the “American” tacos.

5. Hot Dogs


Who knew that hot dogs with extra mustard are only a thing in the US? Huh…

6. Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Cheese is available pretty much anywhere but the American buttery and almost with a plastic consistence melted over a piece of brown bread is not actually available anywhere else than the US.

7. Some good old barbecue


Although grilling is actually a really healthy way of cooking there are not a lot of non-Americans out there who appreciate the value of some good old barbecue.

8. S’mores

S'mores (4071) - BSP Assignment #206005

The popular American dessert can be sometimes pretty difficult to make since marshmallows are not actually common in other countries.

9. Beef Jerky


Gas station beef jerky with an odor that can make a skunk jealous, yup, that’s something that would definitely be missed.

10. Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving abroad turns into a day where you explain people of different nationalities why you should definitely turn sweet potatoes into a pie.

11. Chili


During fall, the first bowl of chili emerges on a hot Texan day and that’s when you know life is finally rewarding you for something.

12. Candy

hersheys cookies n creme snack size

Nope, you will most likely not find Reese’s pieces or Hershey’s cookies and cream in any European shops so you have two choices: you either come prepared or simply cry whenever you remember that.

13. Fun sized coffee or salads


In America, people are used to big sizes of pretty much anything but the most noticeable differences in size are when it comes to salads and coffees. Other countries do not use the term “big salad” good enough, calling a platter of some mixed vegetables a “big salad”. Same goes for coffee, except they use small cups of coffee instead of small platters of vegetables. That would just be weird.

14. Diet Sodas


Although you will be able to find Diet Coke pretty much in any big store, that is the most common and roughly the only Diet variety of Soda you will be able to find. Yes, no Diet Mountain Dew available.

15. Pancakes


Most Europeans refer to crepes as pancakes. When are you going to learn?! Those slim and strange looking things are not delicious pancakes!

What foods are you going to miss the most? Let your words run loose in the comment section!

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