15 Examples of Cats with Unique and Adorable Markings

It doesn’t matter if you are a cat lover or not, because these adorable little creatures will make your heart melt no matter what. They were designed by nature to make humans lose their cool with their cuteness overload, but they are actually sneaky little devils. Most kitty owners don’t even care, as long as they can cuddle and take photos of them. As agile as cats are, they are also extremely clumsy and innocent looking. Some time ago we shared Photos of Cats Eating Pizza and 50 Photos of Cats with Hats, and today we would like to show you the fifteen examples of the most popular kitties with adorable markings. Some of them became viral online, while others have not been identified yet. If you are the owner of one of the following kitties, or know who is, please tell us!

1. Polly, The C-A-T Cat


Polly is adorable little kitty that was adopted from the UK rescue center by Garry and Joan Marsh. If you look closely at her fur you will see that she has an unusual marking. The letters c-a-t are clearly visible against her black fur. Polly now shares her home with a loving family.

Source: Catster

2. Venus the Chimera Cat



Venus, the Amazing Chimera Cat is not new to our website. We have already shared her incredible story a while back. This five year old kitty with unique, striking colors that scientists can’t find the answer to also has a baffling blue eye, and a green one. Either way, she is an absolute stunner. Even if she was adopted in 2009, photos of her have only recently gone viral.

3. Howard the Bowl Cut Kitty


14 1

Howard also has a story to tell. She came to the Animal Rescue League of Boston shelter a few weeks ago and is looking for an owner.

“A good samaritan brought him to us after finding him as a stray. He has such unique markings that we decided to name him ‘Moe Howard’ bc we thought there was a cute lil resemblance. He loves to be held & snuggled! He’s super, super affectionate! We absolutely adore him!” (Source: LoveMeow)

4. Snowball the Hitler Cat, and Other Kitlers

There is a website online which shares images of kitties that look like Hitler. (www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com). There are many cats on display there, but two that have gotten our attention.

Meet Snowball the Hitler Cat:


The no.1 Kitler, Groucho:


Bonus Kitler:


5. Inception, Cat Within Cat



6. Cats with Heart Markings

Heart-shaped markings are unusual on cats, but we have found several online that are worthy of a mention. We do not know their names, but these adorable feline friends will definitely bring a smile to your face!







7. Hamilton the Hipster Cat




Hamilton is one of the most popular kitties on the internet. This beautiful feline with unmistakable markings was abandoned in San Francisco and adopted by Jaw Stowe, a comedian who immediately fell in love with it. His mustache is better than any mustache that has graced this planet. he also has a Urban Outfitters T-Shirt deals in the work, and according to SF gate, will soon dethrone the notorious Grumpy Cat.

Source: Facebook

8. The Grumpy Cat



Although the Grumpy cat has no distinct markings, it is still unmistakable due to her, well, grumpy appearance. No words are needed to describe the kitty that everybody has come to know and love, and which has inspired so many memes. We only wish that someone will be able to make it smile one day.

9. Tuxedo Cat


10. Owl Cat



Owl or kitty? We honestly don’t know.

11. Sam the Worried Cat




Sam the worried cat is yet another internet superstar that you should follow. He has an Instagram and Twitter account where his mommy constantly posts images. Sam’s distinct markings are the black eyebrows which make him look as if he were perpetually disgruntled by something.

12. Kitty with a Black Nose


13. Moustache Cat


Source: flickr.com

14. Monkey Hug From Behind Kitty


15. Cat With Grandma Haircut

cat-markings-9 (1)


Additional Source: BoredPanda.com

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