15 Unusual and Bizarre Phobias

Everyone knows a phobia is the irrational fear of something or someone. However, many people are not even aware that they are suffering from a phobia.

Here you will find 15 unusual and bizarre phobias and their names. If you suffer from any type of phobia, the best way to cure it is through counseling or therapy. The first step is to be aware you have it and prepared to talk about it.

1. Anuptaphobia or the fear of remaining single, unmarried or married to the wrong person

bizarre phobias

Although Anuptaphobia is generally known as the fear of being single, it can also manifest as an uncontrolled fear of getting married to the wrong person.

2. Aphenphosmphobia or the fear of being touched or any sort of physical contact

bizarre phobias

Aphenphosmphobia usually happens if the person suffering from the phobia experienced a trauma during childhood. This phobia is the unusual fear of any kind of physical contact, including touches of affection such as kisses or hugs.

3. Bibliophobia or the fear of books or the act of reading

bizarre phobias

Bibliophobia is the irrational fear of books, reading books or the actual stories inside the books. However, many people suffer from a subset of Bibliophobia, fearing certain kinds of novels, textbooks or even children’s stories rather than fearing all books.

4. Cacophobia or the fear of ugly things or ugliness in general

bizarre phobias

If you found yourself hating Christmas sweaters, contemporary art or certain types of food just because you feel  like there should be more beauty involved, you will be surprised to know that there is actually a name for your condition: cacophpobia!

5. Chrometophobia or the fear of money

bizarre phobias

Chrometophobia is not actually the fear of seeing or touching money as an object, but the fear of suddenly becoming wealthier. Some people cannot handle the idea of having more money than they can actually spend and many people who suffer from Chrometophobia do not even know it.

6. Didaskaleinophobia or the fear of going to school

bizarre phobias

If only I knew there was a phobia involving not going to school when I was a kid. Jokes aside, didaskaleinophobia is a serious condition and can occur when the kid is experiencing traumatizing event when going to school.

7. Ephebiphobia or the fear of teenagers or youth

bizarre phobias

It looks like not only mothers are afraid of teenagers and what they can do and there is actually a word to describe the irrational fear of youth and teenagers: Ephebiphobia.

8. Genophobia or the fear of having sex

bizarre phobias

The first time is probably scary for everyone but if you find yourself still scared or even terrified of sex, you might want to take some counseling as you may suffer from Genophobia.

9. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia or the fear of freakishly long words

bizarre phobias

This is probably the most ironic phobia name ever and it pretty much does not need any further description.

10. Ithyphallophobia or the fear of thinking about, having or seeing an erect penis

bizarre phobias

Ithyphallophobia is common in both women and men so imagine the stress those poor guys are under.

11. Octophobia or the fear of the number 8

bizarre phobias

There are people in this world who experience fear whenever they see certain numbers. One of the most common number people are afraid of is 13, but 8 is the second number people are most afraid of. Researchers believe that the root of the number phobia lies somewhere in superstition.

12. Papaphobia or the fear of the Pope

bizarre phobias

Have you recently experienced an uncontrolled fear towards the Pope? Well, you should check out and see if you are not actually suffering from Papaphobia.

13. Peladophobia or the fear of bald people

bizarre phobias

Voldemort can creep out pretty much everyone, from the pale face to the lack of his nose but if think that the scariest part of Voldemort is his bald head, then you might suffer from Peladophobia.

14. Soceraphobia  or the fear of parents-in-law

bizarre phobias

In-laws can sometimes be really scary, especially if you are looking for acceptance from them. However, if you are down right terrified of your parents-in-law, Soceraphobia is the phobia you are suffering from.

15. Syngenesophobia or the fear of relatives

bizarre phobias

Syngenesophobia is the fear of an uncle, an aunt, your cousin, your niece or any other person or group of people that you are related to.


Remember, phobias are serious conditions and they should not be ignored. If you find yourself struggling with fear of any kind, try finding help.


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