20 Examples of Incredible Street Art

It’s amusing how certain people find three lines on canvas art, but the beautiful murals and 3D masterpieces that you can find on the street are considered acts of vandalism. Street art is all about self-expression, opening one’s eyes to the problems of the world, and provoking reactions from people that interact with the urban landscape. The great thing about it is that it can take many forms. From spray paint on buildings, to urban sculptures or installations, the sky is the limit. Here are some of the most fascinating examples of 3D street art.

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1. Yarn Bombing

There are many Yarn bombing examples in parks and large cities, but this is definitely one of the best ones. It has a wonderful rainbow-like spider-web design which is crocheted around a very ordinary tree. The purpose of yarn bombing is to brighten up the world with small details.


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2. Peace Dove

Banksy is known for his controversial works. He even managed to add his murals on the great wall which separates Israel from Palestine. Another excellent example from him is the Peace Dove wearing a bulletproof vest and seems to be in cross hairs of someone with a gun. In other words, although peace makers are blessed, those who wish for peace are unwanted, and in danger of being eliminated.


3. Street Art and Nature

Street art that blends with the environment, particularly nature, is extremely beautiful. Take a look at the following examples of portraits created with leaves and bushes.

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4. The Dentist

This is a clever piece designed by Nomerz. It uses the brick and pipe pieces of an old building to create the image of a man with a cigarette in his mouth. It shows the negative effects that smoking can have on the body.


5. Umbrella Tree

Who would have thought that a tree with orange umbrellas in it could look so good? Take a look at this wonderful urban installation.

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6. Bicycle Facade

Here’s another incredible 3d Street Art Installation: the Bicycle Facade. It features dozens bikes displayed on a plain facade.

7. Child Coloring

Imagination is the canvas of our minds. This unique 3D street art portrays a child coloring his family on a small house. It has flowers, blue frames for the windows, a bad-ass sun and coloring pencils.


8. Stair Street Art

There are many examples of street art on stairs. Some display images of harbors, others vivid colors or inspirational messages.




In the nooks and crannies of many cities you can find bits of LEGO filling up cracks in the walls. It’s a great idea for brightening up old buildings.


10. Ice Men

The 3D Ice man installation is a symbol that nothing is permanent. Hundreds of 3D ice figures decorated the stairs of the city, but melted away with the first sun.


11. Little People

This is a photo of a small plastic couple stranded on a tennis ball. It even has a palm tree to represent an island, and the water around it is made from the rain gathered on the street. It is a symbol that even the smallest thing can be turned into art.


12. Just Spray

David Walker managed to pull off a brushes-and-stencils effect using only spray. It is an unusual mural especially considering that it is so difficult to create. The vibrant colors make the portrait incredibly realistic, and a welcome addition to the urban landscape.


13. Church Windows

No, they are not real, it is just a breath-takingly detailed mural of Church windows which also depicts the artists praying.


14. Art from Cracks on the Walls

Who said that cracks on the wall can’t represent anything? Take a look at this amazing street art.


15. The Secret of Happiness is…


16. Self Portrait of Artist With liquid Refreshment

by Julian Beever


17. Nails

Ouch, this Hurts – by Manfred Stader


18. Reflection

Only the bottom part of this photo is street art, the people are real. – by Kurt Wenner


19. Hot River

This is a brilliant artwork made by Edgar Mueller. The entire street was designed to look like a hot river of lava. It looks so real!


20. Pink Haired Girl

This mural is so detailed that it almost looks real.


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