20 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know About

If you are looking for some cool and small life hacks to brighten up your day, then you have come to the right place! Here you will find 20 life hacks meant to help you and give you some general knowledge about every day activities and how they can affect us.

Be constantly aware of what you are doing and how it can benefit you or the people around you.

1. Women are more subconsciously attracted to smell rather than good looks, so every time you go out be aware that your fragrance must be very well chosen. Of course your overall look should be nice as well, but you are more likely to find someone interested if you smell amazing.

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2. If you want to boost your immune system, you need more touches! It might sound wrong, but it has been proven that physical touches make you healthier by boosting your immune system and making your mind feel safer, so if you are feeling a bit down, try holding someone’s hand, hugging them or simply go for a massage.

3. Do you usually get great ideas while in the shower but never seem to recall them completely after getting out? MyAquaNotes.com is a website which sells waterproof notepads for you to be able to write down any idea, no matter where you are. The notepad simply sticks on the wall and you are ready to go.

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4. Be sure you sleep enough! An increase in one’s desire to lie, steal or cheat has been linked to less than 8 hours of sleep per night, so be sure you are well rested before making decisions or talking to other people. Sometimes, you might just end up doing or saying things just because you are tired.

5. If you are planning on going to the zoo and are tired of animals just ignoring you, try wearing same color clothes as the staff of the zoo or the zoo keepers. The animals will notice the difference and start approaching you rather than minding their own business.

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6. For reducing anxiety and stress, try biting your lip. This simple gesture sends a message to the brain which ends up in a rush of chemicals which help you increase your mood.

7. If you want to be wiser, you should wait to learn from your own mistakes. However, by noticing everyone else’s mistakes and learning from them is much quicker and sometimes easier.

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8. The cause of bad breath in your mouth is due to bacteria. You probably know that in order to get rid of bad breath, you have to brush your teeth. However, bacteria do not linger on your teeth, but on your tongue so if you want to get rid of the smell completely, simply brush both your teeth and your tongue thoroughly.

9. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, simply blink faster for as much as you can. Your brain associates tired eyes with tiredness in general and you will find it easier to fall asleep.

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10. Surround yourself with the color green if you want a boost in your creativity. It has been proven that there is a link between green and creativity, so if you want help in that field, simply staring at a green wall or a green poster might help.

11. You have a 50% increased chance to remember something if you say it out loud rather than reading it over and over again, so whenever you study for an exam, try speaking to yourself rather than just reading.

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12. If you want to go on a lovely bicycle ride barefoot, you can make it happen! By simply sticking sponges on the pedals of your bike, your feet will have enough grip to not slip away, making barefoot pedaling possible.

13. Do not step on spiders! If you see a spider on the ground, avoid at all cost stepping on it if you want to kill it. You might be stepping on a spider with eggs, which then can get stuck on your shoes and hatch all over your house.

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14. In a public restroom aim for the stall which is closest to the door. On average, it is the least used so it should be the cleanest.

15. The color yellow makes you more productive. Staring at something yellow or being in an environment which has the color yellow decreases our brain’s ability to secrete Melatonin which is a hormone that makes you sleepy.

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16. If you want to make sure you know something try explaining it. If you explain it well enough for others to be able to understand it, then you know it well enough.

17. To make sure you get a new order when you send yours back for various reasons like finding a hair in it, heavily salt it. If your dish tastes salty as hell, then you have received the same one back.

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18. Try psychologically training your brain to make you feel happier every day by simply thinking of one positive thought every morning after you wake up.

19. When you find it difficult to find help in a department store, just go near something really expensive and stare at the price tag. Most likely someone will come right over.

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20. Napping during the day helps you decrease the risk of heart disease and improves your memory!

What other life hacks do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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