20 Most Interesting and Creative Outdoor Ads

Advertising should be a part of every business plan. Companies which now know worldwide success still use ads to further propel their products. Take Coca-Cola as an example: everybody drinks it. Yet, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create better ads. The CEO of Coca-Cola actually stated that advertising should be done by every company, irrespective of its impact on the public, to increase sales. There are also many forms of advertising. We have vintage ads, funny ads, intelligent ads, and even more outdoor ads. Today we would like to focus on the 20 Most Interesting and Creative Outdoor Ads from famous brands such as Whiskas, FedEx, IKEA, Panasonic and many more. We will also share some lesser known company ads that definitely deserve a standing ovation. Let’s take a look at them.

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1. Coop’s Paints

Coop's Paint

This incredibly creative ad somehow reminds us of the impact that street art has. It represents cans of Coop’s paint, one of which has spilled over the adjacent sidewalk.



IKEA is all about finding comfortable living and interior design solutions for its customers. This is why their outdoor ad represents 3d furniture and people.

3. The Economist

Economist 2

Economist 1

This unique add presents a light-bulb that turns on and off, depending on how people walk past it: it lights up when someone is standing under the light-bulb.

4. FedEx vs UPS

FexEx vs UPS

FedEx had some ads printed on its trucks. They represented its competitor’s, UPS trucks, stored inside their own trucks.

5. Mc Donald’s – Best Friends on the Planet

This is one of my favorite ads (even if I’m not a fan of Mc Donald’s). It represents the typical fries, red box; with yellow lights coming out of it (the lights represent the fries). This ad is sure to be seen at night.

6. Coca-Cola / WWF: Plant


This smart billboard absorbs air pollutants.

7. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

8. Jobsintown.de


Everybody knows how difficult it can be to find a decent job. Jobsintown.de perfectly portrays the horrible process of job-hunting, and promises, through its ad, that it will find better solutions.

9. Joevanza – Mobility for Everyone


Being disabled is extremely difficult. Many metro stations and buses are not equipped to handle individuals with mobility problems. Joevanza promises comfort for those with mobility problems, through its powerful ad.

10. Whiskas: Now with More Protein


Have you ever seen a “Beware of Cat” sign? Probably not. Most of them are reserved for the big, scary dogs. But if your cat eats protein-rich Whiskas food, it will definitely need a “Beware of Cat” sign.

11. McDonald’s Coffee


This interesting poled transformed into a clever Coffee ad for McDonald’s.

12. Dulcolax Ads


Dusseldorf, Germany, is home to the hilarious Dulcolax laxative pillars. They feature giant, ordinary paper rolls.

13. Panasonic Nose Trim

20 Most Interesting and Creative Outdoor AdsNose hair is anesthetic. Panasonic will help you get rid of it without any problems. At least this is what the ad promises. Either way, it looks pretty funny.

14. Greenpeace Advertisement

Greenpeace medicine

“There’s no better medicine for the environment than your contribution”. This is what the Greenpeace Advertisement says.

15. Copyshop: The Copied City

16. Zurich Zoo: More Space for the Big Ones

Zurich Zoo

We are not the only creatures on this planet. We must take care of the other animals as well. This Zurich Zoo ad encourages people to act.

17. Canon Advertising its S1 Camera

Canon Camera

Canon transformed street columns in the S1 camera model they released in 2006. Not only do the pillars fit the lens camera perfectly, but they also offer a three-dimensional look to the ad.

18. Craftsman Tools: Wrench Billboard

Craftsman Tools

Number 18 on our list of most interesting and creative ads is the billboard advertisement by Craftsman tools. The pole looks like a man holding a wrench.

19. Auckland Transport: Kids see Roads Differently

Auckland Transport

A reminder that children see roads differently.

20. SunSmart Cancer Council Australia: Cut Out


We hope you enjoyed these ads. Stay tuned for more!

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