22 Historical Black and White Pictures Colorized


Although some of us already know how to blur out or colorize parts of their pictures, taking a black and white picture and colorizing it is no easy deal. Here you will find some of the most stunning reproductions of old and iconic pictures, that look breath taking.

This top will contain 22 black and white pictures colorized by different designers.

Even though some argue about how the use of colors and tones is not accurate enough, tons of work is required to achieve these masterpieces and no harm is done to the original photos, so keep your mind open and see how new people can recreate old events just by adding a little bit of color.

In some of the pictures, the impact is actually enhanced by adding a dab of color and old family pictures receive a brand new look, offering them a fresh start.

This top includes old pictures of famous people, revolutionaries, old war photos or even pictures of ordinary people that have been given a breath of color.

1. Charles Darwin

Black and White Pictures ColorizedThe colors give Charles Darwin a warmer look while still keeping all of his face features.

2. Che Guevara

Black and White Pictures ColorizedChe Guevara continues to influence younger generations and he was a hero during his time.

3. Theodore Roosevelt

Black and White Pictures ColorizedThe picture of the former US president holding a baby is heart-warming, with or without colors.

4. Anne Frank

Black and White Pictures ColorizedAnne Frank was a Jewish writer who was murdered during the Holocaust. Still, her memory is kept alive through her pictures, which have now received a colorful touch.

5. Abraham Lincoln

Black and White Pictures ColorizedOne of the most iconic personalities in US history, Abraham Lincoln still keeps his serious and dramatic look, even in colored pictures.

6. Mark Twain

Black and White Pictures ColorizedThere is nothing more relaxing than enjoying yourself in nature, as you can see in this colorized picture of Mark Twain in his garden.

7. Alfred Hitchcock

Black and White Pictures Colorized“The master of suspense”  is still alive through his movies and pictures and he shall never be forgotten.

8. Albert Einstein

Black and White Pictures ColorizedAlbert Einstein is vastly known for his genius, but what most people don’t know is the fact that he also had a lovely personality, as seen in this picture of him. Black and white or colored, Einstein remains an icon of the 21st century.

9. Elizabeth Taylor

Black and White Pictures ColorizedWhen looking at old pictures of iconic women you can actually understand the term “diva”. Elizabeth Taylor looks stunning in both B&W and colors.

10. Marilyn Monroe

Black and White Pictures ColorizedEven though there are a lot of controversies around Marilyn, she remains a sex symbol even after death.

11. Nicola Tesla

Black and White Pictures ColorizedNicola Tesla was not only an inventor but he was also a people person, giving away most of his designs so that others can surpass them

12. Salvador Dali

Black and White Pictures ColorizedSalvador Dali was a genius and a true master of the surrealist style. Here you can find him with an ocelot, a cane and his iconic moustache.

Colorization: Sanna Dullaway

13. Audrey Hepburn

Black and White Pictures ColorizedSadly, we have lost the values that once made women irresistible and we are now concentrating on nudity instead of grace and beauty. Audrey Hepburn is still an example of how women can be beautiful in any environment.

Colorization: Kevin Ger

14. Big Jay McNeely

Black and White Pictures ColorizedWho does not miss a concert meant to leave you speechless? Big Jay McNeely sure knew how to leave a crowd wanting more.

Colorization: traquea

15. Abandoned Boy

Black and White Pictures ColorizedThis old photograph also comes with a story, written by the photographer himself, Tony Frissel:

“I was told he had come back from playing and found his house a shambles—his mother, father and brother dead under the rubble…he was looking up at the sky, his face an expression of both confusion and defiance. The defiance made him look like a young Winston Churchill. This photograph was used by IBM to publicize a show in London. The boy grew up to become a truck driver after the war, and walking past the IBM offices, he recognized his picture.”

Colorization: HansLucifer

16. Monk setting himself on fire

Black and White Pictures ColorizedPeople have gone through a lot to protest and the picture of the monk igniting himself is one of the most powerful pictures in history.

Colorization: Sanna Dullaway

17. Famous Times Square kiss

Black and White Pictures ColorizedIf we didn’t already know about this famous picture, you could’ve easily mistaken the colored version of it as a Halloween party in nowadays Times Square.

Colorization: Sanna Dullaway

18. Hindenburg disaster

Black and White Pictures ColorizedThe Hindenburg disaster ended with the death of 36 passengers and the colored version of the old black and white pictures is still terrifying.

Colorization: klassixx

19. Miss America 1924

Black and White Pictures ColorizedIt’s surprising to take a look in the past and see how beauty standards have changed over the decades.

20. Family portrait

Black and White Pictures ColorizedThere’s nothing quite as fulfilling as viewing your old family pics getting a makeover.

Colorization: salsifufu

21. Old wedding picture

Black and White Pictures ColorizedRed roses, white dress, a happy couple, it seems that we have managed to keep at least the wedding traditions intact.

Colorization: Sanna Dullaway

22. Old war picture

Black and White Pictures ColorizedColorization: metacolor

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