25 Stunning Fox Photos Plus Interesting Facts

As beautiful and interesting as foxes are, their existence is still a mystery for many. Their fiery-red coats and bushy tail which can come in steel gray or snow white has inspired many stories and legends throughout the years. While we may know a few things about this cunning creature, there are still many curiosities that you might not have heard of. Last week we shared 15 Photos of Cats with adorable markings, and today we would like to give you X images that will make you fall in love with foxes, along with some of the most interesting facts about them. So, what does the fox say?





1. Foxes are Friendly

Although they are wild animals, foxes are actually extremely friendly, mostly because they have an unusual curios nature. They are often seen checking out other animals, and making friends with them. They might persevere in their antagonistic relationship so much, that they will even befriend a cat or dog. Studies have shown that the earliest species of foxes have also befriended humans. A 16.500 year old cemetery containing the corpse of a human male and his fox companion were found in northern Jordan. This means that we made friends with foxes long before we made the dog our faithful companion.





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2. Hunted for their Fur

Foxes have glorious fur, and this means that they are hunted across the globe for it. People without morals have managed to hunt them to the brink of extinction, and even today, many of these majestic creatures are killed. While we may understand that people living in harsh conditions like Siberia might need their thick fur to keep warm, there is no point in robbing them of their lives over a fashion trend. In the past, hunters were also interested in foxes because they were very difficult to hunt due to their agility and cunning nature. The only way to find them was by training hunting dogs.

At the moment, many foxes are bred in fur factory farms and suffer immensely. They live their whole lives in small cages, where they are unable to move. To preserve the quality of the fur, farmers use horrific slaughter methods such as anal electrocution, which provokes extreme suffering to the animals.







3. The Nine-Tailed Fox

If you are a Naruto fan, the nine-tailed fox is definitely not a mystery to you. As you may very well know, foxes are a symbol of wisdom and cunning in many cultures, but it is the Japanese and Korean culture that have taken a special interest in this animal. As a matter of fact, they revere it so much that it is featured in many legends and said to help achieve enlightenment. The nine-tailed fox is a creature with magical powers, which can even transform into humans. Many legends actually consider it to be a curse, because the nine-tailed fox will always strive to change its fate. In addition to this, it is said that once every millennium a thousand-year fox is born, which should be sacrificed, while still virgin, to lift the curse of all the other nine-tails.






4. Foxes and Folklore

Although the Japanese have taken a special interest in foxes, this gleeful and evasive animal is present in nearly every culture of the world. Its mythological role ranges from the Icelandic gun-disabling, vicious demon (Skugga Baldur and Skoffin) to the legendary Brer Fox in American culture. During the middle ages they were associated with divine powers, witches and even trickster figures. Finnish people actually thought that the Northern Lights were caused by them, and their “fox fires”. Nevertheless, the most influential user of foxes in folklore, is Aesop, the Greek storyteller who described different traits with the help of foxes.




5. They Resemble Cats more than Dogs

Foxes are part of the canine species, but they are more like cats, in many ways. For examples, they have catlike pupils (with vertical slits) for improved night-vision. In addition to this, their walk is very agile and elegant, and they are excellent climbers. If you study their anatomy you will find even more fascinating similarities. Their spine-covered tongues, for example, and sensitive whiskers are two of them. Last but not least, gray foxes feature semi-retractable claws.


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More Curiosities about Foxes:

  1. Foxes show great caring, adaptability and intelligence when it comes to raising their young.

  2. When they are born foxes can’t hear, see or walk, so they are highly dependent on their mothers. They will hunt and bring food back to the den for them.

  3. Foxes are the most widespread species of wild dogs in the world. They can live anywhere, even in urban environments.

  4. They are either solitary creatures, or live in small family groups. Their main sources of food are rodents, small birds, fruit and amphibians.

  5. The Red Fox can run at nearly 30 miles per hour.

  6. They can only live 3-4 years in the wild, but are known to survive 10 in captivity.

Source: Theboredpanda.com, flickr.com

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