25 Stunning Alternate Movie Posters

A semi-recent trend to pop up in the geek-ridden terrain of the internet movie blog is that of the alternate movie poster: basically, an amateurly produced piece of artwork intended to pose as marketing material for a full-length feature. Effectively kick-started by the sublime works of Austin-based company Mondo, the trend has ultimately stretched to the four corners of the earth, with movie-loving artists the world over designing and presenting their very own alternative posters to the ones displayed at one time or another inside a theatre near you.

Ranging from the clever to the ingenious, the simple to the intricate, the classic to the contemporary, and the funny to the utterly spell-binding, alternate movie posters really can prove that sometimes an amateur’s work can be better than a professional’s, as you shall see in the 25 stunning examples assembled below.

“The Cabin in the Woods” – Phantom City Creative

“Toy Story” – Tom Whalen

“Donnie Darko” – Powl Goudsmit

“Back to the Future” – Phantom City Creative

“Drive” – Ken Taylor

“Bambi” – Rowan Stocks Moore

“Get Carter” – Grzegorz Domaradzki

“The Evil Dead” – Olly Moss

“Jurassic Park” – J.C. Richard

“Blade Runner” – Kakofonia

“House on Haunted Hill” – Phantom City Creative

“The City of Lost Children” – Ken Taylor

“The Burning” – Phantom City Creative

“An American Werewolf in London” – Olly Moss

“The Godfather” – Schemacoma

“Scream” – Alex Pardee

“The Invisible Man” – Kevin Tong

“The Lion King” – Rowan Stocks Moore

“Halloween” – Methane Studios

“Gremlins” – Ken Taylor

“Sucker Punch” – Ken Taylor

“Night of the Living Dead” – Grzegorz Domaradzki

“Straw Dogs” – Josh Eckert

“Poltergeist” – Ken Taylor

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” – Tom Whalen


  1. I want prints of all of these please. I decorate my room with movie posters. Anyone know where I could find some online?

  2. Glad to see journalism fall further and further away from the web…how about ONE citation, or credit of an artist…

  3. Any idea where I can purchase some of these posters from? Where I might start looking? Cheers

  4. Sam, above every single poster featured on this page is a credit to either the artist or the company that produced the artwork. Did you not spot this?

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