Artistic or Gross? 3D Tattoos that Will Leave you Impressed

It’s not the first time we’re talking about tattoos around here and we have this guilty pleasure of finding body art-works which are either spectacular, completely horrible or at least controversial to comment upon and see what’s your take on the matters. The history of tattoos goes a long way back into the dark ages of history and even if it seems it started somewhere in Asia, it is spread all over ancient and modern cultures and countries. Tattoos and painting your body with all sorts of drawings has a certain symbolic meaning to it and if you caught at least one or two Discovery shows on ink experts and tattoo parlors, you know people have a lot of reasons for eternally place on parts of their bodies (or all over their bodies) signs, symbols and complicated pictures depicting almost anything you can think of. Of course, a young gesture of rebellion can later in adulthood be considered inappropriate and people remove their tattoos, but on a large scale, they are there to stay and their bearers are proud in showing them off. Maybe they speak of some intimate attitude towards life, maybe they express concepts the owners consider to be important to them or maybe they are just a way to impress the others by displaying art on their skin. With the rise of 3D tattoos as a form of modern technique, things moved forward and today we will show you six of such 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed, either positively, either negatively. The San Francisco Times picked up a series of modern 3D tattoos and among them, we found a few that are not only surprising, but also mind – blowing enough to ask for your opinion if  they are artistic or gross.

1. The girl with the eye tattoo

3D tattoo

Just as the guys from San Francisco Times say, this is so perfectly executed and the details are so life-like, you don’t know if you should bow to the artist or run away screaming. If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you can’t skip the powerful association between this 3D tattoo and Randal Flagg’s mark, the blood red eye. Among all the 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed and are about to come next, this one is perhaps the most emotionally powerful.

2. The scorpion that is about to kill

3D tattoo

Again, the level of design is almost perfect. You can see the scorpion and almost feel that it’s about to make a deadly move. Can you be attracted by such drawing and its bearer? Can you be fascinatingly horrified by it?

3. Artistic or gross? Attractive or repulsive?

3D tattoos

Well, in this case the symbolism cannot be overlooked but imagine the efforts and the pain this woman had to go through to obtain this artwork on her body. Believe it or not, that area is sensible to pain. How do men find this tattoo? What are the consequences – for wearing such body art?

4. The cat in the hat?

3D tattoos

Among all the 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed, our bet is that this particular one will leave you with a long lasting impression. It is incredibly strange and you probably need an army of psychologists and art critics to tell you about the intricate symbolism and message this woman wants to transmit through her body art. Or maybe this has nothing to do with any message and this lady only loved the idea and the drawing.

5. The leg that is more than a leg

3D tattoos

A round of applause to the artist in this case for making this woman’s thigh and leg look like something that was pulled out from a sci – fi movie. The artwork is incredible and our first question would be how long did it take to reach this amazing final result.

6. What’s hidden under there?

3D tattoos

This is “loosen up my buttons babe” taken to a whole different level and we have to admit that, in some sort of sick way, we like it a lot. What is hiding underneath these eerie clothes or the thin layer of flesh endowed with buttons? Would you try searching for this man’s soul?

As you can imagine, there are plenty of 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed, enough maybe to convince you to get you one. Maybe they are art or some sort of ill imagination manifesting itself, but in reality, they do need a steady hand and a talented artist to look the way they look. Is the pain and effort worth it? Is this these peoples’ the proverbial 15 minutes of fame?